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  1. Try using a + sign in place of the @ symbol in your username field in the account settings.


    I say this because it appears that the account autoconfigure never worked properly for you once you imported it from Outlook Express.

    That, and port 26 should work.



    User Information

    Your Name: Me

    email address :you@******


    Logon Information

    username: you+******

    password: **********

  2. I have been scouring around a bit and can only come up with the JS script you mentioned.

    From what I am able to gather, without client side scripting, and that includes JS, you may not be able to do what you ask.


    I am still looking, though... I am just not as familiar with php as I would like to be yet.

  3. I will look into this a bit further, and call it to the attention of the other mods.

    Until we can come up with a definitive answer, please bear with us.


    EDIT: Moving for better organization.

  4. I am not familiar with the client you are using, but I'll take a stab here...

    Does that FTP client perform the "I'll save you" action and download the file for local archiving before sending the del command to the server?

    If so, then you are definitely going to get charged.

    Just a thought.

  5. Personally, I agree with you that FP is a virus LOL.


    OK. vti_cnf is a file used by FrontPage, so you cannot simply get rid of it. What you need to do is make sure that you are logging in to the site through FP's FTP client as the site admin (your primary account) and then that the file structure is correct locally. Additionally, that the site is headed for the root initially.

    I have seen this before with FP, and cannot recall the full cure off the top of my head. Let me think on it a little and we'll see if someone swings by with the correct answer in the mean time.

  6. I am not aware that SSL enabled transmission is setup for port 26. In fact, it is not needed for either of the ports mentioned. You only need to make sure that you have told your email client that "My Server Uses Authentication" and that is is told to use the same information as your login info.

  7. I also have had it for a short period of time and have no real complaints. I don't even use Outlook Express, so I never realized that. I do not like though, that there is no way to turn this off in full-blown Outlook.


    I am not so sure about the firewall, though. I tend to be NEEDING to get to those areas of the web that are a little shady and it is giving me some problems. When you are trying to get into another system, you have to resort to the darker side of the web.


    All in all, though, I think it is going to be good fo end users and home machines. And now, maybe Industrial systems will be updated from NT4 and Win 2K, as most were giving the excuse that XP was too unstable.


    The problem with this vicious cycle? The better mousetrap is out... how long before the better mouse comes out?

  8. There are limits on the outbound through the SMTP servers.


    This is to help minimize the abuse that a spammer in the network could do.

    I know you said it is to a list of contacts you have in Outlook, but please do make sure that you are not spamming them. Paid TCH folks REALLY look down on this activity.


    The limit you stated above will work well for you, as we typically don't publish the actual limits because the folks who want to SPAM will just then adjust accordingly and get through below the limit.

  9. I don't think it ever happened...


    I have a new twist on the idea...


    Regional meets! We plan them to where HG can attend in different areas of the country (or abroad, maybe?).

    I will open my guest bedroom to him and Mrs. HG for the Southwest meet... In the Phoenix, AZ area.


    What do you all think? I am sure we can finagle HG into this one :)

  10. With an alias account... it is typically used for receiving email, not for sending.


    Getting this occur properly will require the use of something like Outlook Express and setting up an account that appears as the dept account.

    This can hang you, though, as email admin are getting picky aobut receiving email from accounts that have different From/Return Path names.

    Since the account is primary to her.name, it will more than likely come through with the Dept name as the From, but the Return Path to her.name


    MadmanMCP may have a good way around this, as I have been out of email admin for a little while and have forgotten too much.

  11. Welcome to the Family, I am sure you'll like it here!


    I am not completely sure on the frequency of updates to AWSTATS, but it is surely at least once a day. I will see if I can find out for you, though.


    As for viewing previous months' stats, you may find it a little convenient to do some setup in your cPanel. This will allow you to view previous months stats, and even download a raw file to your local machine. This file can be interpreted by stat programs such as WebStats and many others.

  12. I have met Jackie, but that is because she is a friend of my wife and me ("met" her long before she even moved to AZ).

    I have met Virtual Imager, and even had her over to our house.

    I have talked to TCH-Rob on the phone, and have his number stored.


    I have even kicked around the idea of an AZ-TCH folks meet n greet somwhere. Now that I have GPS on my work truck, though, that makes it difficult. But I am still all for it!

  13. If allowed? How long have you been here? :)


    "say hello to my little friend... Her name is Guess"

    "Guess, who?"

    "Why are you talking about music? I want you to meet my new friend, Guess"

    "Guess, who? OK, fine, I'll guess... Thomas"

    "Now you're just playing games. Say hello to Guess"

    "Whatever, I'm gonna get a drink"

    "I'll drink to that!"


    Yes, I have lost my mind.

  14. Password protection for MS Office or other types of files are at the application level (Word in your example), not at the operating system level, where you would protect entire folders.


    In all FAT and NTFS system storage schema, you can have applications or individual files that will not open without a password. It is only in NTFS that natively allows for the protection (based on username and password, or other authentication procedures) of entire folders and directories, all the way to the complete partition or drive.


    Hope this helps.

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