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  1. The function used within a webpage to call the user's time can sometimes get caught by personal firewalls as an intrusion, and it simply will not work in some of the more obscure browsers.

    I think it may have been a decision by TCH staff not to employ this function for reasons pertaining to a user being able to get into the site without errors or unwarranted fear due to their firewall seeing an "intrusion detection."

  2. basically, all a favicon. icon is is a very small bitmap image you create. There are all kinds of tools out there specifically designed for favicon creation. Although you can use any image composition program that can output a bitmap (bmp file) to create one. Once you have created the file, you simply rename it to favicon.ico and upload it to the root public_html folder of your site.

  3. While you say you are asking a lot of ?'s... at least the list is getting shorter. Means we must be doing something right :)


    OK, and I assume that after the domain registration and/or nameservers are repointed to TCH all NEW e-mails that are sent to someone@**** will automatically end up in the new TCH webmail account.
    To do this, you would need to purchase the hosting from TCH, and then have your current mail host change your MX (Mail eXchange) record to point to your TCH space. Do not do this until you know how to get those files from the old host to reduce the number of lost emails. There may be a propagation time for this part as well, but it is typically less than a domain change.


    Also, after the transfer of **** to TCH this URL wil actually point to my webspace at TCH. Is it possible to create e.g. a subdomain free.**** that still points to my free hosts? If so, I don't have to wait with the transfer of my domain name until after I've created the new site.


    You can create as many subdomains as you want, and use redirects/forwarding to point anywhere you need to. As long as it is legal and does not violate the TCH Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).


    You seem well on your way, young grasshoppah :P

    Let us know if there are any further questions.

  4. I just poked around on both sites and had no issues whatsoever. I did notice that it appears that planetphillip is no deeper than 2, maybe 3 levels, so digging deep is not an option.


    With the speed of loads and such i saw, I would tend to confirm that it is your ISP.


    I even went in through a couple of proxies just to make sure it was not only my area. Who is your ISP... I will see if i can find a route in through them.



  5. You seem to have a very good grasp of what needs to be done.


    1. you are right on track here, and I cannot really offer any other advice. You say that you do not have foler access on the server where your horde mail resides. If not, then I am not sure how to get the files to your HDD. One of the red coats may be able to help, or the site admin where your email is served.


    2. When you purchase the hosting, and add in the domain transfer, you will get emails that you need to reply to. This will give TCH authority to transfer the domain. If you do not respond to the email, then the domain transfer will not happen. I will verify that these emails are separate so domain transfer can wait while hosting setup continues.


    3. You are correct in your thoughts on this part. Until you can get to the files, there is not a lot I can tell you.


    4. Until you transfer the domain registration and/or repoint the nameservers to TCH, your site will stay put... provided you do not cancel the accounts with the free servers.


    5. Until name server changes are made, you will just use the temporary site address sent to you in the hosting account setup email from TCH. This will, though make your absolute links inactive as they will try to go to where the nameservers point to ****** or yoursub.com.


    You have it all pretty well figured out. The only difficult part I am seeing here is the webmail portion, as you indicated that you do not have access to the files.

    One thing to think about, though, is that during propagation your site may act very odd as the links at free1 that point to free2 may go haywire for a period of time. This can happen if Free2 updates DNS cache before Free1 or your current ISP. Your best defense to that is to make it clear on your homepage that you are moving the site and if folks have problems then to try back later or contact you.

  6. You can clear your Internet cache (instructions are different for each browser) and try again.


    Also, you can use an online traceroute from traceroute.org or, if using Windows, go to a DOS window (start>run>command or cmd, or Start>Programs>Accessories>Command Prompt) and typing

    tracert www.planetphillip.com
    tracert www.blazebolden.com

    If you do not end up at a totalchoice server or your website, then you are dying along the route and it is your ISP.

    Good luck


    Moved for topic organization

  7. Hello there!


    Glad you found us. Now, on to the questions...


    Domain transfer:

    Yes, both options are available to you. The transfer of registrar is $10.95, but that includes a one year exptension on your registration.



    There should be files and folders on your existing site that are downloadable to your machine. Once you download these files and get your new account and email setup, you can re-upload them to the correct place and your amil will be there. The TCH Staff (red-lettered names) can help you more with this.


    Content transfer:

    Since you already have absolute links to the free host material, your uploading of your current main site information should still work. You will want to check your files on the free sites to make sure they point in the right direction (to the new TCH location, although links of h*tto.domain.com/whatever will still work correctly)


    You can leave everything in place for the time being. Once you get your new site all setup over here (purchase and uploads). During purchase, you can request that transfer be included in your package, but you can talk with one of the "red-coats" prior and make sure that everything stays put until you make the request for transfer.


    :D Pre-emptive Welcome to the Family!! :lol:


    If I am wrong with any of this, then someone will surely step in to help in correcting me.

  8. I do not believe that it will send to the alt contact on the account. And I am not sure that the support crew can do anything about that. They need to verify with the listed owner due to policies regarding domain ownership (it keeps someone from being able to steal the domain name).

    In the future, though, you can use this technique:

    Sign up with your email addy as the primary. Once all is setup and going fine, then you change the email and whatnot to the permanent setup.

    It is more important that the name and other physical information be correct. People change email addresses all the time.

    It is easier to change information after the setup, than to try and get around policies and get information sent out to other places.


    I am currently in this exact same position, signing up a group for hosting. I am the email contact currently, but will transfer everything once it is up and running. I only get the email, all of the other information is for the correct owner.

  9. Bell,

    Many times, especially in this day and age, online polling sites use IP verification. If you sign the petition, it tracks you via certain methods and will not allow someone with the same IP address to sign it again.

    I can understand your aprehensions, though.



    The reason for this is that it may be on a shared-type server, and the SSL certificate on the server does not match that domain name. A simple whois search has led me to be pretty sure that this is the situation. The security level you are using in Safari is checking for certificate authenticity, and cannot verify it.



  10. :lol: Welcome to the Family, Lisa! B)

    And your new home on the web. We will be providing you with complimentary means to efficiently use company time for personal reasons and take no responsibility for your getting caught. :huh:

    We put the tasty treat in front of you... we don't make you eat it :)


    -Sorry, there was a goofing off thread I read not too long ago that has my mind a little warped at present. :)


    Feel free to poke around the forums and soak the wealth of knowledge already here. And don't hesitate to ask if you have a question... there is still a wealth of knowledge lurking in folks' heads around here.



  11. Here is a trace from 9:45 AM Mountain Time

    traceroute to server54.totalchoicehosting.com (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets

    1 iocom-pnet-FA0-0.iocomcorp.net ( 0.365 ms 0.397 ms 0.378 ms

    2 pnet-gw.iocomcorp.net ( 0.791 ms 0.686 ms 0.711 ms

    3 hagg-01-t3-1-0-0-0.ausu.twtelecom.net ( 1.291 ms 1.572 ms 1.864 ms

    4 dist-01-ge-3-1-0-510.ausu.twtelecom.net ( 2.269 ms 1.528 ms 2.474 ms

    5 core-01-so-0-1-0-0.dlfw.twtelecom.net ( 5.593 ms 6.166 ms 5.456 ms

    6 core-02-ge-0-2-1-2.dlfw.twtelecom.net ( 5.553 ms 5.725 ms 5.931 ms

    7 ( 6.068 ms 7.890 ms 7.921 ms

    8 ge-3-2-0.r02.dllstx01.us.bb.verio.net ( 6.205 ms 6.483 ms 6.508 ms

    9 p16-0-1-0.r20.dllstx09.us.bb.verio.net ( 6.664 ms 6.407 ms 6.936 ms

    10 p16-0-0-0.r01.atlnga03.us.bb.verio.net ( 50.585 ms 50.723 ms 50.847 ms

    11 ge-1-0-0.a01.atlnga03.us.ra.verio.net ( 51.280 ms 50.657 ms 51.357 ms

    12 p4-2-0-0.a01.atlnga03.us.ce.verio.net ( 35.208 ms 34.828 ms 34.576 ms

    13 border6.ge4-1-bbnet2.acs.pnap.net ( 35.491 ms 34.851 ms 36.095 ms

    14 apservers-2.border6.acs.pnap.net ( 34.752 ms 36.278 ms 36.088 ms

    15 * * *

    16 * * *

    17 * * *

    18 * * *

    19 * * *

    20 * * *

    21 * * *

    22 * * *

    23 * * *

    24 * * *

    25 * * *

    26 * * *

    27 * * *

    28 * * *

    29 * * *

    30 * * *

  12. turt... that is a beaut of a picture!

    They are now laying out the forecast of 92,92,92,92... The two easiest jobs in central AZ are highway construction estimator: "We won't have any rain delays" and weather man: "It's gonna be hot and sunny"


    Blackcat... mine's mane is Ninja... and she lives up to that name. She is a 15 lb Bombay, 6 years old, and she will crawl under the covers at night and begin chewing at your toes!!

  13. Disclaimer: My views, opinions and suggestions do not necessarily reflect those of TotalChoice Hosting or its agents.


    Verisign is trying to create a monopoly for themselves by being the only company allowed to hold the registry for .com and .net registrations. This means that all companies will have to resell for them, instead of being able to possibly go up a channel to ICANN (Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers) directly. However, the actual registration info is distributed among approved registrars, creating a distributed risk. Verisign's route will creat a single point of failure.

    ICANN is a non-profit organization which was developed to oversee the registration for domain names and their associated Internet Numbers.


    If you feel so moved, please sign the petition to stop Verisign from positioning themselves for pure financial gain, creating a monopoly and possibly even being able to go so far as to censor the Internet by privatizing the largest group of TLDs (Threee Letter Domain) out there.


    The Petition



  14. 32 Deg... we here in AZ will be begging for something even twice that in a couple of months when we are staring at the TV seeing triple digit temps... and no end in sight for a few months.

    At least we don't normally have the humidity. But anything above about 105 is just plain hot. Anything above 115 is just dang hot and you cannot find solace anywhere except inside a locked freezer... not even your car's AC can keep up, and then the $200+ electric bill hits and you nearly die of a coronary.

  15. From my experiences, when you start getting errors of that type, it is best just to reinstall the operating system to clear them up.

    The Universal PNP, Routing and Remote Access, Internet Connection Firewall are all root operating system components of Windows or integral parts of Internet Explorer and I know of nowhere you can simply "get a fix" for them. You may be able to clear up those associated with Internet Explorer by downloading the latest version and installing it.

    Reinstalling the operating system is not as bad as you might think, especially with Windows XP (which it appears you are running). The only thing you will need to make sure you do after the reinstall/repair is to run Windows Update and get the patches reinstalled.


    The Application errors you are seeing are related to Zone Alarm and the Universal PNP (Plug and Play) Framework which I think is closely tied to Sony Vaio products (you may have to download te new driver for this form Sony's site).


    Once you get everything back up, I would just have some small suggestions for your services list. Feel free tocontact me once you are at that point and we can go over some methods to free up resources on your machine... without causing this type of catostrauphic result.

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