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  1. With some html coding? Someone made me a very beautiful layout for one of my sites and I'd love to be able to use it. It's already all coded, I just need to change a few things. The things I need help with are getting an index page so the index directory doesn't show up and I need help with the links. I've changed the URL in the links from theirs to mine and everytime I click on the links their URL is still showing the address bar. Here's their URL: http://mirror.sketchy-milk.net/betty.html Here's mine: http://www.with-great-power.net/Practice2/ And when you click on the links all you get is the html coding.
  2. I haven't written a review of the wonderful service I've received from TCH on this forum yet. I have three domains through TCH and I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else, unless of course you went out of business. But the service really can't be beat. Anyone who's answered my support tickets, and I've sent in my share of them that I'm surprised you guys aren't tired of me by now. But every time I've had a support ticket answered I've always had the feeling you really do like helping customers and you aren't answering them just because you have to. I am so glad the people on the CuteSITE Builder message forum over at Globalscape recommend you guys to the posters all the time. I admit it, I was scared to move away from Tripod because I hade been with them for about five years. But I couldn't take the constant downtimes with them anymore. And I'm so glad I made the switch.
  3. Yeah, sure, I went through all that trouble when I installed Fire Fox on my computer. I dumped all Microsoft Browsers a long time ago and I'll never go back to them. I don't care if most internet users use IE, I detest that browser. I'll stick to my FireFox.
  4. I love my dog. I have the most adorable 8 year old part-beagle, part-terrier. His name is Ringo...named after The Beatle's drummer. But he looks like a purebred Beagle. I kid you not. But the mother was terrier. We've had people try and steal him out of our privacy-fenced yard several times because they thought he was a pure bred. Even had someone try and rip the gate door off...with us at home. I never, ever put him outside without being there to keep an eye on him. Dogs are stolen way too easily these days. He recently had a tumor removed off of his one leg, thank goodness they got all of it and they said none of it had spread on him. I'm hard of hearing, and he is an excellent second set of ears for me. He always barks whenever anyone is around the outside of the apartment. He suffers from severe separation anxiety when I'm not home. So, he's extremely attached to me. And I have to admit, I'm attached to him too. I don't have any kids yet, but he is my 'baby'.
  5. I use phpbb and I love it. Once I figured out the basics, like changing the board logo, adding avatar galleries, and my own smilies, I haven't had any problems. Took me a while because I'm not very good at this kind of stuff, but I did learn it on my own after reading the tutorials. I haven't tried Vbulletin or Invision Board. I think I'll stick to PHPBB.
  6. How do you do a quick format? Is it done in the c prompt? And if it is, what's the command for it?
  7. I've got some floppy disks that I want to format, erase everything off of them. But I don't want to go through and delete each one separately. Is there any way I can erase the whole disk at the same time?
  8. I use Arles Image Page Creator. It's not near as fancy as Coppermine or any of the others, but for me it's about the only one I can use. And it has it's own built-in ftp program. It's a little costly compared to the free versions of the more well-known programs. But I wouldn't trade my Arles for anything.
  9. Drats, I can't make it. I live in Indiana and have no way of traveling that far. But I can be there in spirit, can't I?
  10. You have to have a ftp program to publish them? Because I don't have one. If you do, can you suggest any good free ones for me? Sorry for all the questions, I've never used anything like this before.
  11. I bought my domains through TCH. What's the URL for it?
  12. How do you lock your domain? Where do you go to do it?
  13. I downloaded the Picasa program, everything's going real good. Except...I can't figure out how to make it so my albums are viewable on website. How'd you do it?
  14. So, while they're pulling their hair out trying to make sure their site is readable in all browsers, I get to sit back and just enjoy making my site. Now, I think they're just jealous. Thanks Don.
  15. Normally I don't let it get to me, but I just had someone post a thread on a discussion board for something I'm a part of called The Fanlistings...it's a site where you apply to have a fanlisting listed there and there can only be one fanlisting per subject. And well let's just say this person was extremely rude because she HTML hand codes all her sites and I don't. It's funny, I've actually seen alot of CuteSITE builded sites that actually look ten times better than some HTML hand coded sites. What I really feel like telling these people are: When I want your opinion on my website, I'll ask for it. And my fansite for the television show, Charmed, is one of the most visited Charmed sites on the internet today. And that was built using CuteSITE builder. Something with such a simple look and it's been very popular for me.
  16. People have to be so rude when they find out you use CuteSITE Builder for your websites? I've actually had some tell me that because I don't use HTML for mine, then I don't deserve to have a domain nor a website. You know, I've tried to grasp HTML, I really have. But I just can't. You won't believe how much time I've spent trying to learn it, but I just don't understand it. I get the feeling that some HTML hand coders are stuck up website owners. I could care less what someone uses to build their websites, as long as they have fun doing it then shouldn't that be all that matters? Why can't some people understand that there are some people who just don't understand HTML. And no, it's not this simple...well everyone can learn it if they try. They think because they understand it, every person on the face of the earth should be able to understand it. I miss the days where the internet was supposed to be all fun. But now with some of the new web site owners and this validation stuff, some think websites should be an exclusive clique' and if you don't live up to their standards, you're not worthy enough to have a website or domain.
  17. Why's it has to be a .gif file? I just upload my own pic and use that file name. Doesn't even have to be a .gif file extension when I do so. Because all the logo's I use for my boards have the .jpg file extension.
  18. I downloaded the latest release of Firefox, but now I can't download anything without the program freezing up and saying it's shut down. Nor can I really save any pictures off other sites that offer free backgrounds for people to take without Firefox freezing up and shutting down. Any suggestions with this?
  19. Not necessarily true. I'm a member of one message forum for a website called thefanlistings.org, and the members there are forever trying to get their sites compatible in all browsers. The ones who use IE browser, some of them you can't view their sites in Firefox. However, I have absolutely no problem viewing any of my CuteSITE builded sites in Firefox. And I am not going to download every single browser just to check them.
  20. I use CuteSITE Builder and I love it. I don't know what I'd do without it. Sure, you can't do everything with it that you could with HTML, but for people who can't quite grasp HTML, it's the perfect solution. In fact, I have alot of people tell me they are absolutely shocked when I tell them I used a site builder for my sites.
  21. Thanks Mike. Got it now. And here I was looking all through my cpanel to find it. I'm glad you guys aren't put off by stupid questions
  22. How do we change the Nameserver for our domains?
  23. Thanks for the answers. I'm planning to switch over to a higher bandwidth plan since the space and bandwidth has been increased on them.
  24. I've installed the message forum on my domain. Got it all set up and everything. Now what I'm asking is this. I'm planning to move off of the free board I've got and I plan on making the phpBB forum my permaneant forum. Can the phpBB board handle say 600+ members? Because my message forum gets a lot, and I do mean alot of posters and it's a highly active board. Should there be a problem with threads and posts just disappearing? Because I'm having that problem on the free forum I'm using. I'm wondering if the phpBB board that's on my own domain can handle all the traffic my forum gets.
  25. If I'm understanding this correctly, I have a simple reseller account, and within 60 - 90 days it will be upgraded to 16 gb of bandwidth and 1000 mb of space for a mere 20.00 a month? What in the world am I going to do with all this space? This is just another reason in a very long line of them on why TCH rocks! My only regret is, I didn't sign up with TCH sooner than I did.
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