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  1. Hey, Turtle -- didja ever solve this? I'm having the same problem. The first line of every message generated is "redirect:" etc. It's coming to me, so it's not a problem... just annoying. Andrew
  2. Andrew


    Whoops -- never mind. Found the files (but not in that directory).
  3. Andrew


    Hmm... I don't have that directory. My message board is set up (www.kantor.com/board), but I don't see this sub-directory (phpbb). Any ideas? Andrew
  4. Fixed! You guys are great -- why can't other hosts be this quick?
  5. Yep, tried the case sensitivity thing, too. I have a big enough ego that I don't want to be embarrassed if it was something like that! Andrew
  6. Oh, and if I try to go to the site itself via the IP address (IPADDRESS/~username), I get a 404. So there seem to be two problems: password no good, and site... well, not there.
  7. Yep -- tried both of those. Tried FTPing to the IP address, too, but it says my password is no good. (I'm using the one I set, that's also in the e-mail I got.)
  8. Just got the e-mail that whizkid.com is up. The DNS hasn't transferred, but I can't even get in using the IP address. And when I try to go to /cpanel, it asks for my username and password -- I enter them, but they don't work. Help!
  9. Ach, phooie. Yeah, my FTP software holds the various passwords, and Windows will remember them when I use cPanel, but -- well, I just like to have my life simplified. (Besides, there are only so many variations on my name -- ak, ack, akantor. Eventually I'm gonna run out!) Thanks anyway!
  10. Grr... this is what I mean. I just signed up to have my third domain hosted here -- penguinbooks.com. But now, depending on which of my three domains I want to make changes to, I have to remember whether my username for that domain is "akantor," "ak," or "ack." Grr! Can't I just be "ak" for all three, with one password? Please?
  11. As of a few minutes ago, I set up my second domain for hosting here. (Yay, me!) The first one was kantor.com and my user name was akantor. The second is whizkid.com and my user name was ak. Is there any way to consolidate them into one account? I didn't see any way to do it when I signed up whizkid.com. On https://ssl.*****/support/ph...pmanager/order/, when I put in my user name of "akantor," it told me that was taken. So I had to create a second user name. If I can get both domains under "ak," I'd love it. (I'll be registering a third one soon, and three separate accounts will be annoying!) Thanks! Andrew
  12. "Notepad and two fingers," as my old friend used to say. But seriously, folks, HomeSite is excellent stuff as well. Andrew PS: Elan it is! (7E to be specific.)
  13. Nah -- doesn't work. The default address is tied to the main account (it seems). I don't have control over that. (Or I'm blind. And believe me, that's definitely a possibility!) Andrew
  14. I went into cPanel and to my e-mail options, and I see that my main account is "akantor." (My domain is kantor.com.) How can I change this so my main account is "andrew" -- that is, andrew@kantor.com? Thanks!
  15. Yeah, yeah, $10.95 is darned cheap. You can't blame a guy for trying, though, can ya? Andrew
  16. Geez that was fast! Wow! I'll look for that e-mail. And I guess I'll fill out that help-desk ticket. Network Solutions is no fun to deal with, and I do want that DNS transfer to happen quickly (before my old ISP decides to start charging me at the new rates).
  17. Oh, and is there a discount for adding a few more domains? I own several, but most are only a single page (www.penguinbooks.com, for example). They take up next to no space, but they are separate domains. Andrew
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