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  1. Thats what it looks like. Now the URL I give takes you straight to a page that looks similar to the screen shots you have. The Junior Plan is now 4.95 but most of the rest looks the same. I am not sure how the TCH graphics were kept but that appears to be the place 5they registered and you might want to send your friend there with his questions.

  2. Couple of my "observations"


    These "screenshots" are not complete screen shots, they look cropped. Nowhere do I see the browser borders or the address bar or anything. Which leads me to the question, did you receive these screenshots or did you edit them. If you didn't edit them then I would ask for the whole thing. Its possible they are pieced together.


    Next would be the some of the Titlebars I see. One says "WHOANC.COM" and another says "SecurePayNet.net"

  3. Thomas, what I do is save different mirc folders for each different IRC server I hang out on. Or for each separate nick I want to keep. For instance after you install mirc you end up with a C:/mirc folder that has all the files for the program in it. I the create a C:/mirc1 folder and copy all the files into it. I then right-click on the "mirc.exe" and drag it onto the desktop and create a shortcut. Now I have two mirc icons. I start the second mirc and make all the changes for the nick and IRC server information and end up with two programs.


    By default mirc will remember the last nick you use and you could use just one program and change the information each time before you log in. But I'll be in two servers at one time and this requires two running program from separate folders as I described above.

  4. Both pc's are running xp home and they both connect to the internet via their own dsl cable and router.


    Anything I find in xp to share takes me to the network wizard where it wants to deal with ICS.

    they "both" have a router AND a modem? Or do you mean each has a modem and connected to one router?


    The way to setup your network IF you are using a router and wish to share the internet connection is to connect all the PC's to the LAN ports and connect the modem to the WAN port.


    Should I have the dsl direct to my pc, then hook the router to a 2nd nic card in my pc and the other 2 puters to the router?
    Anything I find in xp to share takes me to the network wizard where it wants to deal with ICS.


    This sounds like you have been upgrading or converting your old network that used a "hub" to network and "ICS" to share the internet connection that was connected to one PC.


    If you are converting to a router the second nic is not needed and neither is ICS.

  5. one of them didnt completely load up all the way and it chopped off a list of people. Sounds a bit fishy, but hey i dont know anything about servers/software


    Well I am not sure about the list being chopped off but when servers are rebooted the "services" are sometimes not always started and need to be manually restarted.


    Good to hear things are working again.

  6. Are you ever able to catch the people who do this? I'm not tech savvy enough to even know how one does a ddos, let alone how one stops it.


    ddos = Distributed Denial Of Service


    The "Distributed" is the key word in the term. What it basically involves is one main controlling computer gives commands to a bunch of other computers that are under its control to attack a specific computer or IP. Since the attack is coming from multiple locations it is hard to defend and identify since the real attacker is not one of the attacking IP's.


    The computers doing the attacking most likely do not even know they are doing it since its a trojan program installed without their knowlege.


    Here is an excelent description.



  7. Alex, its not simple or easy. In "theory" you would scan a page and run it thru an OCR(Optical Character Recognition program) and then convert the ouput into a PDF document. Thats the "simple" explanation, doing it is the hard part.


    Character recognition is never perfect and lots of errors and problems are usually encountered and the output is usually not the way it started out. You spend time fixing editing and formating a page before moving on to the next and this gets to be difficult with more and more pages.


    Anyway, I use a program called OmniPage which will do the scanning and OCR work, and it works in conjunction with Microsoft Word to save as a document. From Here you will need to get the Professional version of Adobe Acrobat so you can convert the word files into a PDF. Now iOmniPage may work the same with Acrobat but I am not sure since I don't have the Professional version.


    Good luck.

  8. There are several types of IRC "bots". Why did you select an "eggdrop"? You will probably need to do some more research and find a bot that will do what you want that isn't an eggy

  9. If you want the email to work you need to use the correct format, name@domain.xxx


    If you want the address to be hidden from detection use the "at" and "dot".


    The "at" and "dot" will NOT be delivered to an email address and will not work.


    You could leave instructions around the link explaining how to change the address to one that will work. But if I go somewhere and click on an email link I expect the information to be correct and working. Having to go and edit the address will be a hassle and I'd probably say the heck with it and not bother with it.

  10. Thomas, that way of writing your email is normally used to thwart programs from collecting and distributing your email address. Its used in places like NewsGroups and places where text is displayed in public areas.


    There are programs that are run that can quickly read these areas and they collect email addresses based on the "format" of a normal email, name@domain.xx, and then they sell them to spammers.


    Using the "at" instead of "@" and "dot" instead of "." is used to avoid detection.


    Now actually the answer is yes, using that in a "link" "may" stop a program from collecting that address...but why put it in if its not going to perform its function? The idea of an email link is to email and without the proper format its not going to send to who you want.

  11. Usually what is wrong is the "Trojan" is is located in your System Restore files and cannot be easily deleted from there. What you need to do is turn SYSTEM RESTORE off and then run the program to delete it, and turn System Restore back on again.


    The downfall of this procedure is that you loose all your restore points.

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