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  1. Never mind. I finally got it to work on my own. Now I know what the big deal about Coppermine is. I love it so far. I used the tutorial on TCH's site about it and got going in no time. Thanks everyone for your help. Stuff like this is hard for me because I'm not used to using it.
  2. Okay, I've ran the installation thing and I'm getting this error: Could not create a mySQL connection, please check the SQL values entered MySQL error was : Access denied for user: 'bridge27@localhost' (Using password: YES) I entered the MySQL information exactly as it's set up.
  3. Okie, I've got all these different permission things and I don't wanna pick the wrong one to change. That's what's got me a little stumped. I'm kind of new to those gallery scripts. In fact, I'm about ready to give up on Coppermine and go with 4Images.
  4. I really wanna use this because I like the overall look of it. But everytime I try and upload a picture I get this error at the top of the page: Warning: move_uploaded_file(./albums/edit/mHTTP_temp_cc72095c.jpg): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/bridge/public_html/BridgeGallery/upload.php on line 1197 Warning: move_uploaded_file(): Unable to move '/tmp/phpGmPhsH' to './albums/edit/mHTTP_temp_cc72095c.jpg' in /home/bridge/public_html/BridgeGallery/upload.php on line 1197
  5. Betty1, Please contact me either via IM or e-mail. I would like to take look at your account personally and see if I can help. OK? Bill <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thank you Head Guru. I sent you an e-mail with my account information.
  6. Be better for a high-traffic message board? The reason I'm asking is because my account's been supsended twice...and I know the reason, so I'm not upset at TCH over it, I understand why they've done it. But would a reseller account be more beneficial for a message board? If I could get into my cpanel right now, I'd delete the message board off my account because I know that's what's gotta be causing problems for me right now. And I'm feeling bad about it right now because I know TCH has enough to deal with sometimes and here I am causing more problems for them.
  7. Betty1

    Firefox Tweak

    I think I'll be smart and just leave my settings alone. Everytime I try and mess with something like that I screw something up. FireFox already loads fast enough for me anyways.
  8. That's what my advice was to him, have someone who specializes in computers look at it. I told him if it's anything hardware related I can't help him as I've never had training in that or any kind of education in that. That and the fact that he keeps calling back with a different problem isn't helping me any either. I'm getting rather confused with what it is he's having trouble with.
  9. I have someone I know who's having problems with his computer. He says it's a 2002 with a Win98 OS and it's telling him there's something wrong with the IOSUBYS and then it just shuts down. He's also telling me that he's having problems with his B:/ drive. Anybody have any kind of idea what's wrong here? I think he should get his hard drive looked at. Because he at first said that he was getting the Win98 startup screen then it froze. Then he calls back and says it told him there was a problem with the A:/ drive. And now the above problem I mentioned. Anyways, I'm getting confused with what exactly is wrong.
  10. Could it be possible that they are using Firefox? Firefox has an ad blocker extension available. If they clicked the "adblocker" on a main image it may also block other images. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I don't know if they use FireFox or not. I think most of them used IE browser. I know my FireFox has a pop up blocker, but that doesn't seem to affect anything but the new window that's supposed to pop up when I get a PM from someone. And that doesn't bother me enough to turn the Pop Up blocker off.
  11. Here's the URL: http://stunningreality.net/BridgeFans It's a soap opera discussion board. Just thought I'd warn you of that ahead of time. It's just maybe a handful of the almost 600 posters who are having problems. So I really think it's a problem on their end. I can see every image and I use FireFox. Occassionally I get the old Connection Refused when I want to go to the board, but that's just a problem on my end.
  12. My message board is phpbb. And I updated it to the newest version soon as the announcement was made here a bit back about older versions of the board. I guess I just get a little nervous sometimes. I don't think I have to worry about it because there's only about four or five out of almost 600 members who are having trouble seeing the smilies and images sometimes.
  13. I don't think I need to bother the Desk Help with a ticket. I'm not having any problems on my end. It's a couple of them that are having problems seeing the smilies and some of the pictures. I'm guessing it's just a problem on their end. Because if the board was being hacked, then everyone would have trouble. But I really think it's a problem on their end and I'm not really sure how to word it. Just out of curiosity, if someone does something malicious to TCH's servers, then they can get into very serious trouble right? My username on my board and my account name for my account with TCH are two totally different names. I thought that it was best I choose a different name to use on my board.
  14. Someone hacks into a client's site? I run a message board and some of the member's are having trouble seeing some of the smilies and other pictures on the board. They're a little nervous someone is trying to hack into the board. Would TCH know if they were? Because my board is on my TCH account.
  15. I don't believe I have any kind of blogging software on my account as that has never, ever interested me. Do all the TCH customers get one of those e-mails? Even the ones who don't have any kind of blogging software on their accounts?
  16. I try to reply back to the help tickets after my problem has been solved or question has been answered thanking whoever handled my ticket. And I have to agree with Mike on rarely hearing about doing a good job and always hearing about doing a bad job. I work at Wal-Mart and the customers rarely ever walk up to a store manager when an employee has been helpful or just plain extremely courteous to them to let the manager know. But the first time we make mistake...they high tail to the managers to complain about us. And that's another reason why I try to always thank the support people.
  17. That might be tough as I believe that is a cPanel thing. We don't have much control over that. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ah, I suspected it was. But I thought I'd give the question a shot.
  18. How about in the html editor, when you go in to add a picture, the site folders are all in alphabetical order?
  19. Would that be a good thing or a bad thing Rob?
  20. Once again, it's the simplest things. Why is it the answer was staring at me right in the face and I didn't even see it? Thanks Lisa, that did the trick.
  21. I've tried for I don't know how long know to get the mail form to go inside the table with the rest of the text, but everything I do, the table always winds up below or above it. Here's the URL, maybe someone can take a look at my coding and help me get the form placed inside the table. I used the HTML editor on my cpanel, which I just discovered a week or two ago. I had no idea the cpanel's on TCH had one. Anywho, here's the URL: http://with-great-power.net/PruePiper Forgot to add, I have two forms. One is on the Rules and Join page and the other is on the Update Info page.
  22. I'm using a Dell right now and I love it. I've used Gateway, which I will never use again. And I used Compaq which I'm not too impressed with. But I love my Dell. Got ownership of it through Rent-A-Center because I couldn't afford to pay outright for one and layaway wasn't an option because I couldn't of gotten it out in time. But perhaps one of you can give advice to my brother when it comes to computers. He goes for the cheapest used one he can find. He bought his first one at a pawn shop for $100.00. Lasted him a few months before it died. And now he's going to a flea market for one. He wanted me to copy my XP Operating System onto a CD for him so he wouldn't have to go out and buy out. He wanted to put XP on a Win95 system, that had only one CD drive. Told him I don't think you can run XP on your system anyways.
  23. Yep, yep...that's my e-mail in the contact link there. Thanks for pointing it out anyways.
  24. I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've actually got a site that's html coded. Granted, the layout was all coded for me, but still took me a couple of hours to get this up. This is a big accomplishment for me here. http://with-great-power.net/X_G
  25. It's always the simplest things. Got one thing out of the way. Will work on the second problem some more tonight and I hope it's alright if I ask for more help if I need it.
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