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  1. Thanks Don! I'll be sure to check the DW section out. I looked and looked, but could not find anything dealing with DW, except that others were apparently using it. For the future, I would like to implement a BB on my site, as well as an automated email account setup that family members would be able to visit the website, and create their own email account under my domain. That way I am not viewing their passwords, etc. Any places to start looking? I guess I would be called a novice at this, although I have set up many simple websites. Nothing too elaborate. Thanks again for your p
  2. Apparently I also had to check the "set passive" box. Chalk that one up to experience.. Thanks anyways! Walt
  3. I was wondering if anyone else uses Dreamweaver MX to publish their web site. I seem to be having some problems. The settings are as follows: Access: FTP FTP Host: basilweb.net (my domain) Host directory: public_html/ Login: the supplied login that came with the email Password: the supplied password that came with my email I hit the "Test" button, and Dreamweaver tells me that "Dreamweaver connected to my host server successfully." When I try to "put" my files there using the "put" button, or by using the "connect" button, it looks as though it connects, but then it says "waiting
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