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  1. Bruce, Yup I have those txt paths setup correct. And I too can do the double-click vs. right click and view/edit. However, it's a pain to right-click and view/edit as opposed to just double clicking. I find it ODD that I CAN double click in the remote side and it opens how I want, yet when I double click in the local site, no go.
  2. Thanks RobertM Nope, still don't know what the issue is! Anybody??
  3. I'm sorry, I have no idea how this got into Hardware Talk... I guess I should pay attention to where I'm starting new threads! :S Can somebody move this for me? Thanks!
  4. Hi gang... Am trying to get Filezilla (latest release, 2.2.10) setup with my settings and layout preference. One thing I want to happen is to OPEN a file upon double-click. So I went thru Edit --> Settings and have checked "open" for this procedure under BOTH "remote file list" AND "local file list". I also have Crimson Editor (text editor) installed to use for my text editing (vs. Notepad/Wordpad), and I have it set as the Default program to open files with, as well as havinig extensions listed below the File Viewing / Editing section (.dat, .txt., .cgi, .pl, etc.) as set to open Crimson as well. When I double-click the file in the Remote list of Filezilla, I see my file being downloaded to a temp dir, and then Crimson opens. HOWEVER, when I double click a file in my Local list, it still opens Notepad. This is driving me nuts! Does anybody know what I might be doing wrong? Any Filezilla whiz's out there? Thanks!!!
  5. Aha, okay now we're talking. So is there anyway to install this entropy search on an un-shared basis?
  6. Thanks Bruce, If I can't figure this one out, I will look into that. It still boggles my mind, though, the whole cgi-sys thing. Any idea on that?
  7. I've installed the Entropy search program via cPanel and it seems to work alright except for a couple of problems. #1. It doesn't seem to process search queries under a certain # of characters (i.e. if you search for "gag" nothing turns up (when in fact there's a plethera of this word on the pages), but if you search for "breastcollar" some things show up. -- So it seems that I need to be able to edit a config file for this program, except I can't find it, (see last question). #2. The template isn't parsing my shtml as html (is my .htaccess in the wrong place?) ... Basically, I have several menus I use on my design that are called via SSI, and on the rest of the site they work fine, but on the search results page, they don't show up. -- Again, it seems that if I can find the program, maybe I can add my own menus, but, alas, see last question... #3. The biggest problem of them all -- I CANT FIND IT! It is not in my cgi-bin folder, and I can't access the cgi-sys folder and I don't know why. What gives and how can I edit this program at all? Thanks so much! Edited to add a link for viewing -- http://www.brownspeedaction.com/
  8. I'm thinking more for like emails and links and such... Edited to say -- For instance, what would show up in your stats if a program was running on your site gathering emails or links or something?
  9. So how can you tell if your website has been "skimmed" by one of these programs? And what can you do about it? What do these people who run these programs on a website want? Just a bit of confusion.
  10. Does the party start at 12 noon sharp?
  11. :hug: Thanks!!!! That's it! Now I'll just hafta wait til I get home to try it out.
  12. Is there anyway to view stats from a certain webpage w/out logging into cpanel? Such as in the webmail thing... so if my client goes to myclientswebsite.com/webmail they get their mail, what about myclientswebsite.com/stats ? Or anyway to set this up? Thanks
  13. Also, once you're sure you've overwritten and are vieweing the correct file (I do that all the time -- save it, overwrite another file named the same thing, and then try viewing it and wonder why the changes aren't made)... try holding your SHIFT key down while clicking on the refresh button...
  14. Hi Bill, Wonderful idea! It's about a 4 hour drive from my place, so I would like to request 2 reservations if possible (if I can wrangle the hubby into coming with me). Would love to meet with you and some other TCH folks!! Thanks so much!
  15. Thanks Virtual Imager. Yes, this Person has done it long enough. I will be contacting the abuse department with the pertinant information this afternoon.
  16. Was just reading TCH's AUP and came across this... Should I contact the abuse department regarding my concerns?
  17. for a TCH member who does graphic and website design to steal images from other websites and use them as their own? There have been several issues with someone who is a TCH member (and I won't name names) who has lifted several images and layouts from other designers and called them their own. This person has been asked to remove some images and has been asked to redo some layouts, but they keep doing the same thing. I really don't know what to do other than asking their host (TCH) if it's against Policy to do this and if there can be some kind of retribution?
  18. I am a freelance designer and am looking for software solutions for client management and billing and such. I have been keeping track of my current stuff by jotting things down on paper, filling out a client form that I created that includes their basic contact information, but I am finding this at least minimally effective. I have considered creating an MS Access database, however I am not very proficient in using Access, or any other database program for that matter. Ideally, I'd love to find a software program that already does this. I'd even pay quite a bit for the "right" program. It seems that everything I've looked at just doesn't have the right combination of forms and maintenance options. Does anybody out there have any suggestions or ideas? Thanks!
  19. So is the suprise going to be revealed HERE or somewhere else on the forum??
  20. No, those things were not covered. My concern isn't so much with the Client as it is with the other Company. The client really doesn't know much about the way these things work, she just basically tells people what she needs and signs the checks, so when she wanted to advertise this event on this larger website, she contacted them and was given a price which included banner design and rotation for one month. I feel like she got ripped off because the company didn't do anything original, yet was charging them the same amount that they charge other people to do original work....
  21. Lisa, That's in fact what I was wondering. However, although the website I did is now property of Client, those were still unique images protected under the US Copyright law in which I received payment for for initial creation, but not for subsequent modification by a third party...
  22. Thanks Thomas, But what I wonder here is with the purchase of the website, did the 'ownership' of those images that make up the website then transfer over to the Client themselves? Let's not forget the fact that this client paid for "banner ad services" which I was lead to believe included the design AND rotation services. The fact that they lifted my images and added a line of text really sells their services short. That's one of the reasons Client won't be going with them again in the future....
  23. I do graphic and website design. A client contacted me to do a website for them, which I did, and received payment for it. This client then contacted a very well known and very large company (that could also be considered one of my main competitors) for banner ad services. She paid them X ammount of money for an event that her and her husband were having, and this company "created" the banner ad by "lifting" the images from the website and adding a line of animated text with the event information. I am not sure what to think or do about this. The banner ad that was purchased for placement on this website has already come and gone (they only bought a month of rotation), and my client probably won't advertise with them anymore. But what kind of copyright infrigements were broken here? This other company didn't contact me about my images, nor did my client "authorize" the release/use of the images. However, she didn't say they "couldn't" either. What are everyone's thoughts?
  24. I'm in if it's somewhere in Ohio or MI....
  25. Bruce, Yes, very confusing indeed... I'm ashamed to admit I work for the same college because of some of the practices they use towards technology and the web and things.... however, back to the subject at hand.... What really erks me is that they have her set up so that if she wants to send an email "Fron" the department email, she has to either quit the browser (or change the profile somehow, which I've yet figured out how to do without quiting out of the browser) and then restart the program again, this time selecting the 'department' profile, which basically loads up Netscape again but she looses all bookmarks, cookies, and other such things that are relevent to the profile. We ALSO wanted to be able to have other people access this email to send and receive (the department char for one, and me (the resident techy, hehe) for two) but with the way it is setup, that can't be accomplished because they have the email going through HER.name into a department folder on the web. Now the thing that gets me is that I could set up 2 accounts with the same username, IMAP the first one and POP the second one, and it would work... but since the server settings (username mainly) are the same, wouldn't it theoretically POP all her mail anyway? So that would be redundant I guess. Looking forward to hearing from MadmanMCP....
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