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  1. The default version will be 5.6.


    If you have currently selected 5.4, this will not be changed.


    The default to 5.6 will only affect customers on 5.3.


    Also, effective after the change: PHP can be set per domain or sub-domain via the cPanel MultiPHP Manager


    This means- PHP Can no longer be set per directory via cPanel but you can do so manually in any directory.

  2. TotalChoice has always been known for its outstanding Up Time and affordable Hosting. In keeping with this tradition, we are pleased to announce an important upgrade to the TCH Monitoring System.


    In an effort to provide continued piece of mind to our loyal TCH customers, the newest addition to project Hawkeye has been set into place. TCH customers now have access to expanded Up Time Tracking on all TCH servers and network including Dedicated, Shared, Infrastructure, Network, and VPS.


    Here at TotalChoice, we do not hide our Up Time. We are proud of our outstanding network system. TCH customers can now track server Up Time by the minute, by the hour, by the month or by the year. This information is available via TCH Status


    Up Time tracking is provided by UpTimeDoctor.com


    Customer satisfaction is important to us. We welcome feedback from our loyal TCH customers.

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