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  1. I figured out how to get rid of the clicking while editing your sig!!!


    You need to close the ahref tags.



    You get one click to get a cursor in your sig, unless you want to do the select all>copy>paste thing.


    At the very end of your sig, you need to put in "</a></a>" to close both tag.

  2. As Jennifer said, sorta, you have to set your IM settings to allow anyone to see that you are online. If you only let your buddies see your status then the little program can't see that you are online.

    Well, that kinda makes it a grrr (frustrating, not angry) situation... If you have folks on your ignore list, then you are disabling that list as you can ONLY have it set to allow EVERYONE to see you.


    Oh well... trade offs are a part of life :)

  3. Could have been related to the server stuff they were/are doing?


    I have been having issues with sending mail through Outlook today as well. I typically am just unable to connect or it times out/resets the connection.

    I am so used to MS products being glitchy that I barely notice it.

  4. cmuskett brings up a very good point...

    Since we all have unlimited email addy's here, it is always a good idea to setup an address that is your "junk" email account. If you are ever signing up for something on the Internet, then you use that addy, especially if you think it may end up getting spammed.

    Then, once you have gotten what you want from the site, service, whatever... just delete the account and create a new one.


    i, personally, use a yahoo and hotmail account for these specific uses. I don't use my domain, as that just invites some creative little snit to simply try common acct names at the domain and see if they can get a hit.


    By the way... If you fall for something like that, i don't think you need to have a credit card anymore. (just kidding, sorta)

  5. Mine are aligned like you want, here is the text:

    <A HREF="aim:goim?screenname=thumpaz">

    <IMG SRC="http://www.tchstatus.com:8080/aim/thumpaz"

    <A HREF="ymsgr:sendIM?azlorangers"><IMG SRC="http://www.tchstatus.com:8080/yahoo/azlorangers">


    You may have to delete any spaces or anything else in between the ><'s


    however, my AIM doesn't work anymore???


    EDIT: I added another > behind the AIM stuff... but it still doesn't work :(

  6. That is Cox blocking port 25. Change your email server to your domain name here and all will work. If not, then keep your domain from here and change the port to 26.


    EDIT: Oops

    You are trying to use SSL to send email. turn that off and only use the "My server requires authentication" tick box first.

  7. One more thing that he could check for is the instance of multiple .pst files on the machine, or multiple email accounts in Outlook.

    Is the machine shared on your local network without password protection?

    Do you have any administrative tools running on the machine that would allow remote management?

    What is the reason given for the bounces? You didn't include that part.

    Tracking down a Trojan (which I believe you have, and does differ from a virus) can be difficult.

    Two things I would recommend:

    1. Download Hijack This! from http://www.uselessfurball.com/hijackthis.zip

    And post the log file here for analysis

    2. Do a search for *.* and choose Modified within the past 2 weeks. Unless you have gone crazy installing all sorts of stuff, then this can reveal more than you think. Pay particular attention to the files modified on or directly around the date when you first started getting bounces.

  8. Am I in the right forum still?? <looking at top of page> It says I am. Is there a problem with the linking through the site? Prolly not, they would have told us that, being the awesome folks they are. It could only be one other thing...

    woooot My post was hijacked into a welcome aboard post!!1 LOL Just kidding, welcome aboard... I hope you like it here as much as I do! Rock Sign

    I also hold the secret to annoying them all... if you want to be an outcast like me, just ask :)

  9. One of the things to be aware of with Spybot is that there was a hacked version going around the Internet not too long ago that was actually viral. There is also one presenting itself as a Spyware removal tool, but is not... it is SpyBan, stay away from that one for sure.

    Adaware is also a good tool, but it is not free.

    Hijackthis is yet another good tool, but I would not recmmend it to any novice users. However, a LOT of online forums are dedicated to helping folks out when they post their HJT log.


    To make sure you get the clean version, visit www.safer-networking.org or security.kolla.de <-- that one redirects to the safer-networking one.

  10. I have noticed, during a PM conversation, that the time is odd in there as well. So I am pretty sure it is not first visit-related.

    It seems to be somthing along the lines of GMT, when the board is setup for -7:00.


  11. Try this:

    on the XP Machine you click on Start/My Network Places/ then choose setup an home or small office network. Follow the prompts in the setup wizard. Then at the end you will create a network setup disk on a 3.5" floppy. You will then take this floppy to the 98 machine and run the floppy on it. When finished you will be networked.

  12. has anyone seen the Special K comercial where they have some song playing that goes Oink Oink Moo Moo? Where they are throwing pork and beef steaks onto a scale until it equals 6 pounds?


    I just think that comercial is really funny.


    What recent comercials do you find amusing/interesting?


    (If you can't tell by now, I love discussing things) :whip:

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