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  1. What is weird is that the first time I clicked the link, it had TCH on it... the second time, it didn't. No wonder I'm so confused!
  2. So it's possible for this client to have gone through TCH's "domain registration" link from the front page, gotten to this SecurePaynet.net site, and purchased hosting from them, thinking it was TCH?
  3. Madmanmcp - these screenshots are just cropped to remove unimportant information (like users' names and numbers, etc). Nobody is piecing anything together. This client is just an old "country boy" from North Carolina. Chances are the error lies in the way he signed up. But I'm still concerned that his online invoice (or the member information page) that one sees when previously logged into his account has the above screenshots. I was just told that the user went to TCH, signed up for a domain name, and then somehow got hosting added from the wrong company. The 2nd screenshot shows where it charged him for hosting - this was all the same credit card and same account that the domain name was from, see screenshot #3.
  4. Bruce - Even though it doesn't say it in the titlebar, it's got a TCH banner font and center. Those who don't know what they're looking for will DEFINATELY think that it's a TCH page! Alan - My thoughts exactly. And that's what I kept saying to my friend: "It says TCH but it's not TCH!" but she kept saying "well if it *says* TCH then it *is* TCH!" ... Like I said above, alot of he-said/she-said stuff.
  5. Alan -- I'm sure it was my friend's method of signup. But I'm just trying to figure out where and how! Dick -- What clued me in was when my friend starting talking about her "junior" hosting package that didn't have cgi-bin access, and I said it couldn't be a TCH package becuase they offer cgi-bins with all accounts...
  6. I circled the areas where it says TCH. And nothing anywhere else did it say "somebody else", so for a novice or someone who doesn't know what they're doing, I can see where they think it's TCH...
  7. Bruce, My thoughts exactly... But the fact of the matter was the "invoice" (which is where the screenshots originated from) said that the hosting was "junior" and it had TCH's name on it. Let me see if I can't find the screenshot...
  8. Thanks Alan, No, I'm *SURE* it said "TotalChoiceHosting" on the screenshots. I believe it somehow has something to do with when you register a domain through TCH's website, that since it's a "partner" site, it takes you to their pages, but has TCH's name on it... But like I said before, I have no clue what has happened!
  9. Ok, this may get heated, so I'm going to forward it by saying that there's alot of he-said/she-said stuff here, but I'm ultimately trying to get to the bottom of this, mostly so I can understand it and prevent (?) it from happening again... I have been a happy customer with TCH since December. I couldn't have asked for a better host, better services, better support, etc. So a few weeks ago when a friend asked for a reliable host for a client of hers, I didn't hesitate to suggest TCH. She promptly gave her client the name and website for TCH, and that was it. He ( the 'client') was left up to register a domain and purchase hosting. *SOMEHOW* he managed to get his hosting through the domain registrar (which was TCH) but the hosting was NOT via TCH. (He signed up for the "Junior" plan, which I know TCH does not have.) So then he turns over his "info" (what he's signed up for and his account stuff) to my friend (who doesn't have alot of knowledge or experience in domain name and hosting administration either). She starts talking to me about the "Junior" plan and I tell her that her Client is NOT hosted w/ TCH. So that's where it turns into a nightmare. She's logged into his account, and everywhere on the support pages and everywhere else, it says TotalChoiceHosting. I figure it's the domain partner, and how the Client got hosting thru them instead of with TCH, I guess we'll never know, but he ended up wanting a refund. At this point, my friend is totally ticked at TCH, because her stance is that everywhere she went it said TotalChoiceHosting. She did screenshots and showed me, and I saw it too, so I don't know what was going on. She says she tried to log support tickets, and it went straight through to TCH's support site, so therefore it 'has to be TCH". I emailed and even callled Bill lto find out what was going on, but he was out of town that weekend and everything happened so fast I still don't know what happened. Well, fast forward. They got their money refunded (via this other company) and now have purchased hosting elsewhere. So my friend wanted me to upload some files and I started looking into things and found out that the DNSs are still pointing to SECURESERVER.NET, and they need to be changed to their new host. I tried logging into the account (thru TCH's domain names link) and it tells me that the account doesn't exist. So now I'm totally confused, and I have to argue with my friend almost every time we talk about this. She still thinks TCH was at fault, and the one thing I agree with her on was that the name "TotalChoioceHosting" was plastered all over everything, and for someone who doesn't know what they're doing, I can totally understand how they'd get confused and even purchase the wrong thing. So does anybody (Bill? Rick?) want to shed some light on this subject? When I do things for clients of mine, I do everything myself. That way I know what goes wrong if something does (but it usually doesn't). But I wish I could have something to say to my friend when we get in an argument over this issue. Ramsey
  10. And in talking to my Client, I just found out that she never signed up for her domain name with OnlineNIC... she's never even hear of them before today (when I told her that's who her registrar was). This is getting stranger and stranger. And she can't get any of her email!
  11. I'm trying to transfer a domain for a client and her domain status is "Registrar-Hold". She does not have access to her account w/ the Registrar (OnlineNIC.com), nor does she even have access to the email address used to sign up w/ them. I tried to transfer the domain name to my account w/ GoDaddy but it won't go through because of the status. Can somebody explain to me what this "Registrar-Hold" status is and how to get around it? Thanks!! Ramsey
  12. Thanks Kasey, I thought that might be it, just simply coding the link like you would with any other frameset type of page, but I just can't seem to get it to work. Maybe I have the wrong 'names' for these frames. *sigh* I hate working on stuff that other people have designed -- especially when it's not that great to begin with!
  13. I'm working with someone who has a customer who wants a popup window to open on their main page... (I know I know, but anyway...) ... Problem is, the page is in frames, so there's a menu frame on the left and a main frame on the right. I've got the popup window working (code is installed in the main page, so it doesn't open every time you view the menu), but the popup is supposed to say something like "Check out the new community" and then link to that community page... Well for the life of me, I can't get it to open back into the frameset. I can either get it to open the page in the popup window itself, OR in a new window, neither of which will work... Here's my code: Code in head tag: ><script LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> <!-- Idea by: Nic Wolfe (Nic@TimelapseProductions.com) --> <!-- Web URL: http://fineline.xs.mw --> <!-- This script and many more are available free online at --> <!-- The JavaScript Source!! http://javascript.internet.com --> <!-- Begin function popUp(URL) { day = new Date(); id = day.getTime(); eval("page" + id + " = window.open(URL, '" + id + "', 'toolbar=0,scrollbars=0,location=0,statusbar=1,menubar=0,resizable=0,width=350,hei ht=400,left = 525,top = 375');"); } // End --> </script> Code in body tag: ><body onLoad="javascript:popUp('popup.html')"> Thanks tons! Ramsey
  14. ***DROOL*** :heart :heart :heart My absolute favorite too! "If I ever win the lottery" I'd get one for me (in a metallic cobalt blue with tan leather) and one for my hubby (in triple black). And don't forget the pistol grip....
  15. Ok then, I must be doing something wrong. In short, can you sum up exactly what I need to do to get it done properly? For instance, with cooluser.****, I went into ****'s cPanel and created him with the subdomain manager. Should I then go into my reseller WHM and do something else? And if I have a second person, realcoolguy.com (who lets say owns his own domain but is hosted on ****), and I've created his info via the reseller WHM, what do I need to do to get his cPanel operative? Thanks! RH
  16. Ok thanks, sorry I didn't see the cPanel forum! So if I have a user at cooluser.****, they won't have their own cPanel. Just checking... RH
  17. I have a basic reseller account. I have a couple of users that I have setup subdomains for... do they have access to their own cPanels? I tried going to subdomain.****:2082 and logging on but am not sure what information to use (ftp?), and not even sure if the subdomains get cPanels... Thanks, RH
  18. Just curious to know if I set *@**** if it will forward anything @**** to the specified email addy. If not, is there a way to set a wildcard? Thanks, RH
  19. Just adding my $0.02 here -- I too agree that the navigation/structure needs some work. Everybody else pretty much said the same thing as I would have. I think the link that someone provided - http://www.nitrodesign.com/nd4/english/index.html - something like that would be awesome!!! But customer service is waaaay more important in my opinion! Thanks so much for a great site... RH
  20. Hi folks. My website is run from a perl based CMS script (Web-APP). It was sourceforge open code available to the public and it worked with the second most recent version of perl. However, with this latest update (to ver 5.8.1) it no longer works. I've been told that the entire script needed to be re-written to work with this new perl, as well as all the mods and hacks I have installed. Since I'm not a scripter, and all of this stuff was written on someone's spare time, I don't know how I'll be able to get it to work! There's no way to re-install the older version of perl is there? Or maybe someone could hellp me work through these problems? I sure hope so because I have almost 150 registered members to my website. Anybody have any ideas?? Thanks, RH
  21. Yay!! Thanks!!! Rock Sign I'll be signing up shortly. ~RH~
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