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  1. Ok, this isn't TCH but I need some help here with some email accounts in Netscape... My mother works for a college so she has her email account at her.name@college.com ... Well she wanted them to setup a new account for her department (department@college.com) so that she could keep her personal email out of the website and other publications. Well, I just found out today that they have set up an alias instead of a new account (and WON'T setup a new account, it's against school policy ) but I am trying to set her up in Netscape mail to get both emails... well the problem is that the school requires that all email accounts be IMAP'ed, so when I go into netscape and add the new 'department' account I have to put her regular personal username in the account info (because of the alias) and Netscape Mail is not allowing 2 usernames that are the same to be IMAP'ed from the same email...... so what the College has done is have my mom set up 2 seperate Profiles so she has to log off one profile and switch to the other JUST to be able to send an email "Fron:" the 'department' email instead of her personal one.... Can anybody help? Thanks!!!!!
  2. As long as I don't get accused of spam, it's all good.
  3. I have *TONS* of 'returned emails' lately saying the recepient couldn't be reached or the email couldn't be delivered or something. And then it'll say "Andrea Conner <72hfo180@runninghorses.net>" int he FROM line. Okay, I am NOT Andrea Conner (among the hundreds of other name/email combos that it uses). And I have never used that email address (or the others) before. So what's going on, and am I gonna get charged for "spam" if "I" am sending these emails out? Ramsey
  4. I have some flatfile databases in my cgi-bin and would like to setup a cron job to run nightly to back them up. What would be the best way to do this, and could someone explain it in newbie terms? I looked at a few articles but they were mostly for experienced unix people (not I said the Pig) and the one I did find that might have helped me seemed like it would only work for a MySql database. and mine is flat file. Thanks!
  5. What would it take to be able to customize our own themes? If not possible on the WHM the what about using the WHM to customize our own cPanel themes. I've looked at what's available, and it's very restrictive. I'd like to edit the entire 'layout' of the page, not just change the image (and have it constrained to the current image's dimensions). Are there template options available to edit? Thanks, Ramsey
  6. Aha, I did not know that Don! Learn something new everyday huh? I thot it'd be nice, they have a php portal, thot why not a perl portal. Ramsey
  7. Just wanted to suggest WebAPP to some folks. Very nice flat-file perl portal program, all the bells and whistles the other, bigger, mysql backed ones have, but easier to figure out for those perl/database newbies (like myself). Plus it's open source so anybody is free to modify and/or contribute to the community. Current version is undergoiing some final 'tweaking' and a new version is in Alpha stage. Check it out at http://www.web-app.org/ ... or you can see Runninghorses.net (my site) as an example of a customized page. Thanks! Ramsey PS, would it be possible to have this on the option of pre-installed scripts available to TCH users? That would be REALLY cool!
  8. I'm creating a sort of "information log" for college alumni, where they go to a site, post their information, and then have the option to view others information. Has anyone used the AdvancedGuestBook provided by TCH here in the cPanel for anything other than a guestbook? ie - custom 'add' form? (I'd like to edit the "name", "email", "location" deal to have a few more fields but I don't know exactly how to do it, plus I'm a PHP newb...) Thanks!!! Ramsey
  9. From WS_FTP's Help: Network Timeout This is the number of seconds before WS_FTP Pro times out waiting for an FTP site to respond to a command. Note that the initial timeout is determined by your Winsock DLL. Setting this value higher does not have any effect on the initial connection to the FTP site. Setting to less than the amount of time that your Winsock DLL uses causes the connection to fail in that amount of seconds.
  10. I use the full version of WS-FTP. I was told at one point (don't know if it was correct or not) that the timeout settings were only changable on the server end.... Where do you find the setting to change in your program (Im sure ours are very similar).
  11. I do alot of testing and uploading (because I'm running programs in the cgi-bin and can't test them locally) and was wondering if it's possible to reset the time limit on my FTP program so it doesn't close after 300 seconds or something. I'd like to have a little more time, 600 sec? 900 sec? What's the protocol for something like this? Thanks!
  12. Hi guys, I have a community website with currently 264 members. I want to email all of my members (they provide an email address with registration) about general changes or outages to the website, but my local ISP has limited my recepients to 20 per message, so I tried sending via webmail, but I got a sendmail error code 1 (I used Horde). So is there a limit on the recepients I can send a message through? (update - I just tried to configure my Netscape mail (normal mail prog) w/ the outgoing mail server from my site and it seems to have worked). Ramsey
  13. Thanks Glenn, Yeah I'm hoping a backup of the entire site might lend to that very thing. I'm usually pretty good about grabing the current file from the server before I start making changes, but we all have our slipups!
  14. I uploaded a database file this morning and wrote overtop of one that shouldn't have been... does TCH make daily backups? I opened a help desk ticket at 11:56, so it's been about 45 minutes and I haven't heard anything.
  15. I need something, don't care if it's Perl or PHP (but would prefer one of those two) that is reliable, very customizable (like html templates, etc) and fairly inexpensive (better if it was free). Anybody have any suggestions?? Thanks!
  16. Close, but you also have to add the hover decoration, so when the rollover with the mouse occurs, nothing shows up (unless you want it to). Therefore it should be: ><style type="text/css"> <!-- a:link { text-decoration: none; } a:visited { text-decoration: none; } a:hover { text-decoration: none; } a:active { text-decoration: none; } --> </style> Ramsey
  17. I have tried 3 or 4 times (going again right now) to become an Editor for a category that firstly does not have alot of links (less than 100), and secondly and most importantly does not even HAVE an editor!!! They've rejected me twice I think, and the most recent time I couldn't even 'submit' because it was giving me some kind of error about already being an editor, but if I tried to get my password using the same username that it told me was already being used, I'd get a statement saying there was no such user. Kinda makes me mad for two reasons, one because I want my site in there, but two because that category is 'messy' and there's links broken and other things. Any tips on how to become an Editor? Ramsey
  18. So then when something is found out, do all of us get to know what exactly happened? I mean, if this IS the case, and TCH was MY company, I'd definately want to find out if the domain service was selling hosting services that it shouldn't be... I had a thought this morning also. This time it was caught, because of my friend talking about the "Junior" plan and how I, as a TCH customer, knew that was not a TCH plan. What about the other people that see those and think they ARE TCH plans? How many customers out there of yours have bought a domain name but never purchased hosting? I bet it's because they're hosted through the domain company.... Just some thoughts.
  19. You guys are thinking exactly what I was thinking... And chances are this hapens few and far between, but still, the thought that someone out there can sign up for services that "appear" to be from TCH but aren't really, that should make you guys want to make sure it doesn't happen again, right?
  20. Just found out that when registering the domain name via TCH, this customer choce the "park domain" feature. How he got from there to here then, I'm not sure and neither is he...
  21. madman - I agree that's probably how it happened. Trying to think from a 'non-tech' point of view, logically after purching the domain name, I'd think next thing would be for hosting, and if there was a convenient button to just clilck for it, that's probably what happened... bellringr - what I'm concerned about is when logged into the user account for this person, you would see the "TCH" *name* on the 'invoice' -- see screenshot #2 on my above post (near the top). Clearly indicates the "junior plan" @ $5.95/mo and TotalChoice Hosting listed. THAT in itself is enough to turn anybody around!
  22. Very probable indeed, but what concerns me is that somehow, this poor soul purchased hosting THINKING it was through TCH when in fact is was not...
  23. I don't know either. He's just a "good ole' country boy from North Carolina" so I know he didn't do any URL manipulation... but he had to have got there somehow. I sure have never heard of "SecureServer" or the other one, or even WildWestDomains, before all of this went down, and they were going through the hosts that I recommended, so I know he had to get there somehow!
  24. madmanmcp -- well this is all over and done with via my friend and her client. They got the money refunded from the "junior plan" that was purchased. It was refunded from WildWestDomains... What I'm confused on is how they got a hosting plan purchased from a company that doesn't even offer them, and what's worse, why it had TCH's name everywhere.
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