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  1. I am sure this is my fault....


    I have greatfolios.com and my portfolio is www.greatfolios.com/billmccord - simple enough so far....


    I asked tch to point www.properspectivephotographics.com to www.greatfolios.com/billmccord - and I don't see some of the same graphics and page features as I do if I use the www.greatfolios.com/billmccord url.


    not sure if there is something I can do with .htaccess or perminent redirects....


    any thoughts?


    Thanks in advance,


    Mr. Bill :Nerd:

  2. I still have a lingering concern how the ip address change is going to have an affect on traffic, and Google seo, This hasn't been brought up here but is a dissucussion in another thread. Any thoughts?


    This could affect the traffic on my sites for 4 to 6 weeks after the change.


    Like others have mentioned new server = nice additional accounts = busier server.... Tough question


    As for the question of DC's.... Bill, I trust your decision.


    Mr. Bill :Nerd:

  3. Hi Guys,


    I know it is just a splash page but the rest of the site is coming soon, I would like the spiders to catch a phrase on the site now to keep this client happy.




    Flair Models Nashville, TN - Models and Promotions for over 30 years.



    (oops, forgot link to TCH, I'll get it on in the next day or two.)


    (I'll edit this when I get it done....)

  4. I want to install a script to allow users to upload images. I can't seem to make this work right. one of the things the script is asking for is a server path:


    //Full server path to the directory that holds the uploader files (MUST contain trailing slash at beginning and end)

    //If you are unsure of this, see the read me file

    $server_path = " . $server . "/maian_uploader/";


    but what I get is this http://www.greatfolios.com/upload/maianuploader.php


    I don't get it....

    (edit: ThHis works now.)


    Thanks in advance!!!


    Mr. BIll :Nerd:

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