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  1. ok, I completed it and beat it. Got a total score of 101140 and it gave me three password "cheats". One for Multiple spheres, one for space gravity, and one for tiny spheres.

  2. oh thats what you meant by path. All of that is fine. I thought you were refering to something more technical. The files are in public_html/forums. So that is fine


    Well not exactly fine. The files may be there but you are not. The "code" is saying move down one folder (called "forums") from your current location and get a file called posting.php. If you are not currently at the root directory of your domain it will not find the forums folder to be able to get the file. Sometimes the simple addition of ".." to the begining of the path will correct the problem.




    The dot, dot will bring you back to the root before going down into the "forums" folder to find the file.

  3. im lost on that...how do i check?



    The "path" is the location of the files. The error says "/forums/posting.php" which says the file is located in a sub-folder (called forums) below your current location. This is called a relative path, it assumes you are always in the correct location and it saves in file size by not having to use all the characters of the full path.


    This error happens when you change code and move to a new folder/location and the "forums" folder is no longer 1 level below. To correct this you can use the full path in the code or find out what code moved your location and move back.

  4. What does it mean when it says Request has timed out?

    Please See attachemt 3 posts up.




    That means you are not reaching your first hop, you are not even leaving your computer. Do you have a firewall installed? Are you sure you are connected to the internet? I would first turn off any firewall software and try again, you may have outgoing traffic blocked.

  5. I would like to store files that are generally on my website on this hard drive, where they could click on the link and still get the file. Is this possible?


    Possible, yes. Wise, no.


    Why not upgrade your plan or purchase more space? Storing data on a Home Network hard drive is not an easy task nor is it a good idea security wise. You open yourself up to all kind of headaches and security issues.

  6. i understand that but my prob has been diagnosed that its the upstream causing my site to load slow.....and stuff.....also how is this coming, this morning i got age not found and sodid a few of my friends..... its like it coming n going lol....


    Your site loads just fine here, I am in Maryland.


    The Internet is not controlled by one person/company but a large collection of people and companies. TCH owns and controls the server your website is on and it owns the router which connects you to the "Internet". Another company is responsible for the connection and bandwidth that Bill uses for all of his clients and servers they use. "Upstream" refers to other companies beyond these that come between your computer and your website. If you look at the traceroute you ran for Bill earlier these other companies are the "hops" or different lines in the traceroute. Bill has no control over these, he can only complain to his Internet Provider and they in turn will complain to their "upstream" providers until they reach the one having problems. Sometimes this may take some time, if you are still having problems I suspect it a different occurrance and will need to be reported again.


    Do another traceroute and submit a ticket with this information.

  7. im just curious why its loading slow on my end ...even 1 of my friends who gets high speed dsl is telling me its loading slow from her ends to.....


    Traveling the Internet is like traveling the highway, there are many different roads you can take to reach a destination...and some may take longer because of construction :thumbup1:


    For instance, you live in Atlanta and your data center is in Chicago and there is major construction between you and the data center. You have to drive around the construction which adds an hour to your trip. Now Bill lives in Michigan and has a straight shot to Chicago and has no delay since he doesn't have to drive thru the construction.


    The Internet is basically the same, the "path" the data takes to reach Bill or reach you is different and your path is having problems and has to go around it which slows it down. Your friend also has the problem because they live near you and take the same path as you do.

  8. Not from me! :potofgold:


    But have you ever installed Ubuntu? It's pretty easy and pretty much configures itself.


    I have been procastinating for years about putting aside a box just for playing around with Linux and hopefully will have the chance shortly. We just upgraded (purchased) a new desktop for the wife and I get her old one since the boys already have newer PC's then her old one. We used to operate on the "handme down system" where my wife or I rotated getting a new computers and the boys would get the leftovers. BUt now that they both work they are buying their own.


    I just know about all the war stories my friends tell me about their troubles getting a clean install and whats involved. Does the install come with a browser and email or is that a separate package. How about network or Internet connection and setup, With Windows Network Wizard that process is a breeze now.

  9. Well you give very little information to go on and I'm a guy that will take the easiest path. Windows.


    It installs on most any system with no problems. Everything needed for connecting and accessing the Internet is included in the OS. You did not mention any requirements for security or virus protection so additional packages or work is not required.


    Windows is hands down the easiest way to connect to the Internet.


    <Madman gets ready for the flames>

  10. However in this thread it seems that server101 was reported down at 3:14 AM and at 6:25 AM Vivek said they were still working on that server.


    Am I reading it wrong?


    No, you are reading what the monitoring service has recorded, and they did not detect it as being down. Servers are equiped with 2 connections (nics) connected to the network and they are called the "frontend" and the "backend" and each are assigned different IP's. Normal Internet traffic uses the frontend IP and all the administrative work is done on the backend IP, monitoring is part of the administrative work.


    Now the thread you point to says there were network problems at the datacenter and what could have happened is a switch or router or some other network device went down and it was a device that handled all the "frontend" traffic, the device for the backend traffic was still working. So the server was still "up" and working and the monitoring service still saw it as up and thats what it reported. Technically it is correct, it was up...but it was not visible to some people.


    The monitoring service reports what it sees and does not know that the frontend was down which affected your server. I am sure the datacenter had monitors for their network device and there are reports saying that device and others were down but it could not put that in the report you are reading for your server.


    Hope that helps you understand.

  11. Look what I found. The original IBM 5150 with dual 5 1/4" floppy drives. You booted from the floppy A drive and the data was or programs were loaded or written on the floppy B...those were the days.


    I had to cheat a little and show the more advanced model of monitor, CGA color, I believe the old green or amber mono monitor went to the recycler.


  12. I liked that they used a 5 1/4 floppy, I have one in my basement, hmmmmm, can I get software that comes on a 5 1/4 floppy and run on my machine.... :naughty:


    I have in my hand a Fantasy Role Playing game called "The Bard's Tale" by Electronic Arts on 5 1/4" floppy disks. The copyright is 1987 and it runs on DOS 2.0 or greater, CGA/EGA. I used to love that game...maybe I'll bring out the old IBM XT and play it again.


    I know a couple years ago the wife had me clean out the back room and targeted one of my box's of old software that was all 5 1/4" floppy's for the trash...<shhhh>I believe I sneaked out of the house late that night and put them back.

  13. Thanks Dick, very interesting articles and lots of information to think about. One comparison I didn't see was the Virus/hacker side of the business. I've seen a few articles about a virus being written for the iPod and not the others and also there was a big national news story recently about a kid who hacked the iPod so it would work overseas with AT&T service. You only get this kind of attention when your the "Microsoft Bully".

  14. Ran Process Explorer which confirmed that the high CPU usuage is caused by hardware interrupts.


    I've read where a high amount of hardware interrupts could be a sign of hardware failure. You probably removed the possibility of a bad card by using several different ones and the possibility they all are failing is slim. That would leave the slots and the MB itself. I would have suggested that you check for updated nic drivers but again, the use of several cards and loading each one's drivers would rule that out also.

  15. I would check to see if its some internet activity going on in the background. Is the computer infected with a worm, backdoor, IRC bot? Is there some type of "update" being download and installed. I've had times where the system were running terribly slow and found that my Security programs or Microsoft were downloading and installing the updates in the background. Once they completed the system was fine.

  16. I asked the question about how to find my DNS server because in order to reverse the DNS wouldn't I need to now what DNS to reverse?



    ummm, no.


    You do not reverse anything. Its a term they use to describe what is being done. Normally an IP is assigned to a domain and they lookup the IP from the domain. A reverse DNS is doing that, going in reverse from the IP to find out what the domain is.

  17. The only place my emails don't arrive is to aol accounts. I am positive that the emails don't go into the aol bulk/junk/spam box.


    The emails arrive in other email accounts such as yahoo, gmail, and hotmail.


    Are these email forwards to AOL? If so then your forward has been removed because they are not allowed anymore. See this post:



    Another reason could be the IP for the server you are on is being blocked by AOL and someone from TCH will need to correct this.

  18. I was told that the reason that my emails don't get through to some email addresses is because they lack Reverse DNS.


    This is one possible reason out of several possible reasons and it may or may not be the correct one. Email problems are becoming more and more difficult to troubleshoot because of all the checks put on it to help combat spam. If your emails are arriving at some places and not others then I would guess its because the recipients ISP or personal Spam filtering program has blocked it. Why it is blocking it and whether you need to make a fix or the recipient needs to make one would be the real question.


    I don't believe a reverse DNS problem is the problem and you need to look in another direction. It maybe the way you have your email program setup to send your mail. The mail may just be sitting in someones spam folder. There could be a block at the ISP for all mail coming from your IP because of a previous abuse for spam from another account on your server, and on and on.

  19. I am answering the questions as you ask them, so if you ask the question in the wrong way I'll possibly give you an answer that you are not looking for.


    You originally ask about "reverse DNS" and then you asked how to find the DNS server for your account, two different questions. There are different ways to arrive at this answer and I gave you one using your domain name.


    A reverse lookup is way to determine the domain using the IP. Usually people have IP's in their logs and want to know what the domains are and use the reverse lookup to help. ISP's also use this to determine whether an email is spam by comparing the IP in the email headers to see if they match the domain. Spam usually "spoofs" the IP giving an incorrect IP so they cannot be traced back to the spammer.


    So, if you can explain exactly what you are looking for maybe we can answer your questions correctly :clapping:

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