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  1. Do you risk infection?


    That all depends and can be a yes and no or maybe answer. You say "I think some virus messed with my winlogon command. ", so this isn't a positive virus infection. There are thousands of types of malware, virus, or just nasty programs and they use different methods to infect or get into systems. So there is a possibility but I believe there is a larger possibility that you won't.


    Is there any SAFE way for me to get my Outlook backup off my C drive?


    The safest way would be to install the old drive as a slave drive and then just find and copy the backup file onto your new C drive. BUT...if the virus came from your email then you risk being infected again once you restore.


    Without knowing for sure if you had a virus makes this difficult. Good luck.

  2. I see from a quick Google that I am not alone in receiving this email. But I have been able to figure out if its legit or a scam. I am leaning on a scam but wanted to ask here for more guideance.


    It says its from "icann@securepaynet.net" which raises a red flag, ICANN has its own website and doesn't work for Securepaynet.


    It also is signed by "TotalChoice Hosting Domain Support" which I don't believe because TCH doesn't do Domains, they farm it out to a third party.


    Whats the scoop, did this come from TCH?



    -----Original Message-----

    > From: icann@securepaynet.net

    > To:xxxxxxxxx

    > Sent: Mon, 11 Aug 2008 4:41 pm

    > Subject: Important Notice Regarding Your Domain Name(s)




    > *****************************************

    > Important Notice Regarding Your Domain Name(s)

    > *****************************************


    > Dear So & SO,


    > Several months ago we sent you a notice to review and update the contact

    > information for your domain name(s). This is a follow-up to that email.


    > According to our records you are the ADMINISTRATIVE CONTACT on the

    > following

    > domain names registered at TotalChoice Hosting as of July 16th, 2008:


    > so-so.COM



    > ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) requires

    > all

    > accredited registrars to ask their domain administrators/registrants to

    > review

    > domain name contact data annually, and make any changes necessary to

    > ensure

    > accuracy.


    > Under ICANN rules and the terms of your registration agreement, PROVIDING

    > FALSE


    > the

    > ICANN policy, visit: http://www.icann.org/whois/wdrp-registrant-faq.htm).


    > If you have not yet done so, it is important that you review and update

    > the

    > contact information for your domain names as soon as possible. To

    > review/update

    > your contact data, simply:


    > 1. Go to

    > http://www.securepaynet.net/gdshop/rhp/def...;isc=xxxxxxxxxx

    > NOTE: If the link does not work, copy and paste the URL into your browser.


    > 2. Click on the "ICANN" text link at the top left side of the page.


    > 3. You will be taken to a landing page and asked to enter your Domain

    > Information Key:

    > xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

    > 4. Enter your key and click "Go."


    > 5. Review the contact information on each of your domain names.


    > If you find that your domain contact data is current and accurate, there's

    > no

    > need to take action. If, however, your domain contact information is

    > inaccurate,

    > you must correct it. To make a correction, log in to "My Account" with

    > your

    > customer number or log in name and password. Click "Domains," select the

    > domain

    > to update, then click "Contact."


    > Should you have any questions or believe you have received this email in

    > error,

    > please email us at support@secureserver.net or call our customer support

    > line at

    > (480) 624-2500. Thank you for your attention.


    > Sincerely,

    > TotalChoice Hosting Domain Support


    > If you are the domain administrator of more than one TotalChoice Hosting

    > domain

    > account, you may receive this notice multiple times.

    > -------------------------------------------------------------------

    > Copyright © 2008 TotalChoice Hosting All rights reserved.



  3. Yes I do? -- 2008


    Ok, then thats where I would start looking. The IP's you posted belong to Trend Micro in Japan and if they are trying to access your cPanel its probably one of their Applications you have running. Its probably checking the web sites you visit to see if they are safe. To test it out Access your cPanel two or three times and make note of the exact times you go there, then compare the times with your logs and see if those IP's are there around the same time.


    If this is what is happening I wouldn't worry about it. Or if you want find the program or area in Trend Micro and see if you can turn it off. I personally would just leave it alone and ignore the hits from those IP's, they are only doing it for your own security :thumbup1:

  4. If you create a folder and move images (files) into it, you need to change your html code to reflect the "path" to those files. In Thomas's example, the "/images/" would be the new folder name that would need to be added to each line of code for a file that you moved.

  5. So this means that i canot configure any of these settings on my own like you would with the "Total DNS" settings?


    You have control of some but not others, and in some cases you can submit a ticket and TCH will make some changes for you. So the answer would be no, its not like you had with Total DNS.


    --Ithe fact that the sites location is something.somethingtch.com/~username AND NOT a dedicated static IP the reason that Name server needs to be set to tch name servers?


    No. The function of DNS is to interpret an IP to a URL and point to the controlling DNS server. The information about your domain needs to be kept at one and only DNS server, all the other DNS servers will query this server for the information about your domain. The reason it would need to be a TCH Name Server is because only TCH knows the location and other information about your account.


    --And what about "parking the domain"


    You can send a ticket to TCH and request a domain be "parked" on another domain. This will point this second domain to the same location as the first domain and they will both show the exact same content.


    using forwarding


    I don't believe TCH will do domain forwarding. You can do some html coding to do the forwarding but its not the same.

  6. I was reading another article about this yesterday and can't remember where it was. One of the points that will put it out of reach for the regular users is the price tag...100,000-500,000 dollars. I assumed this was the price to control the whole top level domain and you could sell everything under it to make a profit. There is no way I can afford to start BoB.at.MadmanMCP anytime soon :D


    But this will turn the whole domain name game on its ear.

  7. Hi Samatha, You have several options and they the cost will vary and the pros and cons for them will also vary.


    Hub, yes this will work and may be the cheapest solution. Thats the pro...the con would be it will take a little work and a little more know-how. A hub is dumb device and you need to configure the equipment attached to it and assign IP's so everything will know where to go and not conflict with things over on the router which uses DHCP. DHCP likes to be in control and will assign things as it sees fit.


    2nd Router. This maybe a little more expensive and a little more work. You MIGHT need to assign two networks to get it going and then separate the computers/devices onto one or the other depending on what each needs to use. When you want to share a drive this maybe the more secure option. You could put the PC with the shared drive and the PC's that need it on one network and then put the internet access over on the other. This will keep the Internet away from the data on the share drive.


    Wireless cards. The simple way to increase the number of devices on a wireless network is to just buy more wireless cards. This might cost more but its easy. You may also have a problem with distance and the signal not reaching.

  8. I tried opening it right from Windows Mail and it still wont open. It tells me I have to associate it to a program but I can't figure out what more I can do ... considering I've already made the preview program the default.


    Let me take a guess here, have you rebooted or closed and reopened Windows Mail since you installed the viewer? I suspect that if you do one of these it might work. Play it safe and reboot and try Mail again.

  9. My 2 cents...


    Why keep messing around with the old ... if you're going to spend a few bucks, just spend a few more for a new speaker system.


    Here's one like yours for 25 dollars.


  10. but I just figured this might be as close you might come this time (thinking of Bruces burning it to a DVD post above in thread).


    The link I posted is the one that is usually exactly like the CD they mail out. Its an image file and when you open it in a burning program it will burn an exact image of the CD/DVD with all files and folders that are needed for installing SP3. I've used it on 2 PC's already and will be doing a couple more today since I'm home for a week recovering from Heel surgery (bonespur).

  11. No Thomas, but thanks anyway. I saw that but that is the "Network Instalation" package used if you want to install on another PC across a Network. One of the options MS use to provide was a DVD/CD version you could order in advance, pay around 10 bucks for "Shipping and Handling". With the slow dialup connections some folks had and the large size of these service packs it was easier to pay for a disk.

  12. Madmanmcp...if you find the ordering link could you pass it on here?


    I couldn't find a place to order yet, but I did find this link. Its a download of an image file or "ISO" which is used to create a CD/DVD. I'll take a look at it tomorrow and see how it installs.


    They do recommend that you use the Windows Update to install...</end disclaimer>.


    CD Image


  13. I can hear that the electricity is running in the speakers


    Hmmm, thats not right. If they are plugged in correctly you either hear nothing or you hear sound that is being played. Check and make sure you have the plugs in the correct holes.

  14. I have Boston Acoustics sub woofer and two satellite speakers.
    Can you tell me why my sound system is showing as Realtek High Definition Audio ... when my system is Boston Acoustics?

    Boston Acoustics are your speakers, the "sound system" you are refering to is the sound card in your PC which is detected by Windows as Realtek High Definition Audio.


    I take it you have taken the speakers from your old system and connected them to your new system. Somewhere you either have them connected wrong or they will not work on your new system.

  15. I was using a parallel connection with my old computer.


    Ahhh, then you may have a differnt problem. Hopefully the printer comes with both connections, parallel and USB, and the simple fix will be to just purchase a USB cable.


    I still haven't found the file manager ... or whatever the heck they used to call it. Windows explorer?


    Right-click on the START button (the MS flag in the round globe on the task bar) and select EXPLORE.


    I still haven't got my picture the right size. Still too big for my 17" screen.


    As I mentioned earlier you need to manually resize your windows. Find a corner and move the mouse over it until it turns into a double ended arrow. Click hold and drag the corner in and the window shrink in size. Then click and hold the blue Title bar at the top and position it where you want it. Once you have it the size and the place you want it all the time, click the "x" in the top right corner to close the window. Windows will remember this new size and will open it that way from now on.

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