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  1. These functions are no longer supported in mod_security. You will need to open a help desk ticket and explain what you want to do and see if they will disable mod_security for your account for you or not.
  2. It really depends on what the site is doing on those visits. I have never used Nucleus but it seems to be shared hosting friendly. I have a forum that gets 30,000 - 60,000 hits a day, and that is well within acceptable resource usage (but the visitor count is much lower as mine gets a lot of repeat and longer visits). The concern with yours is with 4,300 visiters per day (my site is only 200-300 as it's a lot of repeat visitors) is how many are using the site at the same time which may get you up into some connection limits such as connections being created to the database, particularly if you have peak periods of traffic (anything that would cause a large portion of your visitors to come to your site at the same time). Take a look at your traffic patterns throughout the day, and as long as they are relatively spread out without major peaks, you will most likely be ok. If you find you are running high on resource usage, you may be asked to upgrade to a semi-dedicated account, but based on the info you provided, it *should* be ok on a shared account, but I couldn't say with certainty with only that information you provided.
  3. Unfortunately I haven't ever actually used ExcelWriter (I installed it simply to troubleshoot another person's problem), so I'm not sure how much additional help I can be. What kind of error are you getting? Are you trying to insert the bitmap into a single cell? Unfortunately the documentation for ExcelWriter is pretty sparse.
  4. I am in no way an SEO expert. But if you have a lot of links going to the parked domains, most likely your PR will suffer. Best to 301 redirect them to the main site so all of the links boost your main sites PR. But that's all speculation.
  5. What kind of problem are you having with insertBitmap()? Here's a very basic example of inserting a Bitmap into a spreadsheet and sending it to the browser that works in TCH's environment. Your environment may differ: ><?php ini_set("include_path", get_include_path().":/home/myaccount/php"); ini_set("max_execution_time","30"); // not required unless you are hitting a limit ini_set("memory_limit","32M"); // not required unless you are hitting a limit require_once 'Spreadsheet/Excel/Writer.php'; $workbook = new Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer(); $workbook->setTempDir('/home/myaccount/tmp'); // Creating a worksheet $worksheet =& $workbook->addWorksheet('Test for Bitmap'); $worksheet->insertBitmap(0,0,'image.bmp'); //send the file $workbook->send('test.xls'); //close the workbook $workbook->close(); ?>
  6. Yea, your custom pear directory is not included, so you can do something like this in your PHP code to append it to the default include path: >ini_set("include_path", get_include_path().":/home/yourcpanelaccount/php");
  7. Yea, I tried my above code and it seems to fix the problem so after you declare your workbook, set the TmpDir for it and you should be fine. Just make sure to replace yourcpanelaccount in the line with your actual cpanel account name.
  8. Seems to be a bug in the OLE package with the way it handles tempnam within open_basedir. Are you sure the line you have above there is the one that's causing the error and not the line that attempts to write to the file? I don't have an environment handy at the moment but you could try the following to see if it'll help or not: >$workbook = new Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer('test.xls'); $workbook->setTempDir('/home/yourcpanelaccount/tmp'); ... rest of your code ... and see if that works. I'll try testing some options out in a little bit if that doesn't work for you. Welcome to the forums, too.
  9. Thank you for the suggestions, mr m. I'm sure the staff will keep it in mind.
  10. Grats Alex! What's wrong with you!
  11. Is your .htaccess located in the root of where you need the changes? (in your case it would appear to be your filedepot directory if I'm looking at the right site) You could try putting a file in the directory your upload script resides that has "<?php phpinfo(); ?>" in it and check that your settings are taking effect properly. I am also noticing your form has this in it: > <div id="input_boxes"> <input type="hidden" name="MAX_FILE_SIZE" value="2621440" /> <input type=file name=fileup_0 size="70"> </div> Without knowing your upload.php code though I don't know what affect that has.
  12. You could try adding "php_value memory_limit 20M" and see if that fixes your problem.
  13. Only problem with that is the sandwich is almost as big as the cat!
  14. You would need a dedicated server to run a persistent application here at TCH. A VDS would not provide you the level of access and freedom you need to run something like that. Most places will not allow persistent applications to run on a server shared with others, without at least a VPS level of separation.
  15. I voted 2. It just looks cleaner. Although I think it might even look better with the banner in black instead of red but keeping the style of logo 2's banner. (I'd have to see it to know for sure).
  16. Sorry, I misunderstood and thought you were looking for a specific first number. Then you want something like this: >SELECT * FROM sometable WHERE CustName REGEXP '^[0-9]'; And if you wanted everything that doesn't start with a number: >SELECT * FROM sometable WHERE CustName NOT REGEXP '^[0-9]'; ^ = beginning of string (not negate like Andy suggested) in standard regular expressions.
  17. You should be able to do the same thing in MySQL as you do for letters: LIKE '1%'
  18. That should cover you pretty well. In case you still get spammers though, the one other tool I used to use in phpBB2 was Admin Userlist which was useful for doing mass bans or deletes.
  19. Yea, that's the captcha I was using before upgrading to phpBB3. So far under phpBB3 spam hasn't been a problem. I did have to switch themes (but I was due for it anyway) and ended up taking one that I mostly liked and modifying it myself to get what I wanted. Most of the mods I used I've found replacements for or managed to get working again.
  20. A lot of them just search all domains looking for common phpbb files (particularly if you install it under /forums or /forum or something fairly common). You're best bet is to put better spam protections into your phpBB 2. For starters the default captcha is pretty much useless in preventing spam, and you should go look for better mods (on an old phpBB2 site I had I went from about a dozen spam accounts being created per day to about less than 5 a month). You could also look at upgrading to phpBB3 which is just considerably better in everything than phpBB2.
  21. Welcome Bonnie! About time someone kept Bill straight.
  22. Sadly...I answered truthfully....
  23. What do you do when your power goes out for a day? Why you steal it from your neighbors:
  24. Thanks for the kind words, and I'm glad we could be of service.
  25. I gave it a test drive. Interesting. It looks like they are basically trying to make an Adium clone. It's based on Webkit, just like adium, and you can even download Adium themes from adiumxtras.com... with mixed results so far though (the included themes in the distribution appear to be mostly Adium themes). The ability to reply to messages in the pop-up notification window is kinda neat. Overall, though, I find it to still be a little buggy, and feature poor, so I'm going back to my Pidgin for now. Also, one big dislike I have for the current Digsby service is if the digsby servers go down or are inaccessible, you can not log into your IM accounts. Pidgin has no servers, so I have service as long as the respective IM services are running.
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