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  1. Since you seem to be hunting for "tools" to help your productivity here is another one you might be able to use. I use it here in the NOC. Its a virtual desktop program called GoScreen. I run maybe 25-30 programs at one time and found it difficult managing and finding the ones I needed from the taskbar.


    This program allows me to organize multiple programs into multiple "desktops" and I can keep them open fullscreen or minimized. Each taskbar only contains the buttons for the programs running on that desktop.



  2. I agree...plus I have additional suggestions.


    I've been providing "help" to people for ages it seems :). I started On Prodigy Classic on their infamous Bulletin Boards back in 1990 where I helped members with computers on the "Computer BB" and the became a "volunteer" an got a title as a Member Representative on the "Member Help BB". I am now part of SBC/Yahoo and have the title of "Special Contributor".


    What helped our boards was to organize by generic Topics and subjects and request that members make the subjects descriptive of the problem. This will attract the helpers that would be able to help with the actual problem and not have to read every note to find the ones that they knew the answers for. It saved time.


    When you make a subject and call it "Help, what do I do" and its an email question. Nobody will know until they drill down and read the whole note. If I am not good at answering email questions then I have spent time not helping when I could have been elsewhere helping with what I know.


    So, could everyone please "try" and make their subjects more relative to the general problem. Like "Horde logon problem" or "MySQL can not find database", you don't need a long description, quick and to the point, leave the descriptions for inside.



  3. Beth, I would guess that they are having problems because they have a router and/or firewall and the port is being blocked. If its a home Network you need to access the router/firewall and open port 2095. If its from a network at work they will need to talk with the admin to open the port.

  4. Evan, in addition to allowing others the ability to FTP it gives you the option of security. You can allow them access to certain areas and deny them access to others.


    Joe can access files from his areas and Joans, but not get access to yours.

  5. Thomas, be sure to check your compatibility before upgrading. Here is a link to the page. http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/compatibility/default.asp


    They have a program that you download and run which will check your current hardware and software against their compatibility list and give you suggestions and work-arounds before you start.


    For example my OfficeJet K80 had issues with XP and they suggested I uninstall before the upgrade. Once upgraded I needed to install the printer first using the parallel cable, reboot and then plug in the USB cable and have it detect it...worked like a charm.


    So be prepared before jumping in. This will inform you of most major problems before you start.

  6. Thomas, I have upgraded several computers to XP and have had little problems. I have upgraded many versions from a lower to a higher version over the years and have had few problems...thats does not mean that there is never any problems, just means I have been lucky B)


    People will upgrade their computers for various reasons, some because its necessary, some because they want to. If You feel you need (or want ) to upgrade, go for it. As long as you have the minimum requirements on your current system and you know what will work after the upgrade. There are some programs and some hardware that will not.


    I personally like XP better than ME, stting up a home Network is so much easier with XP than with ME.

  7. Thomas, just go ahead and reinstall ME, either with the CD or the files on your hard drive (if they are there). One of the nice things about Winders is the option to reinstall and it keeps all your previous settings. What it basically does is just replace all the system files. It leaves all your setting, configuations and data files alone.


    Usually you can locate the "setup.exe" under C:\windows\options.


    It will take between 30-45 minutes.

  8. Here are the instructions from IE Help...see if this helps


    To access FTP sites directly


    In the Address bar, type the Internet address (URL) for the FTP site you want to connect to. For example:



    Do one or more of the following:

    To download a file or folder, right-click the item on the page, and then click Copy to Folder.

    To log on as a different user to this FTP site, on the File menu, click Login As.

    To rename or delete items in an FTP folder, or paste items into an FTP site (upload), you can use the same commands and actions you use with Windows Explorer or My Computer.



    On some FTP sites, you can only view or download files. Only the people who run or own the site can rename, delete, or upload files.

    On many FTP sites, you are automatically logged on anonymously, so you can view or download files. To upload, rename, or delete files, you may need to log on using a special user name and password. Also, different areas of the same site may require different logons.

    You cannot move files within or between FTP sites. You can move files from an FTP site to a temporary location on your computer or a network drive, and then upload them to another FTP site or different folder on the same site.

    Some programs may support opening and saving files from FTP servers by typing an FTP address in the File Open or File Save dialog box.

  9. Hi Bill, what Outlook wants is the email username and the domain.


    My incoming mail server is a POP3

    POP3 will be mail.domain.com

    SMTP will be mail.domain.com


    Account Name will be user@domain.com


    NO for Log on using Secure Password Authentication (no checkmark)

    NO for My Server requires authenication (no checkmark)



    Outgoing Mail(SMTP): 25

    Incoming mail(POP3): 110



    See if these help

  10. Well it looks like you have covered all the bases and if its still happening then its time to start thinking "outside the box".


    Are you sending these emails and not realizing it? Check the sent items folder and see if they are located in there as being sent from the laptop. Are those subjects familiar, are the addresses familiar?


    Is someone else in the house sending them? Do you have kids, roommates ... ummm neighbors or relatives who use the laptop or have access to it?


    If your computer had some backdoor trojan like Back Oriface I would expect one of the scanners you ran would catch it. But maybe its a new one or one specially written and is not being detected. Have you checked Task Manager and checked each program that is running, do you know what each and everyone is? Have you run MSCONFIG and checked in startup to see whats being loaded, and winini and autoexec and static.vxb.

  11. Thanks Mike, that just made our day :)


    Well the plan of attack I would keep the same. Since the possible source "seems" to be the Laptop, from the change in names of emails, concentrate on that first. Disconnect from the Internet and leave it disconnected till you positively remove the offending program or determine it to be from another source.


    Get the latest Virus Definitions from Nortons and upgrade and scan. A possibility here is that it a "stealth" worm and is avoiding detection. Try booting the PC into safe mode and then try scanning.

  12. Andrew, I would also suspect the newest worm (MyDoom) is what you have gotten. When you say you have gotten the latest "updates" did you get the ones including this one?


    Information about it is here:



    Nortons definition file is here:



    Special removal tool is here:



    Now I would suggest that you disconnect the laptop from the Internet, this will stop th emails. You can download the special removal tool and hopefully copy it to the laptop on a floppy and then remove the bugger.


    Then I would suggest you update all the PC's in the house an scan them all with the new signatures.


    Good luck

  13. Hi Samporras, what you want to do is possible but all the right pieces of the networking puzzle need to be in the right places before it will work. Since you are using two operating systems it will be a little more difficult but still doable.


    Try reading here for help with getting Networked, there are tutorials and troubleshooting articles to get most any system up and running.




    Basically you need to have Microsoft File and Print Sharing installed. Then you need to setup "sharing" on each machine for the "pieces" you want to share.


    See if you can find the instructions you need and if you run into trouble just shout.

  14. I believe all you need is a connection to the internet...and thats what a dialup to AOL will give you. Just dialup and logon to AOL, minimize the AOL window and Startup your email program and set the incoming (POP3) and outgoing (SMTP) mail servers to mail.[yourdomain].com.


    This should be what you need. You will not be using AOL's mail servers since they are not POP3 compatible.

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