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  1. Yea. When I worked in the business school lab at college, the labs were full of these and the teachers mostly had these too. Whenever a floppy drive would stop working I'd grab 2 or 3 from our supply and hope one works. I also remember the tubes of memory we'd have with us to replace the memory chips on the motherboard which you needed to carry around a chip puller for (or a screwdriver and some skillz ). They kept blowing from static electricity. Fun times.
  2. You'll need to create a database in cPanel, create a user, and assign the user to that database. You'll end up with something like account_vbforum and account_vbuser database and username (whatever you end up calling the database and username preceeded by your accountname and an underscore). Database host is localhost. That should cover what you need (along with the password you assigned to the database user) for the database part of the vB configuration. In short though, yes, you just create a regular database in MySQL for it.
  3. It appears you had the database portion working (you *should* have the user assigned to the database). But when you did it failed because you are missing the cache.php file in your installation. Check your installation because it appears at least one file failed to get installed properly (cache.php in the wp-includes directory).
  4. If you go to "My Controls" and look under subscriptions, you can select Forums and see if you somehow got subscribed to particular forums and unsubscribe.
  5. You could simply just create the forums to match your categories (but you'd have to manually post too), but I'm confused about your reasoning behind duplicating what's already in Wordpress. Why do you want two different representations of the exact same content? It sounds more like you should either stick with Wordpress, or move to a forum format, rather than attempt to duplicate the information in both. If you want a more "bloggish" or "portal" type look for SMF, you can throw on something like TinyPortal. For good reason. What it sounds like you want to do is duplicate the content in two different places. I'm not really seeing where the benefit of doing that is.
  6. There's not a lot you can do to prevent it from happening assuming the email is coming from other locations with a forged envelope (sender). SPF records can help prevent them from being delivered to a recipient, but the bounces you are limited to either filtering them out, disabling the mailbox, or just accepting them and deleting them if the volume isn't too bad. One domain I'm responsible for is currently receiving these bounces from forged spams on the order of millions. The lawsuit threats are somewhat humorous (because they have no case). But it's still no fun to deal with.
  7. >php_value session.gc_maxlifetime 18000 ...would do the trick. But there are other things that can cause a session to expire if that doesn't solve your problem so you may want to google more on session management in php. Each command just has to be on it's own line. You do not need any other separators (although blank lines are allowed if you want to use them just for better readability).
  8. Correct. TCH only allows one website per account. If you want to host a separate unrelated website you need to purchase another account. And welcome to the forums.
  9. In short, SPF is a method of defining what mail servers are allowed to send mail for your domain.
  10. Yes. Noah's Classifieds is indeed available through Fantastico on TCH's virtual web hosting accounts.
  11. Within IP Deny Manager: You can specify denied IP addresses in the following formats: Single IP Address Range Implied Range CIDR Format 10. Implies 10.*.*.* So in your case, you could use any one of the following formats:
  12. You can find it under "Default Email Address" in your control panel.
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