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  1. Officially jealous of you in that house... looks like where I grew up in AR.

    Congrats to you and your wife!


    Michigan, huh... Bill is giving you a raise... mmmkay :lol:


    And I officially challenge Bill to a BBQ cook off... no premade sauce, though. It must be made by you! (not Mrs. HG)

  2. I looked into the Wolrd Merge product you mentioned and see that it is something of a local SMTP engine with a powerful interface.


    It does not use the SMTP server associated with the site here, so the fact that you said you are looking into DSL is important. If this program does what I think it does, then you will need this.


    The program actually makes your local computer into the SMTP server and connects with the remote servers for sending mail. The only real problem with this type of setup is that a good number of administrators and ISPs these days use reverse DNS lookup on inbound mail as an Anti-SPAM function. If their DNS records show that your mail server ir a IP address A, and the mail coming to them is coming from IP address B, they might block it. This looks to them as either a spoofed sender or relayed message, which constitutes probably 80% of SPAM out there.


    Other than that, you should have no issues using the World Merge program, and it will only get you in trouble if someone who really does not want messages tracks the mailserver from TCH or your registrar (depending on where you put your Mail Exchange "MX" record) back and then files an abuse complaint.


    One thing you didn't ask, but I will volunteer here is that, if at any time you realizer that a larger account is needed by you for personal or business, the upgrade is only a help desk ticket away... that and a few more bucks :lol:


    Be sure to stop by the Introductions forum whenever you sign up so we can officially welcome you into the Family.

  3. TCH Friend,


    You have been added to my people to think about list with hopes for all the best possible outcomes... and that is nothing less than erradication from your body.


    Please do take the time to get yourself well before worrying about anyone else right now, and in the time to come.

    The road will be hard, and wrought with pain, but to overcome this will prove the best experience of your life.

  4. Well, I learned last night that a buddy of mine, and fellow 4-wheel drive enthusiast lost his life on Staurday, along with his newly-married 24 yr-old son.

    Dennis Robbins and his son were coming down a hill called $100 Hill at the Cinders OHV Park near Fagstaff, AZ when there was a failure in the vehicle. This happened near the top of the very steep hill (which most people oinly attempt to drive up) and approximately 12 complete rolls happened before the vehicle came to rest.

    Both passengers were ejected from their harnesses (I am hearing that they only had on the lap belts of their 4-point harnesses) and rolled over by the vehicle multiple times. Mind you, this is not the normal Jeep you see tooling around on the highways, and was very well built and very capable... It's just that Mother Nature and others have plans for us.


    Really makes me rethink my priorities when it comes to my own Jeep and the plans I have for modifications. You think "Build it bigger, then fit the safety measures in. Now, at the shop I help out at, we discussed all last night how to integrate the buildup AROUND the safety measures.


    I would appreciate it if you all could remember to tell those close to you that you love them, becuase you never know what tomorrow may bring.


    Here are some shots of Dennis doing what he loved (copy and paste into your browser)


  5. SevenTwentyFour is actually a sort of "watchdog" entity.

    They do offer paid services, but they will occasionally contact owners of sites that are not customers to let them know of problems encountered.

    It is a great marketing tool, actually. They show you a problem, and as stated up there ^^^^, will sometimes clue you in to the problem's solution.

    They have now proven that they know what they are doing, and can help in a lot of situations... you're sold on their service.


    I have found that their service is great for large or complex sites.

  6. Yeah, and Emmet came here to the AZ Cardinals for major bucks.


    Like that'll help our junk boat of a team.


    Don't even get me started on the Diamondbacks... that goodness the season is almost over! But that just means that football will be starting soon. DOES IT NEVER END!?!?!?!?!!

  7. I hold patent to "Nothing Else" go after that one. :)

    Oh, and to the gum that gets stuck to the bottom of your shoe while checking the mail at the communal mailboxes found in most all housing developments... but I'll gladly give you the ABC gum back if you really want it.

  8. Have you upgraded this machine to XP, or is it a factory install?

    It is of little matter, but is something that might be useful to know.


    I have found on several machines with XP that adding a form factor to form factor adapter card (in your case the PCI to USB card) can cause similar annoyances. Most of the time, this involves the machine not booting at all.

    There is a MS Knowledge Base article on this, but the number escapes me right this second. Do a search of the KB for "XP hangs during startup"

    One simple thing to test is to remove the PCI to USB adapter card and watch it for a couple of days to see what happens.

  9. If you would like, I can direct you to a lower-level spyware/adware removal tool and help you in the removal of such pervasive junk on your machine... PM me for details if you think you need it.

  10. I think he is just miffed that Yahoo!, owners of Geocities, does not seem to cache Geocities pages.

    A good way to check is to compare to other engines... Did you try Google or any of the other popular engines? This will give you a little insight of where you are ranking in the indeces.

  11. Not having been around in a few days, I think I see what you are talking about.

    I was floored to an extent by what I saw, but I understand both sides of the coin.


    I do hope you get to feeling better. Knowing that you jsut got a new job, it has got to be tough. You cannot afford to take off to get well for fear of tarnishing what little image you have made for yourself at the new company.


    Get better Rob.

  12. Not picking at ya, Alan, just letting you in on some things that you may not actually know.


    I too did not understand why some people would charge higher prices, the truth of the matter is, TCH builds their servers, therefore they do not have to pay the large ammount it costs to buy servers from a company.

    Actually, TCH uses Dell Servers, and then might add RAM or larger drives, but the platform is definitely server-class and very good.


    Some places buy Namebrand servers, which are going to cost more, you will understand this if someone has ever asked you 'Why do you want a namebrand shoe, which will be messed up in a week, when you can buy a shoe for half the price, which will last you alot longer.'

    See above, regarding the hardware


    Some people pay alot more than others simply because they want people to know they have the money, like people who buy houses that could house the entire population of the united states!<( Is an example, not sure if someone actually has that big of a house)

    It is called living within your means, and i know what you mean. Some folks just want to say "we are bigger, so we should spend more money. This is even if they don't get the value, services or quality that they can get for less. My wife wanted some new purse... it was like $1000!! I told her that she can get it when...


    Also, some have faster servers than others, where one company might be on a t1 line, some might be on a t3 line.

    If anyone tried to serve virtual acocunts on anything less than an OC12, then the customers would definitely not be happy. T1 is good for VPN and internal Intranets, and maybe for the occasional company or personal site that is the only thing on the box but not for anything that is high-traffic or sharing space with other sites.


    Different people think that different prices are better than others.

    This goes back to the statement about paying more just because it seems better, good point


    On a side note, and something that supports NetSol's higher price... to a slight extent, is that they offer Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Uptime Gaurantees. This means that when you have an outtage, you get prorated or refunded service costs. They also have a phone support center. This is man-hours they have to pay whether used or not. However, I have used them as a host and their level 1 and 2 techs tend to leave a LOT to be desired.

    Just my additoins to clarify a couple of things and add to Alan's 5 cents.

    I think the total would be about 8 cents now :lol:

  13. There is nothing in this workd that makes more angry than neglect or crimes against the innocents.


    I know of no parent, even larginally good ones, who do not worry or fret about their children when something odd is happening. I think these folks should be chained to the next boat that is sunk for an artificial reef off the coast of FL.


    This kind of thing really chaps my hide!!!

  14. I don't know what I was doing, but it sure wasn't reading. I was sitting here tracing your IP address, and it kept coming back to Zzip ISP, a reseller for Bellsouth. And I was thinking, these guys are using the same ISP... must be close to one another.


    Man, it has been a long day.

    I, too, have Neotrace Pro, and love it. It tells me what area someone is in, so when I go after something, I know where to look for proxies.

  15. That would be an action of a registrar/reseller account. I am not entirely clear on how it normally works here, I am sure one of the reseller support folks will chime in, though.

    Typically, though, whoever is listed as the Administrative Contact is the one who will get all the info.

  16. If anyone needs the password to this area of the forums, please send a Private Message or Instant message to myself or one of the other red or blue folks you see at the bottom of the forum home page.

    In this message, please include your Domain Name that is hosted with TCH (yes, I have had folks send me domains that are not hosted here).

    If you do not see me logged on to the forum, or on Instant Messengers, feel free to email me through the forum, as I get those almost 24/7.


    We will respond to you as fast as possible.


    Once you get the password, remember that this is an area for you... the valued customer and Family Member of TCH, so please don't give the password out to anyone. Or we'll send Cousin Guido over to take care o' yas. :)

  17. I have been tasked with finding a software that does the following over a LAN connection:


    We have mostly remote or mobile users in our office, and the users are never in at any particular time.

    I need a utility that will recognize when the user is logged on to the LAN and then automatically perform backup procedures on that machine.

    We are not currently running any server-level machines, but we do have a storage machine on which this backup will happen.


    Does anyone know of any software out there that can do this? I am simply drawing a blank right now.


    Thanks in advance.

  18. :dance: Welcome aboard, Annie. :dance:

    Your activities director will be along shortly to collect your interests card. Buffet (Jimmy Buffet, that is) is in the Starlight Dining hall 24/7. And our first port of call will be Jamaica.

    Please do enjoy your stay, and let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

  19. To add a little to what Andy said...

    If your friend wants both of the domain names to point to the same website, then he will be parking one domain on the top of another. So they will be one account and use the same FTP and cPanel login.


    The $22 charge you have spoken of is, I assume, the domain name transfer fee. You can extend this registration out to several years or leave it at the one-year reg length.


    As I am not part of the Client Services, I do not know of the $25 charge you are talking about. I have tried to find it, but simply can't. I will go learn about it, though.


    Since this was not clear from your original post, i just wanted to make sure it was covered.

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