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  1. Coming in late on this thread as I'm a new TCH member, but my primary system is a MAC 15" G4 TiBook that I've owned for a year next month, when I switched over from windows on my desktop. I haven't regretted it one bit. Being that the majority of the work I do is on Linux and Solaris systems, having a Unix based kernel, and being able to run most of the software I work with every day, has been a bonus. My Windows PC has been relegated to being a gaming machine. Thumbs Up
  2. I primarily use Fire for Mac OS X, Gaim for Linux, or Trillian Pro for Windows as clients depending on which machine I'm on, so I usually am on AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, and MSN, although AIM is my default primarily because it's the one that I have the most contacts on. I also use BitWise occasionally (but still waiting for their Mac OS X version).
  3. I believe I found the answers I was looking for on the DNS part. Still haven't found any info on whether procmail or similar is an option. Anyway, signed up for an account to see if this will all do what I need.
  4. I do have a couple additional questions. If I get a reseller account, and then change my domains to use your nameservers, what level of control do I have over the individual PTR records? What's the process for making changes to them, and is there any limitations to how they are used (for example, would there be anything preventing me from creating additional PTR records that do not point to TCH servers)? And do you guys have any form of mail preprocessing, such as procmail, available?
  5. Combination of hiring underqualified admins, and in many cases, underhiring the number of required admins to maintain the systems. I often find security lacking more due to lack of resources (admins) than intelligence. Many companies don't perceive it as a problem until it is one. Sad really.
  6. I was all prepared to post a list of questions about reseller accounts, but I'll be darned if I haven't already found the answers to all of them. Kudos to you guys for making this information readily available... especially the forums. I just need to look at all the sites I manage now and see if this would a be a fit. Anyway, since this is the questions forum, I suppose I need a question in here.... Are you all having fun yet?!?!?!?!
  7. Heard it. Seen it. My personal opinion is that intruding on someone's systems without their permission is not ethical, period, even if the intent is good.
  8. I'm a little confused about this. In your TOS it states: and The only case the TOS states a refund would be given, other than a cancellation within the first 30 days, is if TCH is the one who cancels the service. A nitpick, I know, but a concern because what the TOS says, and the staff says don't seem to match. -mike
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