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  1. Flamey and I were hit by the same attacker. I believe that suggests a security problem on your end.


    No, that means you both used the same scripts with the same security problem and its both of your responsibilities to either secure those scripts or not use them.

  2. I don't think the speed of the processor will matter, most processors now are plenty fast. I would worry about the Ram, 1 GB is ok but 2GB is WAY better especially if you are going to be running those memory hogs. And as Bruce says if you are not going to purchase till the end of the year you are just wasting your time. They will come out with better models several times in the 11 months left in the year.


    But you could keep watch over the coming months by looking at the top of the line, expensive models. In a couple months they will be your low-end sales because the newer faster ones will be coming out and taking their place.

  3. What I do is buy new but I look for the ones on sale. I stop by Best Buys or Office Depot 2 or 3 times a week on my way home from work and check. Every once in a while they will lower the prices to get rid of the older models so they can make room for the newer ones coming in.


    Now this is just my opinion but I stay away from used or refurbished computers, especially Laptops. You never know what you are getting and if it breaks it will probably be when you need it the most.


    Wireless is usually built right in and you probably don't need to worry about that. XP on the other hand is a problem. MS has stopped supplying manufacturers with OEM versions and require them to only sell Vista. You will probably only find XP on used Laptop. You could buy Vista and buy XP and load XP onto the Laptop...but that opens another bag of worms which could make your life unbearable.

  4. I can't get IE to open to do that.


    Whew, what can of worms have I opened here :no2:


    This is either a 2nd unrelated problem or the reason your help movies are not working...we may never know.


    I can't get IE to open to do that.


    You don't need to open IE to make it your default browser. In Control Panel click on Internet Options and click on the Programs tab and check the box near the bottom to check if IE is the default browser. Next time you click a web page link it will ask you.


    There are several ways to open IE

    click on START and type IEXPLORE and press enter


    click on START and PROGRAMS and there should be an Internet Explorer icon in the list to click


    I notice an IE icon near your start button in your picture


    Now if you get that error message when you do these you have problem for sure ...

  5. Pictures help :lol:


    Now I understand what you are describing but I am not sure what could be wrong. I checked a few things and can give you a few things to try but I think there is not much you can do. Your program is old and MS doesn't support it anymore and from what I've read on Google searches others are also having issues with it. Seems there are conflicts with other software programs and it doesn't run well on the newer Operating Systems, you are running XP I believe and it had compatability issue with older software.


    I see you are running Firefox, maybe it has a problem. Its a known fact that MS and Firefox do not play well together. Try setting IE as your default browser and see if the movie works in a IE window.


    Try re-installing. I gave the possible command for installing the CD earlier.


    Its an old program and you may need to purchase and learn a new one, sorry.

  6. by "list" I mean a list in my photo program: When I go to the HELP files there is a list of various little instructional movies MSPP has designed so that


    I you are using a command (open) in the program and you navigating to a folder that has "HELP" (.hlp) files in it and you are double-clicking to try and get to view them, then you are doing it wrong. This OPEN list is used to open files created by the program. Try using Window Explorer and navigate to that folder and double-click on the HELP file and see if that does what you want.

  7. I use the a/m program and like it.


    Could you give a real name? I don't know what "a/m" is.


    So, I dug up what I think is the setup CD (it says Setup, Designs, and Art Disc 1) and I put it in the E drive and tried to run it. It just tells me to restart the computer and run the setup CD.
    It's been years since I went into Start - run ... to make a CD work that I've forgotten what I'm supposed to type once I'm in START run to make the CD work.


    Usually its E:\setup or E:\install


    There are help movies associated to this program that will not run and I can't figure out why. The list comes up ... I click on the movie clip I want and ... nada.


    By "list" do you mean the file list in Windows Explorer or a list in the "a/m" program that you are running. If its a Windows list then the file "association" in windows for the movie extention has been lost. You either re-associate the file extention or you manuall start the "a/m" program and open the movie from the program.

  8. h_tp://www.dreamhoststatus.com/2008/01/15/billing-issues/


    They have a MAJOR problem over at Dreamhost and it will be a nightmare to resolve. They screwed up the billing and trying to fix that they billed AGAIN...double-billed for 2 years in advance, geesh.


    To some its not an issue, to others its a disaster, and its worth looking into how each of us do business. The ones who use Bank or "check cards" that take funds directly out of their checking or savings account to pay for things are hurting. Some had $200-$400 deducted from their accounts which overdrew their account and then got a charge for an overdraft fee. Then some other charge came in, a car payment or mortgage, and the account was short and they get another penalty and the problem snowballs.


    Not a fun place to be over there, hope they can resolve it quickly.

  9. If you read the comments section of that article you can see it verified that Network Solutions is domain squatting.


    Sorry, no I didn't see that and I just looked at the comments there again and I still didn't see it.


    I reopened this because the admission AND explanation from Network Solutions was new.




    A security measure that only allows you to register the domian at Network Solutions for 5 days...

  10. I am going to wipe it and go to 98 again and see if I can get the connection to work on the 98 OS.


    Wow, don't go backwards now, you may never get back :lol2:


    Lets work with what you got, maybe with some more suggestions we can get you running again.


    Give us a little information, what you did, what errors do you get and we'll hang in there with you a tad longer.

  11. Hi Sam, do you have the option to "Show Updates" (Top Middle of Add Remove window) checked?


    If That does not help do you have "System Restore" turned on? You can do a restore to a previous date and return to a time when your Outlook worked.


    Click on START | ALL PROGRAMS | ACCESSORIES | SYSTEM TOOLS and start System Restore. In the program you have a calander and the BOLD dates are the ones you select that have a restore "point". You can work your way backwards until you find a date that works or jump to a date you know that mail; worked.


    Hope this helps

  12. Could be several things mike, usually the clue is in the error message. It could be the motherboard, could be memory. If you have it open reseat everything thats connected. Drive cables, power and memory. Was anything new installed? New memory, new drive? If so start with that.

  13. Example: We goto totalchoicehostings link and from there we clicked to see if a certain domain was available.


    TCH is not in the Domain Name business and have no say or involvement in any of this. Alls they do is provide a link to another company to make it easy for the customers to purchase a domain name. Wild West Domains is the registrar that is used and they are the ones who are selling the queries for domains to these other companies.


    Just wanted to redirect to the correct place. Yes I agree its a wide spread problem and its very hard to avoid. But its something TCH can not control and happens to almost all the other hosting companies also.

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