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  1. I don't use Outlook Express, by the way; that's the POP3 server I was never able to set up. I went online and found I could download Eudora for email. Any cautions about Eudora?



    Just to help clarify some of the terms you are using and to help when you ask other questions :)


    Outlook is not a POP3 server, it is an Email CLIENT as is Eudora and Thunderbird. POP3 is the protocol used to send or receive email and IMAP is another protocol used. The Email SERVER in this case would be located at TCH and it supports both of these protocols so either one may be used. You can specify either one in your email clients to send and receive email from your domain.


    A server is usually the remote computer which stores things or handles requests from client computers (yours). It receives and holds the email for your domain and you use a program to receive or read the mail.


    A protocol is a standard or language that is used to help computers communicate with each other.

  2. If safe, I’ll post the numeric address, let me know if necessary (don’t know if this should be a “secret” number from hackers).


    There's no secret in there. It just a way to redirect to a different location. See if this site helps you understand what you are looking at. And the contents of the file is just text and safe to post here.



  3. After thinking a little more there are a few things to try that will not affect the warranty.


    Try resetting, some laptops come with a reset button on the bottom, its a little hole and you stick an end of a paperclip in to interrupt the power. If there is no reset then you manually reset it by removing the powercord and the battery.


    Try booting into "safemode" by pressing the F4 function key when it first starts. In safe mode you maybe able to set the changes you made back the way it was.


    Did you possibly turn the brightness down all the way? Some laptops have special key or they use a combination of keys for this. My HP uses the Function key and the F4 key, they are marked in blue letters in a blue box on the keys.

  4. My best advice would be to take it back to where you got it and let them fix it. A brand new Laptop should work and it came with at least a 1 year warranty. Any work you perform on it "may" void that warranty and then you will have to pay if it does need repairs.

  5. When I look at the disc in my other computer I do see that in the DOS folder there is FDISK.exe. I will have to figure out how to get to DOS to run FDISK.exe


    When you boot the CD and you are at the DOS prompt you will need to move to the folder. To do this type "CD DOS" then you can type FDISK. CD stands for Change Directory and is an internal DOS command.

  6. The MS page you posted is a generic explanation on what you need to do, it describes the commands and general steps. What it doesn't do is give you the exact step-by-steps you need to accomplish the repartioning and formating of your hard drive.


    I am not sure what you have to work with over there so I'll try and tell you the basics. FDISK and FORMAT are DOS commands and you need to boot your computer from a BOOT disk which also contains these commands and then execute the commands. Back in the Win98 days this was either a CD or a floppy or a combination of both. If you only have the CD you need to look at the files on it and see it has the fdisk and format files on it. If so you need to boot to the DOS prompt and type FDISK first to create the partition and then see if the CR will format and restore. You can use the instructions from MS on how to create your partition.


    If you have a floppy disk run the commands from it.

  7. Did you happen to look at the hosts file on your machines? I just wonder if something was in there causing you problems.


    I thought about the hosts files earlier but eliminated that because it was an intermitant problem and it would work sometimes. A change to the hosts file would give the same problem everytime. It would also mean that all the PC's had the same change to the hosts files which is hard to believe.


    Formating and reinstalling all the PC's is overkill IMHO but if it works...

  8. Unable to resolve target system name


    What this is saying is that it cannot resolve the URL to an IP using the DNS server you have specified. Normally people assume its a problem with the domain but it could be with DNS server not being available. If the server is down or there are communication problems between you and the DNS server you will get this error.


    When (if) it happens again you could change the DNS server you are using (usually this is your ISP's) and use one of the many public DNS servers out there. Go here for a list:



    If this does the same thing then the problem is within your home network.

  9. I don't think it is my computer because none of the computers on the network can access my site.


    Could you explain a little more about this statement please. What "network", is this your work or a "home" network? If its a local network like a home or office network than thats where the problem will be. Now why it would be blocking a single site is beyond me and you'll need to ask the network Admin if its a Office Network. If its a home network then you need to look at the router logs.

  10. Good to hear Mike, and I know what ya mean about the GTO. In High School a friend of mine's Dad had a Gold GTO with three dueces and the Hurst shifter, it came stock that way. He only got to drive it on Fridays and would sit out in front of the school at lunch and smoke the tires.

  11. Yes, it could be memory...or several other things. A hard drive as flashram mentioned or the motherboard going bad could also be the problem. Other possible culprits would be bad software drivers, a currupt registry or even a virus. Do you have a bootable CD or DVD? If you can boot to one of these and it runs then that would rule out the memory and motherboard being the problem. You can then investigate the hard drive or other software issues.

  12. well I unplugged the usb chord running to a printer that won't power up and the pc rebooted.


    Since newer computers now allow booting from USB this would explain your problem. It hung trying to identify the device or find a boot record at the end of the USB cable.

  13. You can get that two ways. If you are using POP3 to retrieve your email all you need to do is find the setting in Outlook that leaves a copy of the message on the server and set it. Sorry don't use Outlook so can't tell you where.


    TOOLS | ACCOUNTS | select the account you want to change | PROPERTIES | ADVANCED | check "Leave a copy of message on server"

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