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  1. You didn't supply much information here so I'll have to ask a lot of questions.

    Desktop or Laptop?

    Does the computer have wireless compatibility?

    Does the router have wireless compatibility?

    Is the wireless turned on? On laptops there are sometimes buttons that need to be pushed and a light comes on.

    Are you working with the same "protocols" on both devices. 802.11x where the "x" is a letter "a", "b", "g", or an "n"?

    Are the wireless drivers installed and working correctly?

    How far apart are the devices? Put them next to each other and see if they work.

  2. I didn't realize WD was free and works on Windows XP. Have made a note to myself to go take a look.


    I didn't realize WD was free and works on Windows XP. Have made a note to myself to go take a look.




    Windows Defender is included with all versions of Windows Vista and is available to download for genuine copies of Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later, or Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 or later.
  3. Actually Shaw does protect from spyware etc. It is a complete coverage.


    Ok. But I go by the old saying...If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Windows Defender came with Windows and is supposed to be off by default so there should be no conflict unless you turned it on. So the only harm its causing is chewing up a little disk space. If you are not short on disk space leave it.


    There "should be" no harm in getting rid of it...BUT. MS has a history of leaving "hooks" into other peices of their OS and when pieces are removed they tend to break other parts. I don't have experience removing Windows Defenders so I can't say what will happen for sure.

  4. I am wondering if I really need this program on my computer. I have a full protection program with my Shaw Secure. Should I delete WD or am I missing the forest for the trees?


    I love deleting "stuff." Tidying up makes me feel so pure. :notworthy:


    I would say no you probably need both.


    From what I can tell Shaw Secure does not provide Spyware protection and thats what Windows Defender does. Windows Defender was originally Giant Antispyware and it did a pretty good job before being swallowed up by Microsoft.

  5. Unless there's more to this particular story, is the other guy wrong, or is there something about TCH's servers which preclude compliance?


    There is always more to a story and there are always two sides. TCH sells low cost Hosting and is a very good at providing this service. I would imagine that making their servers PCI compliant would add a cost and push our cost out of the low cost range we currently enjoy.


    There are lots of folks here currently doing ecommerce and PCI compliance is not needed. Why chase customers away over a false assumption?

  6. Because windows firewall does very little to protect your computer is why!!!!!






  7. At this point its affecting different people in different ways but I fear its going to greatly impact everyone shortly. What I see right now is a big hit to my IRA's and retirement, being 57, I was looking at early retirement at 62 where Full retirement was to be 66 but I probably could survive the early out penalty. With the market dropping I'm losing money faster than I put it in and its not growing anymore its shrinking...at this rate I will need to work forever!


    I see the credit problem affecting others but not me, so far. Last month my old '98 ford was acting up and I was tired of putting money into it so we went shopping and my wife got a new Honda Civic and I took over her 2007 Camry, she wanted the 4 cylinder and I liked the big 6. We had several places just beating down our door to loan us money, Honda beat everyone with a 4.99%. I hear the news about a credit problem, yet I had no troubles, go figure.


    What really has me worried is the job, if one of us gets laid off we will probably be in a big mess and a life changing situation. My job will probably be the one to be hit first being an IT guy. I survived the last IT bust and really don't want to see it happen again. I am older now and companies are trimming the fat, they don't want the older higher paid workers even if we know more and may work harder. They want the younger and lower wage employees. I'm toast.

  8. Mike, hard to believe all 4 sticks are bad. Try testing them one at a time to see if 1GB works by itself. Are there 2 slots or 4 for RAM? If 4 then there maybe a size limit per stick.

  9. Do I conclude that I purchased 4 sticks of dead ram?


    Not likely. Could be a couple things. You bought the wrong type of RAM. Your computer can't access more than a specified amount of RAM and you are way over it. Your OS can only recognize up to specified amount and you've gone over it. Maybe you have not put the cards in completely in BOTH computers and some of the pins are not making contact.

  10. Oh and does it work with Vonage.


    Vonage is a phone service. FIOS offers multiple services over Optical lines. With FIOS you can get one or two or all three services from FIOS. You only get one, phone, from Vonage. So the answer is no...BUT thats because of the way you worded the question.


    Vonage may work with FIOS because FIOS would be an Internet Connection and Vonage says it can use ANY Internet Connection for VoIP. So if you reword the question and ask if Vonage will work with FIOS the answer is yes.

  11. FIOS is Verizon right?



    Is it as fast as Comcast

    Oh yes, much faster.


    can I get as much data transfer as they allow (250GB a month).

    There is no limit on FIOS. Are you really worried about reaching this limit? I know only a few people who can reach this amount.


    The one problem with FIOS is its availability, its not in alot of areas yet. But if you can get it I highly recommend it (another blatant plug). Internet is super fast, TV is crystal clear and I pay less for all three services (phone, TV, Internet) then I did when they were separate bills.

  12. Its going good, 7 days till vacation :)


    OK so I will just keep the 8 port I have for now as I won't get the wireless lappy for a bit yet. I'll just then swap it out for the Wireless Router when I get that?


    Correct, as long as there are enough ports for the LAN you are going to have. These usually come with 4 ports.


    but can't see what modem they recommend. I'll have to call them.


    At Best Buys I've seen the modems and they have Comcast listed on them. Maybe you can avoid asking and just go shopping. But it may be best to think about whats best for your situation, renting or owning.


    How long do you expect to be in your new location or stay with Comcast? If you switch Internet providers your modem may not work any more. If you move to a new location, Comcast may not be an option. Hey, you could decide to switch and get FIOS (blatant plug for my employer) and not need the modem or router. So weigh the cost of purchasing a modem versus renting and take the better deal. Now when you rent from them they will set it up and get it running for you. When you buy its up to you to get it working.

  13. Ok, I missed the moving part, sorry. You will need a modem one way or the other. You can rent a modem from Comcast or you can purchase one thats compatable and not have to rent one.


    Do i hook the wireless router to my modem and then chain the 8 port Linksys in there to hook up my other wired systems?


    You hook the modem up to the router in the port labeled "WAN". If you are getting a wireless router you will probably just not use the Linksys, a wireless router will also come with ports to use for "wired" connections.

  14. Lets see if we can help confuse you more;)


    A router is used to connect devices together to make a network. Called a LAN or Local Area Network.

    A modem is used to connect devices to the Internet. Called a WAN or Wide Area Network.


    Now normally you connect the modem to the router and the computers to the router (by ethernet cable or wireless connections) and everything will be able to talk with one another.


    Hope this helps.

  15. Do you, or does anyone know how I can make a boot disc or rescue if I don't have a floppy drive installed on my system?




    Look under the section on bootable CD


    I've installed a drive before with a few little hiccups and I can install RAM, but this other stuff seems a bit out of my realm of comfort.


    If you have installed a drive thats all you need to know. Its simple actually, the hardest part is making sure the drives settings are set correctly. On the back where the cables and power cord go is a little box with dual pins side by side, usually a row of 4. They will have a little sleeve or "jumper" over a set of pins and this placement determines the setting for the drive.


    When the drive is installed it will assign a new drive letter and you can copy your file. Once done just remove the drive.


    See if this helps.


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