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  1. Heya Kim. Someone had asked about this in the presales forum. In there I laid out what was needed to do this.


    Oh well, you are on the right track now with a help desk ticket. Just please say that you have not already cancelled that other account. To do the cPanel move, TCH techs need access to the old site, and that means it needs to still be alive.

    As for the DNS propagation, you might be in a bit of trouble unless you get everything squared away fast, as access to the site will go away without the IP addy and username info you got when you first signed on with that other host.


    Good luck!


    EDIT: I cannot remeber who I talked to 5 minutes ago, let alone since the last time I slept. Especially when the topics are so close to one another. Oh well... just put me outta your misery :)

  2. I am not sure of the limit to the number of emal addresses you can forward to. However, if you do hit that ceiling, then you can just create a new account on your service and then have your original forward to that email addy, then start all over again with the forwards.


    Just be careful that it doesn't start heading towards spam, as that'll get you in trouble almost as fast as a rootkit around here.


    Moving to backend forum for better organization

  3. The basic answer to this is Yes.


    What you would want to do is open a help desk ticket prior to sign up and make sure that TCH is able to work with your current host. Then, once you sign up here, you would not point your nameservers just yet, and open another ticket to get the move to happen. once all is good and ready to go, then update the nameservers and your site will begin propagation.


    I look forward to welcoming you in the Introductions forum! :lol:

  4. Nat,


    I am afraid Thomas has it pretty well figured out. Due to the privacy concerns of users, and the propensity for companies to estimate (Thomas, "estimations" is correct) or even bloat their numbers in press information, there is no definitive way to truly know the numbers of users in the market areas you are asking about.


    However, and even with this knowledge, many companies still subscribe to these lists. One of them is www.c-i-a.com/internetuser.htm. Yet, these are expensive!

    A good place to look is at the Technology Institutes, as they have a vested interest in knowing where technology is headed... and several of them STARTED the Internet (Not Dan Quayle LOL). Here is a link to a good one: http://www.sims.berkeley.edu/research/proj...o/internet.html


    Good luck

  5. There is also a free pdf maker called PDF995 that can be used to print to pdf, just like a normal printer.


    To make multiple image or doc files into one pdf file, you need the full version of Acrobat, as it allows you to insert, remove and arrange individual pages in the file.


    One good tip when dealing with PDFs...

    Do not ever use the same name for your final Save... Use the Save As function and give it a new name. You will be amazed at the savings this little extra step will net you.

  6. There are typically only a few reasons that your account setup takes more tan a couple of hours. The main one is billing problems. Since your card went through (If I am not reading too much into this), that is not the problem.

    The other could be that the email address you used is over quota, or not getting mail for some other reason. If it is like mine, you doin't get a lot of email there. Try sending yourself an email to yourself from a different email service and see that you get it.

    Another reason is the remote possibility of a failed send internally. If, by the time you read this, you have not gotten all fo your info, open a Help Desk ticket and those guys will jump right on it.

  7. I am not a CuteFTP user, but will look into this.

    Could you tell me (through PM... not in this thread) the domain and username format (does not have to be actual, but I need the format used... user@domain.ext or just username) you are using to connect. I do NOT want your password, as I do not plan to log in, just check settings.

    I suspect that it is that you are trying to create folders under the root folder and not the public_html one, or a username issue.


    Maybe someone else will have a good reply in the meantime.

  8. This is one of the most common calls I get... "Why is this website or popup appearing??"

    More often than not, but NOT always, it is due to cruising pron (mispelling on purpose). Sometimes, though, it is from doing a search for something innocuous, and then clicking a link that looks promising, only to have it be a malware/spyware laden site.

    Some of the tools that have been sugested here, are not for the novice (Spybot, Hijack This!, Adaware), and you can seriously mess up your machine if you do not know what you are doing.

    I have helped users on here with Hijack This! logs in the past, and would be happy to take a look at the one gathered from the suspect machine. I even have a verified clean version of all of these softwares quickly available... there was a virus-infected version of Spybot floating around a little while back.


    Let us know if we can help.

  9. Just a quick note on the overages and possibly suspended account:

    You will receive an email when your account reaches 80% of alloted BW for the month. At this time you are able to contact billing/support and get the BW increased at the going rate ($2.50/Gig).

    80% should give you plenty of time to get things taken care of. Also, if you are still unsure after looking at previous logs, take out an account you feel should be enough, and keep an eye on it. If you see it getting close, you can purchase more BW. If it starts to become a constant thing, just look at the next level of service and see if it is going to be less in the long run.


    Good Luck :blink:

  10. Chiming in here as well.

    This is just one of the reasons we are here... for you. It is our responsibility to deem what is apropriate for the forums. This is not a place for vigilantism or harassment... in any form.


    I think that we make ourselves quite available to you all, for any question, comment or concern you may have. Let us do our job, so your experience here can remain fun and maybe a little educational.

  11. When you get suspended, it is typically for something other than streaming media. And it is without warning.

    It is on a case-by-case basis and the account will be susp without warning, but with a notice to yourdefault mail addy (make sure it is set in cPanel to something other than your domain here). The reason it is without warning is because there is significant enough reason, and no assurety of prompt reply or compliance.

    Since you are a reseller, it would include your entire account (clients included).


    I think that a good talk with HeadGuru or TCH-Mike(not the J one) is in order to get yourself good and squared away. They are the ones who will be ultimately in charge of what happens.


    Good Luck! :)

  12. There was a flaw in HG's sig, where it would look like a link (hand cursor in Windows) if you try to go back in and edit the code.

    If you modify what I have below, this problem will not plague you. This will get you the basic icons and they will work (provided you have registered with TCHstatus


    <p><A HREF="aim:goim?screenname=yourAIMname"><IMG SRC="http://www.tchstatus.com:8080/aim/yourAIMname"><A HREF="ymsgr:sendIM?yourYahoo!name"><IMG SRC="http://www.tchstatus.com:8080/yahoo/yourYahoo!name"></a></a></p>
  13. This is handled by where the NDR (Non-Delivery Report) items are sent.

    I was cruising through cpanel and did not see where exactly this should/could be modified. It may have to do with the Default address as this is dealing with where unrouted email goes to.


    Most NDRs sent by the remote server will also try to send an NDR to the 'administrator' of the mail server. This is something setup by the remote admin. I wonder, what is the To:, CC: or BCC: addresses in the email you received. I am pretty sure that they will show an account that is not necessarily your personal one, but is something to do with administrator.

    To keep this from happening again, you can set the default email route to :blackhole: for the different items in your domain, and then NDRs of this sort will simply disappear, except for those sent directly to the user.


    Let me know if my assumption is correct, and I will work with you further if you find it to be incorrect and wish to pursue it further.


    EDIT: My spelling really does stink ;)

  14. theonly problem you may encounter using the shared SSL from TCH is that some security levels within browsers will report a warning/failure because the site listed on the certificate does not actually match the domain name they are accessing. This warn/fail is OK, and can be ignored. You would just need to alert the clients that this will happen and to ignore it, but that the site is still using 128-bit SSL technology during their visit.

  15. From what I can see, it is slowly trying to download that image from your site on my cable modem. Similar to what I had seen with your sig flash a while back.

    The image eventually times out and gives the beloved Red-X.

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