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  1. You have to allow certain programs to access the internet and you have to add your network as a trusted network.


    Yes, at first I was going to suggest he configure it to allow access but he said he had uninstalled the program and was coming up with another error. Without the program running he couldn't configure it. I took the easier route and was going to get the system back to where he was before the install. Then we could suggest he start over and this time configue it correctly ;)

  2. Mike, XP comes with a System Restore that you can use to restore your computer back to a point before the install.


    Click on START

    Click on PROGRAMS

    Click on ACCESSORIES

    Click on SYSTEM TOOLS



    select the restore to a previous point

    from the calander select a day or restore point that was before you installed


    See if that gets you back up on the Internet

  3. I've never seen a way to change the order. 


    There is probably an Option that TCH can set which will reorder the notes and display the most current note on the top and work backwards down the list. Now most folks don't like this since you will have to read backwards in the "thread" to find the note you left off on and then read UPwards.


    The current format is easier IMHO.

  4. Recommending computer equipment is always a difficult task, especially when its long distance and is based on a couple lines of text. Something is always lost in the discription or interpretation.


    What I usually ask folks is what is their price range since this will usually limit what and how much you will be able to get. There are inexpensive laptops out there that may suffice, or there are high end high price systems which may do more than you need. I tend to recommend systems just a little over what the user wants cause thats what they usually want anyway :).


    Most Laptops out there are going to be able to do what you want, with few modifications. I agree with schussat that you need a lot of memory and 512MB will probably not come unless you request it. Get the highest Processor speed you can find, it will be needed for photo editing.


    Now one of my questions will be about the use of a printer and a scanner...what exactly are your plans for their use? The reason I ask is because I have a feeling you are asking for them because thats what you had used previously to do your "job" and its very possible that they are no longer necessary. If the scanner is to be used to scan in the photos you take so you can edit them, then this is no longer needed. You can purchase a Digital camera and download the photos straight the Laptop and and get pefect images. If the printer was to print these pictures to be scanned than its purpose is also negated.


    You mention Internet access...thats a tough one and something you will need to decide. To make sure you can at least connect the Laptop will already be setup with a modem and an Ethernet connector (maybe wireless), your job will be to have an ISP that will allow you to connect from multiple places, dialup for example.

  5. Which is better, +/-R, not exactly sure if there is a technical reason for one being better than the other. I think its more of a what you have and need to use to make it work for you. I use the +R because I can get these to work in all the players I have. It works on My wife's Compaq DVD and my HP. It also works on the DVD player we have in the Family room and on my Son's EMachine and his PS2.


    So I would suggest you start off not buying in bulk till you determine which format is best for you.


    Compression. I don't want to step outside my expertise but I'll tell you the way I understand it, or "believe" I understand it :). DVD XCopy at first was not able to fit a straight 1-1 DVD movie and we were stuck with 1-2 copy burn. They started to use a compression scheme a little while ago which has since fixed this issue and I get mostly all my copies to fit on 1 DVD, menus, headers and trailers. What the other programs do I don't know since I have only used DVD XCopy.


    How its done. DVD XCopy uses a "ripper" which reads the DVD first and then strips off the DVD protection and copies the left over to the hard drive. It then reads this and runs it through the compression and burns the final output to the DVD. So its not a straight read from one and write to the other. All this ripping and compression takes a high end machine to accomplish in a reasonable amount of time.

  6. Raul, the +/- R is just a difference in the recording format, two manufacturers decided to format differently...like German and English. For instance the 1st 4 bytes in +R are the recording speed whereas the 1st 10 bytes in -R is the starting block of data. This is an example.


    Yes the DVD's that are made are actually burned at two layers, and upper and lower layer. The burners you buy at home only burn one layer so you do not get to fit as much on a home burned DVD. BUt compression is used to fit most of the movie on the home burners.

  7. Hi Jim, TCH is a Web Hosting company and provides space and servers for web sites. News Groups is a "service" provided by an ISP or "Internet Service Provider". This would involve setting up dedicated servers and the software for these servers, large amounts of disk space and bandwidth and a few admins to run and keep them running.


    I don't think it would be cost effective for TCH to try and supply this to its members. But I am not the expert here so we'll wait to see what the TCH guys say.


    I do know there are other services out there that supply access to their servers for a small monthly fee. Let me take a look around some of my notes and see if I can find you some names.

  8. We just bought a new desktop Sony RS-530 that has a DVD Rom and DVD +/- RW burner in it.


    Check the specs and make sure it also supports +/- R. From the burns I have done and from reading the forums over there for the last year there are issues with all the different formats and which drives will work with each one. You may be able to burn onto a +RW but you will have difficulity playing the movie later on a different reader.


    Also be prepared to make a lot of coasters :lol:

  9. I'll have to take a look at DVD Shrink, thanks HG. But is it truly like DVD Xcopy Express? With Express I can do 2 clicks and it is completed...but I have a DVD Burner and a DVD reader so there is no swaping or burning to the HD first.


    Another thing folks will need to know is both DVD Xcopy and Shrink will need to have the "burning" software installed. Nero is my choice.

  10. WEll guys, you may be a minute too late. There was just a ruling made against DVD Xcopy which made them modify the program they sold. www.dvdxcopy.com


    Their program allowed you to get around the copy protection and did a straight 1 to 1 DVD copy of most DVD movies.


    But with the current ruling they have removed this capability and you can not copy copy protected DVD anymore (without another ripper). They have a forum and you can read about it there. forum.321studios.com

  11. Lets see,


    My first was a '64 Ford Galaxy 500 with a 390 4 barrel, yeah it loved gas stations.

    Next was a brand new '68 Fiat 850 like Bruce ($2000) but I only stopped for gas once a month :).


    Next was my favorite, a '70 Triumph TR6...geesh, just strap me to the engine and get out of the way. And the Canary Yellow just made the hood look longer.

  12. does $599.99 sound good for the Hardware for DSL?






    Not sure who you are looking at but I would head straight for the exit and look elsewhere. You can get 2.5Ghz EMachine with a monitor and a printer for that much!


    If DSL is not in your "neck of the woods", look into Satellite. I know some friends who use Starband. www.starband.com

  13. Well, why woud there be a mediation if Totalchoice is the greatest around? Can only former custemers file for mediation? Or current custemers can not file a mediation?


    There are always two sides to a disagreement, the customer believes he/she is right and the company believes they are right. So they go to a place that is not associated with either and ask them to listen to both sides and help resolve the problem.


    Just because most of the customers here think TCH is the greatest (which it is) doesn't mean they are perfect. There are always going to be problems and someone will be unhappy and these things get escalated to where they are now.


    But this doesn't mean TCH is going out of business or has a problem that should disqualify them from your list of possibilities. You need to weight the goods and the bad and realize that yes, someone out there filed a complaint. It happens.


    I would assume that former members would file for mediation since these usually involve money or service. If you are not a customer there is no service or money involved.


    Hope I've helped with these question and please, don't run off because of one complaint. I'm sure the other companies have their own complaints if you look hard enough.

  14. as the big g says, I was pointing out the possibility that some folks may have a surprise in store for them concerning their bandwidth usage.


    At first it looked like everyone was placing their picture on THEIR websites and then inserting an image link to it so it displays on the board. What happens is that everytime someone views the topic each and every one of these pictures is downloaded, if someone refreshes the page it is downloaded again.


    This can be problem for folks who are reaching the end of their bandwidth limits here toward the end of the month. I saw a few pictures that were way up in the 700-900k range, and with the "views" of the topic reaching 2000 that could quickly push you over the limit.


    This post may have done some good, I see a lot of the pictures have been changed to attachments which will reside on TCH side of the house.

  15. Was sitting here wondering what affect this topic has on the bandwidth in different areas.


    The TCH servers must be going crazy with usage.


    Customers may need to keep an eye on their individual limits.


    What I see is a lot of folks have uploaded their pictures to their web sites at TCH and placed the img on the board. What I believe this does is downloads all the images each time someone visits this topic.


    Right now I see 70 replies and 2500+ views. And the views are climbing every time someone goes back to view the new pictures.


    Is this correct or am I way off base here :goof:

  16. Didn't get what I actually wanted so this will have to do.

    Picture of my desk at home.

    Laptop on the left is a web site hosted at TCH.

    Laptop in the middle is TCH web page

    monitor on the right is a video (frozen) of my work area at Digex (NOC)

  17. For me this is a great tool to add to my toolbox and helps save me a ton of time. A lot of time I end up reinstalling systems back to factory settings or a simple "clean" install. I then spend hours at the Windows Update site downloading and installing all the updates that have accumilated over the years.


    Installing them from a CD is ten times faster.

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