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    rick (it's not just a name)
  2. It means you can only send email from up to 5 different addresses per mail2web account.
  3. The conversion to Maildir format included a new imap and pop3 daemon. "courierpop3dsizelist" is simply a cache file for the new pop3 daemon. Maildir uses three directories, tmp, new, and cur. These are used for temporary messages (messages in the process of being delivered to your account), new messages, and currently read messages respectively, instead of the old style single file in mbox format used previously, which is why you'll see different directories and files now. You can read more information about the new Maildir format on wikipedia if you desire. As far as the messages not being removed on download, hopefully the help desk will be able to help you get that sorted out.
  4. What you will probably want to do is enable hotlink protection, which you can find various ways described throughout this forum. That should help prevent people from leeching in the future. But I'm glad you found your one culprit.
  5. yes, just create a forward entry with the email address to forward for each address you want to forward to. It'll look something like this when you are done: email@yourtchdomain.com to person1@somewhereelse.com email@yourtchdomain.com to person2@somewhereelse.com email@yourtchdomain.com to person3@somewhereelse.com
  6. No, but the helpdesk likely could. Without the domain and server info, the best we can do is speculate.
  7. Your name servers are not set to the TCH nameservers, so changes in WHM/cPanel won't have an affect. You'll need to change your name servers which should be explained in the welcome message you received when the account was created. Or you will have to define mail.bichonhotel.co.uk in the nameservers you are using.
  8. You can't "chown" as a regular user. If you want existing files to have ownership of nobody, you will have to submit a helpdesk ticket. Also, just a word of caution, having public_html with 777 permissions is not a wise idea for security reasons. Any compromise on your site at all, and they can change anything within your website. If you only need to have your script be able to write to "testfolder" you can set testfolder to 777 and leave public_html as 755.
  9. TCH's fee is strictly for having them install the initial and new certificates, so no. It only applies when the certificate needs to be renewed and TCH installs it.
  10. I'm sorry for your inconvenience, but the billing system should have sent emails to the email address that was on record for your billing account. Are you sure your billing email address is current?
  11. To be perfectly honest, they should be reformatting and reinstalling the OS prior to redeploying the machine. That generally is the simplest and quickest way to guarantee they are providing a fully working system to whomever gets it next, since as time goes on most users will install, uninstall, modify, etc... a system to the point that it no longer works as well, or may have other problems from various changes made to the machine. I generally would not consider wiping a system as creating additional work since to insure a properly working system they should be doing that anyway. The only case you would really create additional work generally, is if you are deleting company data that doesn't exist anywhere else, but if that's the case, you better get a lawyer.
  12. You are missing the leading "/". It should be "/usr/bin/php -q /home/userid/public_html/amember/cron.php", but I think the first one got left out.
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