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  1. Hi, Roy, Received your request for cancellation today and it's all taken care of. You should have your confirmation now. If we can be of any further service now or in future, please let us know.
  2. Alas, I have not taken the citizenship test yet. I had hoped to be able to vote in this election since my life is now here in the U.S. but I procrastinated. Little American hubban better make all the right decisions when he votes this year! No pressure, hubban.
  3. I'm glad the worst is over for our Texas TCH family now. Take care, Dick and Terri. If what we got yesterday was the "remnants" of a hurricane, I don't ever want to have to deal with one full on. There's a whole lot of cleanup going on around our fair city and thousands are without power. Our tree blew down onto our neighbour's roof. Our yard is strewn with debris of all description. We have power on our side of the street but across the street has been without for almost 24 hours now. In fact, on our side of the street, power is out from our next door neighbour on. My son was visiting from Canada for the first time during the storm. He was impressed although not necessarily in a positive way. LOL
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