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  1. I have to agree with the PayPal thing being a good way to go. Most folks that had problems with PayPal were in the early days and/or were often not the brightest bulbs on the tree.

    However, accepting Credit Card payments from a buyer without a PP account takes a special account type, if memory serves me

    My wife and I have only had one dispute with a payment since we opened our account over 2 years ago and it was handled fast and professionally. Plus, you get a free $5 just for signing up!

  2. From the way it has been explained in the past, it is not a hard and fast number, or rule.

    Basically, a spike here and there is not going to call attention, and will have little adverse effect on the box as a whole. The problem comes in to play when the usint is being taxed and other sites are getting affected. Then is when it is more likely to get your site shut down.

    Connection speeds at a webhost should be the last concern any user ever has to worry about. If the host is worth the money you pay them, then they are located in a datacenter which has connections that would boggle the mind of the typical user. OC-48's are very hard to max out. But they are also expensive... hence the tracking of bandwidth and extra charges for going over.

    The boxes deployed by TCH are light years ahead of what you were currently serving from. So you are not in a problematic situation there.


    However, script optimization may be warranted to lessen the load on the processor. You probably won't affect the resources of the box too much, as other folks also use the same scenario you have described, and without any problems.


    Your bandwidth consumtion may get you, though. You can, however, purchase additional bandwidth as part of your hosting account. Do you really sell 4GB worth of digital images a month? or is it that you are using full-resolution images in the galleries? If it is the latter, then I would seriously look at reducing the resolution in the galleries and saving a few bucks a month from that part alone. It will also lessen loads placed on the server and probably keep you under the radar of the techs.

    Since you were serving already, you should have an idea with your utilizations have been in the past with the setup you have. Threads, proc utilization and other items can and probably should be discussed with the help desk prior to signing up... just to make sure that you know what might happen.


    I don't think that TCH employs methods to throttle bandwidth to individual users of shared hosting, as that is typically only done at the server level.

  3. I think folks are jumping on you because you didn't say what you were thinking... that stinking language thing again :)

    What I understand you wanting is to open at resolution size but get rid of the navigation, scroll and other bars. Leaving the menu and/or title in place so folks are easily able to close the window when done reading the gift.


    As "fullscreeen" means no menu or any visible means to close the browser, I think the correct wording should have been "Open a browser window as maximized, and only the menu and/or title bar visible"


    Also, as folks seem to be unaware, this is just a holiday card from Thomas to certain folks. I would hope all of us can realize that he is not going to be trying to sell something or invade our lives with a simple thing like this.


    What was posted above from Bill, tweaked with the info from Dick will get you what you want, and without causing major issues with folks. Besides, if they ignore it because of the manner in which it is presented, then fooey, mmkay.

  4. In response to Julie's question...

    There can be a few variables here.

    Hosting and registration of a domain name are two different things.

    If you purchased hosting only, then you need to change or have your registrar change the NameServers for your A-Record (the thing that states where your site is hosted). This change can take from 24 to 72 hours or longer (this time period and what happens during it is called Propagation), depending on where in the world visitors to the site are compared to where the site is hosted.

    If you purchased domain name registration, then it gets interesting sometimes. Although, most of the time it is smooth as glass.

    your current registrar (where you originally registered the domain name) has to be informed of the change of record. This is usually automatically done for you by the new registrar (TCH in this case). If the registrar has stipulations in your agreement that you cannot move for a certain period after registration or before renewal, then you are stuck until that time period expires. Also, they may require intervention from you in the form of responding to a change request. This is done for your protection so no one can steal your domain from underneath you. You need to check the email address you used when registering the domain name and see if the current registrar has sent you any email regarding a change of record.

    You may also open a service ticket with TCH (link at the top of this page) to let them help you through this.

    One other, and seldom experienced, issue that can come of a new hosting account is a problem with the billing information. You will know that this is not the problem if you have received the email from TCH that everything is set up, and you have a server number for your site and information on how to access your site before propagation has completed.


    Welcome to the Family and we'll see ya around on the boards!

    If you want access to the family only forum, please send me or one of the other moderators a Private Message with you DOMAIN NAME (so we can verify hosting with TCH) and we'll reply with the password.

  5. You may find an issue with this route...

    If he does not hold rights to the domain name that the company gave him, he can only redirect to that site, and that URL they assigned him will appear in the address bar of the user's browser.

    The only real way to make sure that it doesn't change the URL on you is to have control over both the registrar account (domain name) and the hosting of the content.


    Mind you, it will all work, and is a fairly simple process, but the URL seems to be the issue here. In that your uncle does not like the URL provided.

  6. Is the image importing larger, or is it just not centering properly?


    I have both programs here on my machine and could take a look if you wanted to speak "offline" about it.

    I just attempted the process on my machine and had no problems. One thing I did see, however, is to make sure you are working in pixels in Flash... not points... when setting up your canvas size. Also, check with something like your browser to validate the jpeg's image size.

    Simple mistakes are the easiest to make.

  7. By your Server Name, you are talking about "user@serverxx.totalchoicehosting.com", correct?

    If this is the case, then it would appear to me that someone on your server has possibly been infected.

    Since it costs you nothing but a couple of minutes of time, maybe you should open a service ticket to make sure the techs check it out, as they will have access to the email logs and be able to see if my hunch is correct. And possibly save a major problem in the near future.

  8. One of the ways around the AUP problem mentioned is to sign up for a reseller account. With that, you have full control of as many domains as you want under one control panel. Thus eliminating the need for www.2nddomain.com pointing to www.1stdomain.com/test.


    Additionally, before requesting the refund from your current host, you would want to setup and edit DNS records for your existing site. This will give you time for propagation to the new host before they diable your account over there. Then you have an almost imperceptible transfer to users... only you know the real truth of what happened.


    Let us know if there is anything else we can help with.

  9. I am not the big time dog lover that most guys are. In fact, I am afraid of large dogs that I don't know thanks to being attacked as a small child.

    I joke and kid that small dogs are akin to footballs, even.

    However, I am BIG on humane treatment of all animals, even those used for food, but especially for those considered pets.


    I completely understand that most animal behavoirs against humans are learned, like pavlovian responses. And I am also a BIG proponent of making the punishment fit the crime. You don't treat an animal that is dependent on your for food, love and shelter with even the basic necessities... you get the same in return as far as I am concerned.

    I feel the same for all crimes, and take this from the Bible's oft overlooked "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth."

    Enough on that. Seeing those images only adds to the burn that I feel for anyone who mistreats another living creature, pet, wild aniumal, human, whatever. Except diseased, biting or stinging insects... those can be taken care of.

  10. We provide access to search services from a range of sources including Google, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay and others you can see in Firefox. We expect to see some funds come to the Foundation as a result of our integrated search. We'll use any funds that result to help support the Mozilla Foundation's non-profit operations. When finances are involved questions often arise about their influence on an organization and we'll spend some time talking about this as we go forward.

    Just the thought of this makes me nervous... it is basically stating that, if they are not spying on searches through the program, then they are outsourcing the searches to other servers over which they have no control. To me, this rerouting is suspect.


    I just don't like the idea that their "integrated" search is actually not that, it is just served by a third party. One that the producers expect to receive money for... something's fishy to me.

  11. I know that you were told to open a help ticket, but...

    Seeing as how you are on a T1, and I assume you know what it is, have you attempted a trace route to your site, on port 2095

    looking for anything over 500ms response can signify a slowdown. Also, if you see a slow response right after a fast one, then fast again, you see a router out there with issues.

  12. the Access Denied part is coming from the destination server, and is not always due to incorrect SMTP settings.

    Some ISP's these days are getting tough on SPAM. and a forwarded message may get caught in that filter and simply kick back a 550 error.

    One of the reasons this happens is too tight of a setting on their side. They have the setting for Return Path and Reply To set to match or even a Reverse DNS Lookup performed on all incoming, which not only bogs the crud out of their servers, but also cna easily cause bounces to occur for other legit email from travelling clients (John works for ABC company located in Dallas and is travelling to Detroit. He uses the hotel's email to send to his friend who uses netally. He is using a free mail service. It gets bounced because the Reverse DNS does not match the return path)


    Just a possibility, but the techs in the Help Desk should be able to get you squared away.

  13. What you need is a simple javascript and you can find it at www*hotscripts.com. However, IE in XP's SP2 has gotten annoying with it's blocking of scripts. I don't think this one gets blocked, though.


    EDIT: was bored and did a quick search on my own, came up with way more than you ever wanted, probably...


  14. Most flash and such similar items (excluding Java) are not that intense on the server... because they are downloaded and then run on the local machine.

    As for the rating of the file... as long as it is legal, you have few worries there... for the most part. Just don't submit it to be added to the "Family Sites" page.

    The method you describe for changing the filename is confusing me. But I would suggest just uploading the full zip to your site, then using the cPAnel File Manager to extract the file on the server. Other than that, I simply cannot tell you what is going on.

    I'll see if I can find a Flash/Director guru around here and get them in on this thread.

  15. Good point Samantha... I always forget that the less techie folks leave the known extensions turned off in M$.

    Upping the file to your site is also a good idea, as long as the person on the other end also knows how to download a file... but I think that we're getting into the realm of folks that probably will also ask with a double click is at this point :)

  16. The initial file is contained, typically, within an portable executable (exe, tar, zip, etc.). However, programs most always have friends along for the ride. They create dynamic link libraries (dll) files so the same snippets of code can be called from within the executables without having to retype it every time. This keeps the files smaller.

    Another interesting that can happen is that the place a notifier in the registry so they can realize, at startup, if an attempt has been made to uninstall the program and silently reinstall it. This is almost always found in the registry (as a call to the dll file (most often in the %root%\system32 - for XP - folder) and a reg_cz code that exists somewhere else in the registry. This is most often at (XP Example) HKLM\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\Current Version\Winlogon\Notify.

    Also, normally, the executables are set to startup at HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run.




    Spammers are getting more and more nefarious these days, and making it harder and harder to get rid of the programs they get you with. Another *cute* thing they like to do, to stay in good standings with their hosts when not running their own servers, is to provide you with an "uninstaller" that is available over the web. However, these uninstallers quite often do not work or leave files behind that make it easier for you to become reinfected later.


    Now, don't I just love knowing this stuff? [Yosemite_Sam]OOOOOHH!!! I HATE Spammers[/Yosemite_Sam]

  17. dcr files are just Macromedia Director clips, and do not need to run on the server from what I have found on this subject.


    Make sure that your files are placed correctly on your site. You could also try to use relative paths (adding ../ in front of the file name). With that, it would look like:

    object classid="clsid:166B1BCA-3F9C-11CF-8075-444553540000" codebase="http://download.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/director/sw.cab#version=7,0,2,0" width="480" height="345" param name="src" value="../balloon.dcr" EMBED SRC="../balloon.dcr" WIDTH="480" HEIGHT="345" ALIGN="BOTTOM" pluginspage="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/" /embed


  18. another way around it (because some email AV servers scan inside, or even block, zip files) is to right click the file and rename the extension by adding a nonsense character (e.g. yourfile.exe1).

    The hard part is making sure that your recipient knows what the file is supposed to be, and how to change it back (don't take it for granted that they will)

  19. Alan,

    Glad to hear of your success story. But I must give a word of caution to others experiencing similar nightmares... CWShredder, SpyBot, Ad-Aware and most all AntiVirus programs will sometimes fail to find many of todays more obscure browser hijackers and associated trojans. Sometimes even WinPatrol and HijackThis cannot see any problems... especially with shell programs.

    Your best defense is a skeptical browsing technique, and keeping track of when something starts happening.

    If you are fortunate enough to know when the infection began, you can do a search of the computer for *.* with a modified date of that day, or a couple of days surrounding it (if unsure of exactly what day). Then start searching the web as best you can with the names of any DLL and EXE files found that were modified in that time frame. Most often these are going to end up being the culprit files.


    I recently (this morning, in fact) just got through cleaning up an infection on my laptop that was due to my own stupidity... I turned off the WinXP_SP2 firewall and ZoneAlarm the other day while testing something out, and forgot to turn them back on. Then I was searching for something and clicked on a result... BAM! nearly 8 hours later, that machine is clean and not simply reinstalled.


    Even though TCH is not a support site for operating systems and such type items, we will try to help you as best we can... so post up with your questions.

  20. are your server settings set as "mail.******" in both incoming and outgoing.

    Is the checkbox for "Login using Secure Password Authentication" UNCHECKED


    Go to More Settings and verify that, on the "Outgoing Server" tab, that the "My server requires authentication" is UNCHECKED. Some will tell you that it should be checked, but mine never worked very stable with that.

    On the Advanced tab of More Settings, make sure that the ports are 110 for POP3 or 143 for IMAP and 26 for SMTP. Also, on this same tab, increase the timeout to about 1-2 minutes to make sure you have plenty of time.


    I have had, in the past, errors with the test message not going through, even though a normal email message would go through fine. Go figure.

    For that reason, I would attempt sending yourself an actual email message.

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