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  1. Google's new web browser, called Chrome*, has now been released (windows only right now, Mac and Linux versions to come): http://www.google.com/chrome Read details in their cartoon released yesterday: http://www.google.com/googlebooks/chrome/ * Note that this is a BETA product.
  2. You could try contacting the owner of the crawler if it's misbehaving: http://itsapic.com/crawler.html
  3. MikeJ


    Couldn't find it before but ran across it again, but here's another problem Cuil had not long after launch. And that's not a doctored image. I saw those same results myself. Fortunately fixed now though.
  4. It doesn't play for me either on my Mac (and I have silverlight installed). However, I peeked at the page and it references >http://mbstia.com/client/images/stories/videos/Cactusflower_300p.wmv but that returns a 404, but I found >http://mbstia.com/client/images/stories/videos/cactusflower_300p.wmv exists, so you may just have an improper reference in there.
  5. Oh, and yes, it's from TotalChoice, via its domain provider. Although you should only get one email per account you have with the registrar, not per domain. You may just get reminders over time.
  6. It's legit. The registrar has been sending them out for some time and is simply a reminder that the contact info on your domain needs to be accurate or they can take your domain away from you.
  7. MikeJ


    Hopefully they can see some success, but they still have a lot of issues to fix with their results still. Just do a search for "cobol", for example. A computer language that Cuil has apparently never heard of. ;-)
  8. Please see http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...st&p=225680
  9. Plaxo is really just a site to consolidate information from your various other social networking sites you belong to, so unless you belong to other networks, Plaxo won't be of much use to you. LinkedIn is really a professional social networking site, and as such is focused on your professional info more than your personal info (albeit your job and such does include personal information obviously). It's a decent site for networking with business contacts and keeping track of them. As far as privacy, most social networking sites these days allow you to share as much or as little information as you'd like, and to choose whether that information is public or only visible to your contacts. As long as you understand and utilize the privacy tools in each one, they aren't too bad for sharing personal information. I use various social networking, microblogging, photo and video sharing sites, and I don't feel like I'm too exposed. I choose what is public on each one and what is private to only my friends.
  10. In your case, https://server105.tchmachines.com:2083/ should work with the certificate on your server.
  11. Without seeing how $PuckerLabRef gets populated, I'd suspect a change in the XML files, so it's not getting populated with multiple items anymore. Also, I'm a little rusty on some of my perl, but I think if you want to check that the variable is actually an array, you need to use >ref($PuckerLabRef) eq "ARRAY" and not simply just the ref() function.
  12. Thanks for the notice, flashram. I'm sure there are several customers here that could benefit from software like that for their Joomla installations.
  13. As Bruce said, the helpdesk will help you out with the specifics. But no, you don't need a unique IP address for it to work. A regular plan will work just fine.
  14. Yea.... been running Firefox 3 since January I think. It's been pretty great and a nice improvement. The last couple updates as well really stabilized things. And Thomas is correct. Make sure to exit Firefox 2 completely before running the Firefox 3 portable, otherwise you'll just end up with another Firefox 2 window when you launch it.
  15. MikeJ


    This thread is over 2 years old and presumably resolved by now. Closing thread.
  16. We don't use safe_mode, so your problem is open_basedir. In more recent versions of PHP this functionality was disabled in CURL when PHP is running with open_basedir because CURL is not aware of what the open_basedir setting is, so it was a security vulnerability to allow followlocation. However, someone on the php.net site has an example workaround here. (just keep searching the page for followlocation until you find the right post if it doesn't take you right to it). And welcome to the forums!
  17. Honestly, the easiest (and possibly only) way to do this would be to simply use one of the existing dns choices (like yourhost.dyndns.org or whatever domains they offer). Then in your control panel, define a DNS entry of "subdomain.yourtchdomain.com IN CNAME yourhost.dyndns.org." Then it'll point where ever your dynamic DNS entry points
  18. You'd have to get StuffIt from smithmicro.com to unstuff it, but if it's a .sit file, it more than likely is for a Mac, not Windows. I'd suggest checking and making sure the version you download is indeed for Windows first.
  19. The problem you are having is that you created the subdomain in cPanel, and cPanel updated it's own DNS records, but you aren't using the DNS hosted at TCH, but rather your domain is using ATT.NET servers for DNS. You will need to define your subdomain in your ATT.NET DNS settings as well to get it to work.
  20. It was. See Adobe's post about it. And the Secunia advisory has been revoked. You can check your flash player version by visiting Adobe's Version Test.
  21. mod_security can be modified/disabled per directory in Apache (the webserver), but not in .htaccess anymore, hence the need for the helpdesk ticket. Indeed it is more secure this way, but this wasn't even TCH's choice or policy change, but rather the software used, mod_security, changed the way it works and disabled .htaccess functionality in there newer releases. Unfortunately I don't have much experience with flash uploaders or actionscript so I don't currently have a better answer.
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