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  1. Hey, I am a member of several web boards. Most of them are specific to an interest. Since this is noteven close to a particular interest (other than websites) I was wondering what folks are in to?


    I'll start...

    I am in to Off-Highway Vehicles and Extreme Rock Crawling (www.rockcrawler.org). While many cringe at the thought, I have to add that I am also very active in Land Use rights and Stewardship (treating the land right and teaching others the same). Find more info on good stewardship at www.treadlightly.org

    I have an '84 Jeep CJ-7 that is highly modified for safety and ability, and is quickly becoming more Chevy than Jeep. :P

    I also have a 2003 Nissan 350Z and am in the process of making this a true street sleeper (looks stock, but packs a MEAN whallop, for those that don't know) for the track with many engine and drivetrain modifications that will push the stock 287 HP at the crank up to around 450 HP at the rear wheels. Supercharger, headers, exhaust, injectors, program, and ignition will get me there and then some. :blink:

  2. Thanks for the warm wishes and welcomes.

    I have done several sites in the past (mostly business sites) and have always had the local server to play on first. This time, though, it's personal.

    The way i am developing the site, there are links the _somewhat_ require the site name to hide the location. That is why is got a little frustrating. But not any frustration with you guys at all. I was just playin around and bored :blink:

  3. Don't you hate waiting for your new domain to propagate?

    This is my first site with total Choice. I was referred here by one of their suppliers, who happens to be a good friend.

    From the looks of thing, I don't think I have to worry about straining that friendship.


    If I start babbling, it's because I don't have a site to test with right now grrr

  4. Screams of some sort of malware to me as well. Not sure about a virus, but defintely spam to the Nth degree. Quite possibly SPAM from a browser hijacker.

    I have a tst machine here that I could run that IP addy for ya... send me a PM or something.



    :) Through PMs I was able to determine for him that this and another suspect message were both SPAM. One seems to have a redirect in there somewhere that took me to a common link that then redirects the victim to the dreaded lop.com site.


    Mad!!! WHATEVER YOU DO... DO NOT GO TO LOP.COM. You will spend HOURS getting rid of that hijacker! Mad!!! Mad!!! B)

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