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  1. Sue009009009

    Cgiecho Disabled

    Hi! Our forms were working fine until now. We're getting an error "CGIEmail is disabled on this system" when a form is submitted. Also, the browser tab says "CGIEcho disabled." How can this be fixed? Our forms were OK previously. Thank you!
  2. Sue009009009

    Form Not Working

    Whoops. The forum didn't like when I posted that HTML command. It's: <form action=". . . name.org/cgi-bin/cgiemail/OpenHouse.txt" method="POST" name="OpenHouse" id="OpenHouse">
  3. Sue009009009

    Form Not Working

    Hi, We have used a form for several years without problem. But we are now getting a "500 Internal Server Error" message. Can anyone tell me why? The form is located in a subdirectory of public_html called "OpenHouse." It includes this command: <form action="http://ourname.org/cgi-bin/cgiemail/OpenHouse.txt" method="POST" name="OpenHouse" id="OpenHouse"> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="success" VALUE="http://ourname.org/ThankYou.shtml" /> There are two identical text files. Both are called OpenHouse.txt. One is located in the same subdirectory as the HTML file. The other is located in cgi-bin. (This cgi-bin is also a subdirectory of public_html.) (Note: I've changed our user name to just "ourname.org" for this post. On the real file, it lists our actual name.) Thank you for any help you can provide! Sue