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  1. That is incorrect. They do save your account ID's and passwords encrypted on their servers: They do not, however, log or even handle your IM messages: You can find that info clearly posted on their privacy policy: http://www.digsby.com/privacy.php So to log your IM's, they would be breaking the law. As far as saving your passwords in an encrypted form on their servers, that's a personal call on whether you have an issue with that or not. Just FYI, Trillian Astra requires an Astra account in order to use, just like Digsby requires a Digsby account. The reason for that is simply so that you can have account informatino saved on the servers and have a more portable IM client. If you don't like that, then right now, you need to use something other than those two clients.
  2. It's people that take this approach of "if it's possible to do, than it's ok to do, the vendor should make it impossible if it's not" that cause DRM (Digital Rights Management) to be implemented and results in things like movies that won't play on all players, songs that you purchased that won't play on all of your players or that you can't copy to any device you own like you want, and as is the case above, require you to carry two CD's (if you hadn't lost the first one already) with you to do a fresh install on a machine that you already had a windows license for but may not currently have windows running on.
  3. Just because you can do it, doesn't mean it's legal to do it. And the way that article reads, is like saying just because a person leaves his door unlocked at home after someone breaks in, means he supports someone breaking in again, is kinda ludicrous. If cost is an issue, there are other alternatives.
  4. You can simply login using yourresellerdomain.com/cpanel, but instead of using your reseller account login, use the new domain's login information to access it's control panel.
  5. If you registered your domains through TCH, you can manage your domains in the domain manager (<-- click link).
  6. The windows version is virtually the same as the Linux version. You can get any version from their website: pidgin.im
  7. I use it and love it. You might know it better by it's previous name "Gaim" (changed due to legal issues with AOL). I used to use Trillian (was a paid member and was an alpha tester for Astra), but it just wasn't doing it for me anymore.
  8. Ahh... the bad memories. This is what I inherited at one time when I took a job:
  9. Good to hear. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
  10. Glad you got it figured out, Aknot. No reason to delete this as it could be helpful to others.
  11. Yea, I'm not a stranger to big laptops since I bought the Dell XPS Gen 2 laptop a few years ago that I still use for gaming, which comes in at just over 9 lbs. But that mtech is basically 12 lbs. Who needs a gym membership after carrying that around all day?
  12. Yes. You can partition the RAID 5 array the same way you'd partition a single 400 GB drive. So slice and dice away! But man... RAID 5 in a laptop? Nice! Although how longs the battery life in that thing while powering a raid array, and how big is that thing?
  13. Among other things documented at Wikipedia. Generally speaking, but I'm not experience with HIPAA specifically, but a shared server environment generally would not fit within the HIPAA rules as I read them. TCH keeps their servers pretty secure, but there are always limitations when dealing with shared environments. A dedicated server coupled with encryption (at least as far as the data leaving the server, such as using SSL on the website) *might* qualify. If in doubt, though, consulting a lawyer experienced with HIPAA is a wise idea, rather than jeopardizing personal information and/or incurring a lawsuit.
  14. Cripe.... take the server, rent it out to someone else for $300 for the year, and go buy yourself an iPod touch. Heck, rent it out for $600 and buy 2! Although, personally, I'd have used the server.
  15. Did you fix your problem already? I'm showing your text inputs all properly set to #1F1F1F background, and all the browsers I tried show it correctly.
  16. Except having several of your own boxes to work with. ...if only family obligations didn't prevent me from creating my own personal server farm!
  17. Welcome to the forums, diversenz, congrats on your new dedicated server, and thanks for the kind words. Dick, Ryan, Vivek and team really do an amazing job setting up and maintaining the servers and network.
  18. Oh, and I didn't comment on Respectiva because I've had no experience with it. I did run Bugzilla before on a shared account (but on a dedicated server I owned), and it's been awhile (like 3 years ago or so), so I don't remember if I had to do anything special to get it to work.
  19. I haven't tried trac in a shared environment, but you'll likely have problems getting it installed without help desk support, due to some of the dependencies required (there are some Python modules, for example, you'll probably have to have TCH install to get it to work). Also TCH only support MySQL and keep in mind this warning for Trac: A couple I have used that are relatively simple to use and install, and should work fine in a shared hosting environment... CodeTrack if you just need really simple bug tracking. It's all php-based, and stores everything in files, so there's no db requirement. Or Eventum, written and used by MySQL AB team, which is also php-based, and (obviously) uses MySQL backend. Both I've used, and the latter is what I currently actively use (although not on a shared server, but the requirements are modest and the setup is done via web interface).
  20. Mail quota's are cached, so they don't update immediately after you add or remove emails/files, but it will update correctly after awhile.
  21. Based on your domain, it appears you are hosting with another provider that provides fully managed servers (unless your are colocating with them or using service from another provider that does). You should make use of that fully managed service you are paying for and contact their support. We can't tell you how their servers are setup. You may also want to check your MX records for your domain. You have 3 MX records, two of which point to your registrar's mail servers, and one which points to apparently your server. Unless your registrar is providing forwarding mail servers, that could be causing your problem.
  22. Congrats Ryan. The TCH Datacenter is in good hands. Good luck Jesse in future endeavers. Your time and efforts here were appreciated.
  23. Safari should work fine, but it's been awhile since I've used it regularly. On the remote chance you run into any problems with Safari while accessing your control panel, you can alway fire up firefox, but searching around I'm seeing almost no complaints at all about safari and cpanel usage, so you should be good to go.
  24. Split posts from 5 year old unrelated thread.
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