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  1. Hi! Our forms were working fine until now. We're getting an error "CGIEmail is disabled on this system" when a form is submitted. Also, the browser tab says "CGIEcho disabled." How can this be fixed? Our forms were OK previously. Thank you!
  2. Whoops. The forum didn't like when I posted that HTML command. It's: <form action=". . . name.org/cgi-bin/cgiemail/OpenHouse.txt" method="POST" name="OpenHouse" id="OpenHouse">
  3. Hi, We have used a form for several years without problem. But we are now getting a "500 Internal Server Error" message. Can anyone tell me why? The form is located in a subdirectory of public_html called "OpenHouse." It includes this command: <form action="http://ourname.org/cgi-bin/cgiemail/OpenHouse.txt" method="POST" name="OpenHouse" id="OpenHouse"> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="success" VALUE="http://ourname.org/ThankYou.shtml" /> There are two identical text files. Both are called OpenHouse.txt. One is located in the same subdirectory as the HTML file. The other is located in cgi-bin. (This cgi-bin is also a subdirectory of public_html.) (Note: I've changed our user name to just "ourname.org" for this post. On the real file, it lists our actual name.) Thank you for any help you can provide! Sue
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