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  1. But I just wanted to thank Michelle from the billing department personally for how she helped me out today. I had a problem with my payment and she helped me get it all straightened out. I just hope I didn't annoy her with all the questions I had Michelle helped prove to me that I made the right choice in choosing Total Choice Hosting. Rock Sign
  2. I believe I got it off now. I'm not getting that pop up window after Windows loads. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't deleting something off I needed. Last time I did...I had to restore my whole system. I feel like shooting the person who created that spyware and adware stuff.
  3. Something called precpop2? Is that a file or some kind of spyware or adware? It's just popped up a few days ago when Windows fully loads on my computer. And I have no idea what that is.
  4. I'm using something called Arles Image Web Page Creator. It's, I think it is anyways, the easiest one to use that I've found yet. You create the gallery in a matter of minutes use the ftp tool and you have your gallery on line. Took me a few days to figure out the ftp tool because I finally figured out where I was going wrong. I downloaded all those others that were mentioned and they were too scary for me to use.
  5. I'm looking for one of those virtual album creator things, it sets up the look of the photo gallery for you, thumbnails and everything. But I need to be sure it's not gonna infect my computer with any spyware if I download it. Anyone know where I can get one at?
  6. I think I got it off my system. I ran my spyware removal program, Ad-aware and it found like 50 different files all associated with nCase, Xupiter tool bar and some other spyware software. Deleted all that off and it seems to be running pretty good right now. In face...haven't had a pop-up yet since I did like 4 or 5 hours ago. It was just so annoying. I was spending half my time on line closing pop-up windows.
  7. The nCase parasite? I keep manually removing it, but it keeps coming back to my system. Along with a couple of others. Now, as long as I stay on the AOL broswer I seem to be fine. But once I go to one of the MSN browsers forget it. I've come to the conclusion that I should stay off of the MSN browsers. Anyways, any ideas on how to keep the nCase off my computer?
  8. I'm now ready to make the process of moving all my sites over to my brand new spanking domain. Kind of feels good to know I've got my own little piece of space on the net that's mine. And I'm finally able to publish with CSB's frame option now. It just all around feels good to have my very own domain. I really do have Kevin to thank for me being with TCH. I post on the CSB cutesite discussion board and he helped turn me onto TCH.
  9. I'm such a dork I hadn't even purchased my domain yet Needless to say, I've already purchased it. Can't you tell I'm new to this whole thing? I used Tripod and I was used to that set up of having everything right there. Oh well...we learn everyday. Edited to say: This is my first domain here. So I'm just waiting on it to be activated. I'll check the welcome e-mail to see about uploading before my domain finally becomes active.
  10. When your domain has completed propagation? Do you get an e-mail or do you just have to keep checking? I'm getting anxious to start uploading files to my domain.
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