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  1. My early experiments are going very well. Thank you all for helping me along!


    With the use of php, as opposed to frames, will the entire page reload when clicking to another page in the site?


    If a menu bar in a table stays the same, does it have to render again? I want only the content part of the table to look like it changes.




  2. I'm still trying to understand divs as opposed to tables. If I want to separate the page into 2 columns, is there a way to do it with divs?


    It seems thus far that divs only make horizontal divisions. True?


    Also, do browsers get confused when tables are inside divs? What about with divs inside tables?


    I made a template strictly with Tables... now I want to divide it up into 4 sections (header, left content, right menu bar, footer) and use PHP includes to make it all come together as one.


    It seems easy to make the header, body, and footer. Should I create a table with two columns for the body, then do php includes in the tables?


    I'm sure some of these questions are rudementary. I appreciate your time spent.

  3. Wow! Thanks for that article.


    It brought up another question tho... My friends all prefer using <div> to organize their pages. I like using tables since I cannot figure out how to have 2 <div> display side by side unless I use table columns.


    Do php includes work just as easy in a table as it does in a division?


    Also, here's another article I found (after Don showed me that awesome resource)



    I think I want to use a dynamic menu bar with java script still but use the php includes to make it all fit on one page. Unless, is it possible to animate images to slide out with php like it is in javascript?


    Thnx for the help thus far!

  4. This is a wonderful tutorial. I wish I found it before I wrote my newest template. I originally thought to use Java script to dynamically change the content section of my site.


    I then learned that php can do it just as well and be searchable and often times more compatible than java.


    Now, I have to turn my template that is all html tables and "rounder" graphics into the different php pages.


    My issue is that I want to have a vertical nav bar in the left hand side of the page, under a static logo header, above the copyright footer, and NEXT to the changeable content area on the right.


    Here's the template so far matthand.com


    How do I create two different columns, the left menu bar, and the content area using php? I grasped how to make the header, body, footer in the tutorial.


    Sorry for this newbie's ramblings...

  5. I've been a customer for around a year now but just finally decided to check out the forum.


    I must say, I've been more than content with my experience thus far. TCH was my first web hosting company (after a feirce 5 day search) and hopefully will be my only.


    Now that I know about this forum, as well as your Instant Messenger support, I feel very well taken care of. I'm glad I made such a good Choice!



    TCH and Me! The Perfect Match!



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