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  1. Hi there, I'm looking for a good 'reseller' account and had pretty much decided on going with TCH but have been doing some reading in the forums here and now am a bit confused. Let me post exactly what I want to do and make sure it's ok! First, I have a small design business I'm just starting out with. I own the domain "cowgirlexpressions.com"... Second, I own the domain "runninghorses.net" which is a community website for horse folks... (my main clients are members of the horse community). I want a reseller account for 2 reasons. Number one because I want to offer website hosting WITH my design business. So that way my clients can just 'sign on the dotted line' so to speak and they have an ENTIRE website with no banner ads or anything else from any other hosting companies. They can ALSO then log into their acct (via ftp or control panel) to make updates if they chose to go that route (as opposed to paying me an hourly rate to do basic updates for them). Now here's where I start getting confused. I want to be able to offer two types of hosting... their own domain name (which I understand has to be purchased) OR having a subdomain of my site. So if I had a client called Red Brick Ranch, they could then have their site at redbrickranch.runninghorses.net -- Would I have to register my reseller account AS Runninghorses.net in order to be able to set up my subdomains that way? Or could I register as Cowgirl Expressions? I'm sorry I'm so confused... With the reseller account, either way, I want to have one large account that I have for my 3 personal websites, first the Runninghorses.net site, then the Cowgirl Expressions site, and finally a personal site about my farm and horses. The third one I wouldn't mind if it was a subdomain, but the second one I would want to be accessible by typing cowgirlexpressions.com ... Will this be possible? Also, I saw in my readings something about not allowing the hosting of friends sites on your subdomain for free? So if I offered a contest on my website for a free website package (just design), I couldn't put them at contestwinner.runninghorses.net?? I hope someone can clear some of this up for me... Thanks and sorry for being a pain. ~RH~
  2. I've been warned to host my website and register my domain name with two different companies, for security purposes, in case I decide to switch hosting providers, etc. I'd like to know your input on this. I'm currently looking at the reseller plans and see that a domain name comes with them, would that still be mine if I chose to find hosting elsewhere? Thanks folks. Runninghorse
  3. Hello again, I have a simple spam question. I run a website that is a community based site for people with horses. Forums, chat room, classified ads, etc. Part of trying to get members for my site is to "solicit" the site by means including (but not limited to) emailing. I don't buy email names from anyone and they are not just random email addresses. I "collect" email addresses from other forums I participate in (along the same specific horse issues my site is based upon), and from other areas of the web. I then send a sort of "If you like Horses, Check out this site" type of email to all these addresses at once, one time only. My question is, is this considered Spam? And if it is and I had my hosting with you guys, would you pull my site? What about if I send it from the email address that comes with my ISP and not with my domain/website? Just trying to get a grasp on things. Runninghorse
  4. So would those be considered 'sub domains'?? R
  5. Hi there, I'm in need of a better hosting company. I've been looking through your site and have considered a reseller account. One of the things I'm wondering, however, is would I be able to have xxxxx.com and yyyyy.com and have them hosted both on the same account? as opposed to having xxxxx.yyyyy.com as would all my sub-domains be registered (xxxxx.username1.com, xxxxx.username2.com, xxxxx.username3.com, etc) or would it be xxxxx.com/~username instead? Does this make sense? I understand I would have to purchase 2 domain names, but would there be an option to use one of my sub directories as the hosting and just have the yyyyy.com name point there instead? This whole server/hosting domain/subdomian virtual/dedicated type thing sometimes confuses me. Thanks so much. Runninghorse
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