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  1. Google probably wouldn't be the best choice, as redistribution of that data is likely illegal: Any type of zipcode database will likely be a pay for reuse type of thing.
  2. I'll take it (first try)... even if I did completely butcher the 4th hole.
  3. You can't spend what you don't have with a debit card. You can get thousands of dollars in debt with a credit card (if you have good credit and they throw $10,000+ limits at you to get you to overspend). Most secured credit cards also have a pretty small limit on them ($200-$500) at least until your credit is improved (and many banks are dropping secured credit cards). It's not simply put a $1000 in and get a $1000 limit.
  4. Convenience. Especially if a person does not have a credit card (that is, people with bad credit or don't want to have a credit card because they can't control the urge to spend it's limit). It's kinda like saying you don't understand why people use checks, because it's the same thing, just in electronic form. However, you are right that if you do have a credit card and sufficient limit on it, it's smarter to use it over a check card for paying online services, particularly those that are automatic payments, for your own protection.
  5. The side of the computer makes a good table top to roll on.
  6. Except ModSecurity 2.x disabled the ability to use those settings in .htaccess. They can only be used in the Apache configuration file now.
  7. They are looking for sites running a vulnerable Mail This Entry addon on their pMachine sites. The vulnerable version of the addon is a couple years old, but it's usually still pretty easy to find people who have not upgraded.
  8. There's no difference between embedding a normal .gif and an animated .gif. How you do that in a blog or as a signature depends on the software that runs the blog or forum you are referring to (you don't mention). You'll also need to find an image hosting service that allows hotlinking (or you could just get a $4/month account here and serve your images from it).
  9. Or worse yet, self-destruct mode.
  10. Unfortunately misspellings of domain names can and will happen anyway and it's relatively easy to see domains that were recently registered no matter what domain registrar you use. Your options really are to register common misspellings yourself, ignore it and hope it doesn't happen, or go after them with a legal suit. We (a company I used to work for) successfully went after someone who had purchased wwwourdomain.com (with the missing first . ) to point at their I AM A SPAMMER site mooching off mistypings of our domain which is quite a popular domain. However, that company had deep legal funds. I have a domain I've used personally and professionally since 1997 and someone has registered the same domain by dropping just one letter to put up an MLM site. Unfortunately there isn't much I can do about it since I can't prove the scheme he is running is illegal and I don't have the funds to afford really taking legal action. Your best defense really, though, if you want to protect your domain name, is to get a trademark on it. Then it'll be easier to go after those who try to mooch of your trademark by slight variations. If they are using your content or links to your content, it's pretty easy to show the intent is to profit off your name and site, and simply contacting their hosting provider may be able to get their site yanked (particularly if they are copying your content to their site, as you can claim copyright infringement).
  11. Apache 1.3.x may be 5 years old but 1.3.39 was released 3 months ago. The differences between Apache 1 and Apache 2 from an end user perspective are virtually non-existent, so anything that you have that runs in Apache 2 should work just fine in Apache 1.3.39, and vice-versa. As Bruce mentioned the PHP and MySQL environments are where your software and site will really care about differences. Server software tends to have a much longer end-of-life then desktop software due to the much larger number of users using the installed software. That all said, though, Apache 2 is now officially supported by cPanel (as of only within the last few months), and I imagine will be on the horizon for upgrades for TCH in the not too distant future once it's fully tested. TCH, for good reason, likes to take the safe conservative route of fully testing new environments before rolling them out onto it's large user base.
  12. Meh.... Upgraded to Firefox 3, downloaded Firefox 2 portable as a backup. Nice site.
  13. Don, you will truly be missed. You gave so much while asking so little. You have always been a true inspiration. Find peace, my friend.
  14. Made a slight correction.
  15. You should open a help desk ticket. Fantastico currently supports Wordpress 2.3.1. If you don't see that version in your Fantastico option, then that server didn't update properly.
  16. You can't drop it anyway. information_schema is just a database of read-only views of some metadata in mysql, and only the metadata that corresponds to your account will be visible to you. For the majority of you, you can just ignore it.
  17. MikeJ


    Level 6, then realized I'm supposed to be working...
  18. Congrats Carl. It'll likely be a never ending battle.
  19. I would not use Noah's Classifieds. It reportedly does not work with PHP5 and MySQL5 and is basically no longer being developed. I would imagine it'll disappear off Fantastico soon.
  20. phpBB 2.0.22 should work without changes after the upgrade (at least the main package, I can't speak for all of the mods). I've already done this upgrade myself with decently modded phpBB 2.0.22 (upgrade from php 4 and mysql 4.1 to php 5 and mysql 5) and it worked flawlessly.
  21. I saw they posted the too. That was painful to watch. That was 7 minutes of my life I'll never get back.
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