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  1. This post was not a "bash" or an "attack". It was simply to "educate" the users of this forum that there are problems with other browsers and IE is not alone.


    If someone read the article and learned something from it then I did not "fail" with my post.

  2. No, the plug does not make the noise. The plug supplies the power to make the drives work and thus makes noise. Without power there is no noise. I am just having you eliminate one by one each piece until you find the one making the noise. and I am betting its the fan...

  3. Ok, that rules out the floppy, plug it back in.


    Now you need to check the CD's, DVD's or the fan. You can perform the same thing on the DVD and CD's of pulling the power plug and checking the sound. Do them one at a time and plug them back up if the sound is still there after rebooting.

  4. Hi ace, there is an option to set the lease time to never expire. I don't know exactly where it is at the moment and don't have the time (working) to research it for you. But its not critical and unless someone else comes along and gives you instructions I'll look it up when I get home later this afternoon.


    DHCP will assign an IP to each PC that joins the network and its setup with a "lease time", a set time when it will expire and the IP will be lost. The PC's will then request for a renewal and either get the old IP renewed or a new one assigned.


    It sounds like yours are being renewed and these error messages are just informative.


    If you know how to log into your router, look for the option for DHCP and see if you can find the "no expire" and turn it on.

  5. pulling the power plug was to eliminate the probable cause, no power=no floppy would mean no sound...unless something else is making the noise.


    But your problem maybe that additional option, seek for floppy maybe whats activating the floppy motor which maybe the source of your sound. So first turn off that option, if that doesn't fix it try the power plug to the floppy to help narrow down the sound. If the sound goes away you know its the floppy. and can plug it back in.

  6. Try going into CMOS and disable the floppy boot option. If it continues, pull the power plug to the floppy drive and check again. If it continues its not the floppy and will probably be the CD drive.


    Didn't you just get a new DVD burner or was that someone else?

  7. Well Bill, we need to agree to disagree.


    So far most the topics listed have not been closed because they broke anything listed in the guidelines and I feel closing topics needs a valid reason. Some were closed because they were going nowhere and others were closed because of what might be posted. The one that started this thread was critical of TCH.


    My intent was not to insult you but to point out something that has been bugging me. If I did insult you I am sorry, but I really believe its just a difference of opinion and for that you should not feel insulted.

  8. Thanks for the reply and a possible explanation. There are always two sides and I understand this, its hard sometimes sitting on this side of the fence and only seeing the one side. We can not tell which posters are customers and assume that they are if they are posting here.


    It just bothers me when a discussion is stopped before it ever gets started and I can't see any guidelines being broken...it looks like censorship. Yes the topic is still there so you are not hiding it but its a two way street, you are stopping the free flow of ideas with no more replies which is censoring.


    Maybe its me and the way I have been doing things. I have been a moderator for over 10 years on BB's and IRC and stopping a discussion is a last resort and there must be a clear infraction. We will first try and clear the issue with warnings and point out the guidelines, if it continues we will look at further actions.


    So with this said I'll go back to reading and helping where I can, thats all I want to do anyway. Thanks again for a possible explanation

  9. Hi Chad, the Open Discussion really doesn't mean "open discussion" if you have anything to say that maybe negative toward TCH. I've noticed alot of topics being locked lately and have scratched my head wondering why, they have not broken any of the guidelines as far as I can tell. But its "their ball" and you gotta play by "their rules".


    [wonders how long this topic will remain open because of this statement]

  10. This subject sure is coming up alot lately :(


    As others have said, talk with a lawyer and talk with your company for permission.


    Am I allowed to use these on my resume as my own, and put my name as the designer on the sites also?
    You can say anything you want on a resume as long as its true. Claiming you designed something does not goes against a copyright. As far as putting your name as the designer on the site is up to the company. Do they want it there?


    My question is: who officially owns these works?


    With the information you supplied...the company.


    If I were to leave the company, either before or after these were put into effect, would I be able to say they are my property, or are they the company's?


    Does not matter if its an active site or just sitting on a CD somewhere, it belongs to the company.

  11. Probably one reason not to change is that the staff uses their email for more than just TCH. When they email friends they do not want their TCH title in their emails.


    Now mine say Madman so I know mine get thrown out as spam all the time ;)

  12. Furthermore, there is 99.9% uptime guarantee, but what is the guarantee? We are refunded?



    The page says "99.9% uptime" there is no "guarantee" listed with it. You saw the word guarantee on another page about "Satisfaction Guarantee".

  13. Not knowing Mozilla I am not sure. BUT, my suggestion would be to try and reboot. You said you had difficulty booting and thats my 1st suspect at this point, a possible disk corruption could have occurred. If that doesn't help try a scandisk or something similar.

  14. Blackcat, you have several options. You can purchase a PCM-CIA Network adaptor card for the PC, I purchased a couple awhile back to save costs, I used the PCM-CIA card in both the Laptop and the PC. I got it from Belkin for $10.


    Or you card purchase a wireless PCI card. Most Netwok campanies carry these.

  15. AS I said in my first post you are in a grey area, there is not a "yes its OK" or "no you can't do that" answer here. It will come down to a case by case decision and in most cases you will end up undecided on whether its ok or not.


    A copyright means the person who wrote (or owns) the script has the "rights" to it. Usually you will need permission to do what you want to do with it, if you read the "license" it usually tells you how to go about this, whether it be a purchase or donation or free usuage.


    Normally to distribute others copyrighted material you need permission from the copyright holder, except if its "freeware". Freeware usually states that you may freely distribute.


    So not only do you need to abide by TCH's AUP, you need to abide by standard copyright laws. Usually places like the web site you mentioned get the individual copyright holders permission to distribute OR the copyright holder ask them to distribute it for them. In your case you will need to go to them.


    Hope this answers your question.

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