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  1. It is all part of what they want us to do... the less we 'really' see, the easier we are to run out our happy little existence... in The Matrix!!!!

    Just kidding, folks.

    Just shows you that you see only what you expect to see.

  2. Sorry for the slow reply... I just got online and saw this.


    The original domain is either the msn address (cpimssmtpa15.msn.com) or not visible in this posting. I never really trust these blocked headers like this to have all the info.

    I can see where it was sent into your TCH mailbox, but not that it originated there.


    I would bet that the address information was an attempted spoof, and you or any servers you deal with are not truly infected with anything. You, more than likely, have nothing to worry about.

  3. This sounds somewhat familiar to me.

    If memory serves me (preferably a turkey n cheese on whole grain)...

    The boot.ini file problem, mixed with the loss of icons and files has to do with the registry becoming corrupted and pointing to a Guest-level account, even though all of the consoles and such say that you are on an admin account.

    I do not recall how to recover from this, but I do think it was a reinstall... sorry.


    You could try creating a new Admin-level account and logging on with that, then resetting permissions/ownership on all folders to that account and see what you can see with that.

  4. In your router's configuration you can either select the name servers or let them be assigned by the DHCP server of your ISP.

    I am betting that you have the latter selected.


    With this, your ISP can be using multiple name servers and some have already updated, while others haven't. Your statement that bypassing the router let you view the site supports this even more. This is because your computer's MAC address was authenticated to the system and assigned a primary name server that was least busy/loaded at the time, while the MAC ID on your router was authenticated some time ago and has been using the same name servers for some time.

    Once those servers were finally updated, you were able to view the site at the FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name). Hence, nothing is wrong with your system or hardware... your ISP simply staggers their DNS refresh so as not to incur a disruption of service... common practice for an ISP.

    Simple rule of Murphy, as stated earlier... your link will be the last to be updated. ;)

  5. I have done streaming in the past, but it was not on a shared box of any sort.

    Streaming not only can eat a lot of bandwidth very fast, but can also be heavy on other resources of the server. I ended up moving to a dedicated streaming box for movies and other content of that type. It would bring the website to a crawl with too many users.

    The files you speak of in regards to concurrent viewers will also depend on total file size, as the tax on the box will not just be the image rate, but also the open file. You may find yourself suspended if not too careful because of overloading the server and affecting other users.

    I would imagine that 10-25 at a time at 100Kbps would not be too bad, as long as it isn't an hour long show.

    I cannot recall any of the companies that I investigated long ago... and they have probably changed their offerings by now anyway... so I cannot guide you in that respect.

    Most folks seem to like QT, as it is less overhead than a Microsoft-based system, and doesn't seem to come with many or any annoying helper programs (only one popup reminding you to upgrade at time of opening).

    For Dialup, you should really force them to download the file versus stream it. They will not be happy with it unless they are desperate.

    Plan for a 512K download speed for broadband users. As most folks have cable modems, this will more than suffice them. The folks with DSL or ISDN will also be able to get a quality movie as well.


    Hopefully this helps a little bit. Most of my experience was on a dedicated box, so I am just not sure what is going to happen on a shared box.

  6. Also, one of the good ways to really get them is to report them to one of the many DNSBLs (DNS Block Lists) out there.

    A quick search of DNSBL on Google will net you plenty of folks to submit them to. However, someone with a virus is not a reason to report them to a DNSBL service. If these are truly virus emails, then you need to follow Don's suggestions and get them blocked. If they are otherwise spamming, then you report them to a DNSBL.

  7. My favorite was Howard Stern's faking his being pulled from the airwaves. I was in shock for nearly an hour when they came back from a break and it was Howard again.

    I have already done a personal boycott of ClearChannel stations and events, and was ready to do the same of Viacom due to this.

    Then i got to hear te distraught calls of the far west coast folks who were not in on it yet, due to the delay from East to West coast.


    Then I had some real fun at work telling the Facilities managers of a very sdtrictly controlled cleanroom (FDA Class 1K cleanroom for those in the know) that one of our guys had been spray painting some mounting brackets up in the clean-space airhandlers so they wouldn't rust from the humidifier's dry steam mists. You shoulda seen them getting redder by the scond and typing a frenzy to pour over the log files from the particulate monitoring systems... which I told them I had taken offline the day before, and had conveniently rerouted the links from the machine in my little cave to empty folders.

    I almost got walked off the site, but it was too muuch fun. This was my way of getting them back for having worked 39 of the previous 48 hours.

  8. Just as a note here... if any customer of TCH needs a password to the Family Only forum, please PM or Instant Message me or any of the other Moderators or staff members with your domain name and you will promptly receive a password for the forum.

  9. I can sort of chime in here and shed a little light on what _could_ be in the pipes.

    From what I see, Bill uses Dell servers exclusively. This is in keeping with the name brand hardware that is a selling point for TCH.

    Currently, Dell uses on Intel processors in their boxes. If Dell were to ever start using AMD's, then I would suspect you would see that underdog come into play around here. Until then...


    I have a personal aside for this as well.

    I have used many different server platforms from DEC, Sun, IBM and Dell in the past. I have to say that I always got the best performance from the company from Dell. I am talking about warranty work, customer service and hardware reliability. I began to use Dell exclusively over the last several years and still look to them first when looking for new hardware. I am just that sold on their product, personally.

    Now, I will end this commercial with a note:

    The IBM E-series servers are pretty stinkin nice, but very heavy in the overhead they carry with the self-healing rigamaroll they are touting. When you add features like that, you invariably start having to take away from raw performance ability. But you do gain a certain measure of availability and reliability as long as you steer clear of the reported limits of the boxes.

  10. I, too, have to chime in here.

    Out of all the webhosts I have used in the past, none has come even close to TCH's straightforward and forthright approach to dealing with customers. As was said above, I have seldom seen the level of honesty in ANY realm of customer support... from retail clothing to custom software.

    The RELATIONSHIPS TCH strives to create are above and beyond the call of duty. Here, customers are not a number, or simply a source of income... they are a member of the Family.

    As some have encountered, do wrong the Family and you will have to deall with us all!


    Great work Bill, Mike, Andy and all the others in the Family!

  11. Don't want to poke any holes in anything, but...

    It appears that your customer does not fully understand SSL or secure websites. The site itself and its data are not secured by the use of SSL and an https in the URL, even though the site has https in the URL. SSL and https only cover the data transmission from the client to the server and vice versa. Not the actual data on the server. This makes it difficult to decrypt the data should it be caught with a sniffer (read not impossible, but not worth it for most folks). To completely encrypt the data, you would have to install encrypt/decrypt software on the client machines and upload the data to the server in an encrypted form. Then, as the client was viewing the site, the local program would decrypt the data into a readable format.

    This is a very secure method, but probably beyond what your client wants/needs/is willing to pay for. To give you an idea... I have only encountered 3 actual encrypted data sites in my lifetime. And those were 24-bit at best, but still unreadable to the normal person without some decrypt knowledge/technology.

    What Raul said above is going to give you secure transactions during the course of interactiong with the site using SSL. And a protected (read "not secure") area of the site for their discussions and interactions. This protection is only as strong as the passwords used, though, so enforce complex passwords if they are really that concerned about it.


    Let us know if there is anything else we can held you with.


    EDIT: Make sure that you instruct cache bots to not index the site or the areas with links to the protected area so no one knows it is there that shouldn't. This will lessen the possibility of bored kids trying to run crackers on it.

  12. As I sit here at nearly 4AM, and readin' through the forums before I finally nod off for the night, I re-read the entire TOS (that shoulda put me right out :whip: )

    In there it does not state anything about refunds other than the first 30-days thing.

    Since I was not lights out after that, I went into the FAQ's and poked around in there, but still no sleep.

    over on this page:


    It does state that they are no longer prorating remaining days in the billing cycle due to the paperwork mountain it can create (there are a lot of folks that do upgrade their plans, so it adds up fast)

    Any existing customer that wishes to upgrade a monthly hosting package to a new monthly package -

    1. Will be issued a invoice for the monthly plan that they wish to upgrade to.

    2. Once this invoice is paid there account will be upgraded and the old billing will be cancelled.

    3. We will no longer pro-rate the days left in any existing plan, it is creating to much paperwork. So if you want to upgrade try to plan it at the end of your billing cycle.


    Soooo... HCC got me on this one, when dealing with month-to-month customers. Good catch HCC

  13. Depending on the server load, you may very well stay in one place and everything will still work the same. Otherwise, TCH will transfer all of your existing site to the new location, so everything will still work. But you may experience a bump in service due to propagation within the TCH realm (I don't believe that you will have to deal with total refresh of DNS). If you are moved, all files will be moved, so you will not have to be concerned with the old webspace.

    As I understand it, you will be prorated for the difference in hosting plans when you upgrade, and your payment date will change to reflect your signup for the new plan. The folks in billing will be able to better assist you with this. If you want to open a Help Desk ticket to get exact answers from those folks, they would love to hear from ya :blink:

  14. Angela,

    You should have heard something from one side or the other by now.

    Check a whois search to find out what your administrative contact email address is and make sure you are checking that account. This is where anything regarding transfer will go and also where any responses need to come from.

    Other than that, a Help Desk ticket is definitely your beast and fastest recourse.

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