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  1. My point was, all software is subject to exploits. Say they never upgrade then we will all be vulnerable. I do however understand where they are coming from, I mean I wouldn't want 31,000 support tickets in my inbox. I think things are fine the way they are I was only voicing an opinion.


    I think most of us are looking forward to PHP5 not because it will be "safer," mind you, but because many new functions have been added, including but not limited to str_ireplace(), str_split(), and file_put_contents(). Also, many things have been overhauled, like object handling and XML parsing. On the other hand, it would be fabulous to find out that it is more secure, but that remains to be seen. Probably like you, I am cautiously optimistic.

  2. Yeah, having 31,000 -ish support tickets all at once would probably suck :)

    On a related note, I read that in PHP5, registered globals are off by default. If TCH upgrades, will register globals be set to "off?" That's probably going to be the biggest issue with most people - having to change $varaible to $_REQUEST[variable] in every form script.

  3. Dear Mike:

    Thanks for your help, too.

    The host I am ftp-ing the file to is my own host, the same host that is being backed up. As I stated before, I don't have the ability to modify permissions on my own home directory. Does this mean I need to have the file put into a directory lower down on the tree?

    And thanks for writing this cool script, anyways!


  4. I have fullbackup.php set up as a daily cron job on a couple of my TCH-hosted sites, just in case I do something stupid - which happens on a fairly regular basis :D

    It has been working great for, say, the past 6 months or so, creating a full backup everyday for both sites, and sending me a little email to let me know.


    Today, after I screwed a file up on one of my sites, I went to download one of these archives to extract a backup copy of that file - only to find that there hasn't been one made for the past three days. Even though the script has been sending me emails for the past 3 days, they contained an error message that I did not detect until today. Here's a copy of the email from today:



    This archive, backup-10.13.2004....tar.gz, did not make it to my home directory - and it seems this has been happening since 10-11-2004.

    After submitting a ticket with help desk, I was told that they don't help with development issues.


  5. I've always wanted a good text editor with integrated FTP for Mac, but there doesn't seem to be anything like that besides BBEdit, which, in my opinion, is horribly buggy. HTML-kit for PC's has superbly integrated ftp capabilities, and it's free.


    Mac: BBEdit (boo)

    PC: HTML-kit

  6. I'm getting a 403:Forbidden error when I try to access a subdomain via http on one of my sites. Funny thing is that I never set any restrictions, via .htaccess or any other way. I checked the .htaccess files to make sure, and I used cPanel to make sure that web protect was not enabled fo r the directory. I did a chmod-777 (for a brief amt of time) on the subdomain, but still the same error. I am able to access it via ftp, so I don't know what else to do.

    I have a few other subdomains on the site, and none of them seem to have the same problem. The subdomain is http://nyc.domain.com/ -- is this a file or command name or something? (see this post)


    Thanks in advance, TCH!

  7. Hey, TCH staff!

    I wanted to know about this myself:


    while browsing forums and such, i saw that other people had to use this format to do what i was trying to do due to security settings or somethign i think. 


    Is it true that using php's mkdir() and/or copy() functions are not doable on TCH hosted directories, as Shannon suggests above? I was hoping to write a little automated script for my own site that would copy files from one directory, create a new dir, and paste the files in the new dir.

    Would we have to use php ftp commands instead, as Shannon has done?


  8. Hello everyone -

    I'm building a site in which I want to install "regional" sections, wherein users from particular regions would be able to have a section devoted to them (aka atlanta.mysite.com, twincities.mysite.com, etc.)


    Some of the things I desire:

    1) each section must be independent, but retain the main site's header and style, appearance, whatever. That's the easy part.

    2) the software must be simple enough to be managed by a novice. I don't consider php-Nuke to be simple enough.

    3) More than just a bulletin board, it should have sections unto itself, i.e. links, downloads, calendar.

    4) free to use :)

    5) i'm not afraid of getting my hands dirty, as long as it will be easy for someone else to manage in the long run.

    6) obviously, the installation can't involve executing a command-line script on the server. ;)


    Some stuff i tried and don't think is right for this:


    phpwcms - too complicated

    phpnuke - nice, but not easy enough, too content-rich and buggy

    invisionboard, phpbb - both slick, but i don't want the sites to be forums, per se.


    i appreciate any suggestions, whether helpful or devastating.



  9. Yes, that's what I want to do. It's not so much of a security issue; its a matter of insuring my boss and others that the information is safe from "predators." The mental effect of having to type your password and username everytime is valuable in this respect :D, even though it would be annoying to me. Am I able to do something like this?

  10. To follow up on TCH-Jim's thoughts - I would recommend using a maximum fixed width of about 600 pixels (width="600"). That way, you are working the generally accepted "lowest common denominator" of screen resolution, 800x600. According to this website, as of August, 2003, a shocking 52% who browse the web use this resolution.

    Of course, this leaves a lot of white space on the sides, and looks weird in higher resolutions. If you want, you can set the page to align to the left (which it will do by default in most browsers), and put less important material beyond 600 pixels to the right, so that people using this low resolution don't necessarily have to move the scrollbar over to get the jist of the site. :lol:


    Note -

    According to that site linked above, about 5% of people use a resolution lower than 800x600. I wouldn't worry about these people - after all, we are in the 21st century now. People using these extremely low resolutions are probably used to manually scrolling, anyway.

  11. I've used "web protect" to restrict access to a subdirectory on my website. I've noticed, though, that every browser I use stores a cookie that has the userid and (encrypted) password to get past .htaccess the next time around. I want to disable that, but from the server side of things. I'm aware that disabling cookies on browsers would do the same thing, but that's just not practical in this case.

    Is there something I can do?



  12. Here's my 2 cents (which is, by the way, not much less than TCH charges for web hosting):


    TCH is a good company. Since I blindly stumbled into them, I've started two websites with them and convinced my business to move their site to TCH. Why? The servers are always up. The support is fantastic (as everyone can see). They offer 1-click installations of great stuff through cPanel (so you don't even need shell access!). Last, but not least, it's dirt cheap. Thanks to the TCH staff. Keep up the hard work!


    Rock Sign

  13. has anyone else noticed this?


    While checking the "referring urls" on the awstats page, I have come across several sites exhibiting strange behavior. Inevitably, the sites will chalk up one referral and one hit. If you click on the link, you'll find a website that has a link to your website, and, if you clicked on it from awstats, it will link to your cpanel port (:2082).


    The sites are eerily similar. They all load quickly and the graphic design is slick. The topic of each site is focused enough to offer news but broad enough to have significant content, such as news involving airplanes, or news involving education. On one side are "referrals," where your website would be listed. The other side contains links to the latest headlines in the specific topic of the website.

    here are a few that i found:









    (ps - none of these sites have pornographic content)


    I can't think of why someone would do this. Has anybody else seen this? Can anyone enlighten me?


  14. If I were you, I would have gone for a tower instead of a laptop. You can get a kick-butt G4 for a good price now on eBay. Unless, of course, you just wanted a laptop.

    I have a G4 Digital Audio, 466Mhz. I've upgraded everything but the processor. The upgradability is key. I don't have computer envy - this thing is still kicking butt, even with a lowly 466!

    P.s. Yes, it's built on unix - so you get a fast, smooth, and clever gui along with the power of unix. that's a good thing, right?

  15. caffeine - You won't be sorry. Total Choice rocks! I've been so happy with them. I now host 2 sites w/ Total Choice Hosting, and I've never had any problems. Servers always up and running. Great support. Lots of extras, too! On top of all this, it's dirt cheap. Best hosting out there, hands down.

    ps Nobody paid me to say this, i swear. ;)

  16. This may be a stupid question. I'm hoping it is. Where is the directory for awstats icons?

    I'm trying to replace the awstats logo w/ my own. Below, I've listed sections from the awstats.%.%.conf file that point to these directories. When I ftp to my site, I can't find "/icon" - where is it?

    Thanks in advance -




    # Relative or absolute web URL of all icons subdirectories.

    # Default: "/icon" (means you must copy icon directories in "/mywwwroot/icon")






    # You can set Logo and LogoLink to use your own logo.

    # Logo must be the name of image file (must be in $DirIcons/other directory).

    # LogoLink is the expected URL when clicking on Logo.

    # Default: "awstats_logo1.png"


    Rock Sign

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