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  1. I redirected some of my problem email accounts to another email server (not TCH) and the spam is filtered out internally. No fiddling with spam assassin or account filters.
  2. RS doesn't have spamassassin, and I haven't set up filters... I only turned on the default filter program, which I thought was spamassassin, I stand corrected... so all spam is getting through and I received a group of spam from the same IP range this morning, first batch - all different types of spam - and..... they all have a spam rating of 100.... I can see how I could easily filter this spam with a rating of 100. RS has found a way to score this spam very high. Same spam gets scored as good email, or good enough email at TCH.
  3. can you see these email groups from the inside, perhaps old emails from a week ago before I changed mailservers, or do I have to set my MX settings back to TCH?
  4. Hello I see you changed SA to level 3 and changed the account level filter to discard to spam box - this isn't going to stop this spam, like you point out they score well under 2, fact is much of it scores 0. Lets say this works (big doubts), lowering SA and discarding to spam box... I need to be able to monitor for false positives but couldn't get to the spam box email by setting up an email myemail@domain.com/spam What does changing MX settings mean... I changed them to point email to rackspace.com so TCH doesn't process my email. I have email boxes set up at RackSpace (RS) and none of the spam makes it through their email server anti-spam functions. Somehow RS is catching this spam, with no special blacklists or account level filters. The reason why I explained the details of this spam in such detail...that is, the IP groups coming in batches, and moving IP ranges, is to explain that this spammer is big time and others (at least RS) have found ways to stop them... but not TCH. right now with MX settings pointing to RS you can't see the emails, or can you ??? - they still flow through TCH at some level. You indicate that you are looking into this... this is good. Might take some time, that is OK. *****Where I am coming from regarding this topic***** - making custom adjustments at the user level on cpanel with spamassassin isn't going to work. I will certainly tighten up settings and all that - but, I am hoping TCH can figure out what it is that RS is doing.
  5. Hello.... to whom may care Been getting bombed with spam for a year, but just recently got annoyed enough to look into it. Submitting help tickets get me the generic run around... set up spam assassin, set up account level filters, etc. I have those set up, and the spam continues to bomb my accounts. I rerouted 4 different emails (changed MX settings) on 3 different domains to Rackspace.com and guess what .... NO SPAM I have contacted one of my clients - and sure enough he has been getting the spam too, but never mentioned it until I brough it up. this isn't good. This particular spam is coming from a group of IP ranges, usually 2 or 3 IP range groups at a time, they are all relatively normal and clean looking emails about cleaning your roof, or low interest rates for new windows, etc., all with low spam scores. There are no obnoxious emails with obvious key words to filter like ****, some ramble on about restaurant review discussion - stupid stuff..... by the time I catch one IP range and set up an account level filter they change to another IP range and bomb me with another 10 or 20 emails, but do 2 or 3 groups so I get 30 or 40 of these a day .... I can not stop this spam with user tools in cpanel.... this problem has to be solved internallly by TCH. This is a deal killer. I can't chase this spam with account level filters and I can't lower spam assassin to 1. And I can't access the domain root to mess with exim files and iptables, and set up more robust RBL's.... but... I shouldn't have to be doing this. where does TCH stand on this.?
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