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  1. Ok, I understand your reason but why continue to hate it when it maybe alright now. Everyone has a slump or a bad day/period and it would not be fair to only judge them because of that period. A homerun hitter has these sometimes and I wouldn't put them on the bench forever because they went 3 weeks without a homerun. I remember a couple years ago McAfee had one of these "problems" where and update to the signature file was corrupt and pushed out to the public and to fix it you had to manually download the old signature and load it. The problem was that everyone didn't read this fix or hear about it and there were lots of complaints and problems...until the next signature file came out a couple weeks later. This sort of thing happens to a lot of companies and I don't think you should judge on one misstep. Alot of folks use AVG, I don't but I wanted to give the other side of the issue.
  2. Sorry but I'll need to disagree here. AVG has been one of the top ranked AV programs for some time and is used by a lot of folks for that reason. Its even ranked higher than "the big ones" you mention. So lumping it into a group just because its free is wrong.
  3. see if any of this helps h_tp://forums.majorgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=156830
  4. Sounds interesting. I make a wicked Crab/Western omelette I love salmon but being the only one in the house who likes it I don't get it very often, only when we eat out.
  5. Rice Krispy Chicken and fried rice
  6. Sounds like you are compounding your problem by using different programs which are used for different types of problems. You need to concentrate on one issue at a time, fix it and then move on to the next. Start with your Antivirus. Virus writers used different tricks to hide or reinstall or prevent themselves from being removed. They run in the background under familiar names. They make a copy of them selves and rename the files in random characters or increment letters. They start at boot in the startup or from the registry. They replace valid Windows program names to appear valid... Sad to say that sometimes the only option left is to wipe the HD clean and start from the beginning. This is usually the quickest and easiest solution. The steps I take are. Disconnect the PC from the Internet. reboot into safe mode. I run MSCONFIG and remove all the garbage from STARTUP, only leave checks in things you need. I run AntiVirus. Don't quarantined, delete them...why keep them? reboot into safe mode and rerun Antivirus. Boot into normal Windows and run AntiVirus. If all is clear move on to next program and repeat these steps. Research the virus you have sometimes there are special steps needed to remove them, like editing the registry and manually deleting files. If you are still having problems and tired of fighting it go to my original suggestion and start clean. Backup your data files and mail and whatever settings you need and start over.
  7. What I've been reading is its like a dot one release, a minor upgrade and not a major release. Vista is version 6.0 and Windows 7 would be version 6.1.
  8. I've downloaded it but haven't had the time to install it yet, I've been at work all day. Hopefully I'll have a chance tomorrow after I've gotten all my "plans" collected and preparations completed. Interesting question and would depend on the individual and what they consider worthy In my case it usually is worth the effort no matter what the results. Being an IT tech and the Computer Guy for all my friends and family I need to get a jump on everyone so I can answer their questions or fix their problems when the OS comes out for real. Work also likes it when I take the inititive and learn how it works before they ask me to. To the average "Joe User" it is probably is not worth it. There are lots things that can go wrong (and do) when you Beta test a program and if you are unprepared and unskilled in computers you could be in for lots of trouble.
  9. For those interested, the Beta for the New Windows OS is now available for download from MS. They had a rocky start on Friday and had to shut down the site and add additional servers to handle the load. But it came back up yesterday and was working pretty good when I tried last night. Its supposed to be available for 2.5 million users from the general public so don't be late. You will need to use IE to download since it uses an ActiveX app for its "Download Manager" (Firefox will not work). If you are not a Technet supscriber or already signed up for Microsoft Live you will need to do so. Before the download starts you will get an Activation Key, without this key the software will only work for 30 days. This is a 2.3gb file and depending on your connection and how many others are downloading with you, it may take a long time. It took me an hour and 10 minutes but I am on FIOS. h_tp://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/dd353205.aspx Disclaimer: This is TEST SOFTWARE and may possibly crash or destroy data on your system. Use at your own risk.
  10. Thanks for that info Jim. Looks like I need to rethink my understanding of how email works.
  11. No problem Bruce, all input is welcome. The way I understand how mail works is that allowing or blocking of ports is at the server level here. Yes Comcast is the ISP and Comcast maybe blocking port 25 but she is accessing the TCH server. She is using Comcast for Internet access to reach the TCH mail server which uses port 25 and should be available. Comcast mail servers have a block on port 25 so she cannot use them for outgoing mail...but she is not going through the Comcast email server. She composes email on her PC and sends it out across the Internet via Comcasts connection. It goes to the TCH mail server and out to its destination through port 25. It never touches the Comcast Mail server to hit the port 25 block. Using Comcast Internet connection and using Comcast mail servers are two different things. I think the port 25/26 problem is more of a Work/Lan issue where the individual is accessing their personal mail through a firewall that can block ports. At home there is no admin with a firewall "protecting" us from the demons on the internet with their firewall rules. So at work we need to play safe and use port 26 and at home port 25 works. And no I am not on Comcast, I'm a company man and choose to use my companies slow Internet access, FIOS Yes, I could be wrong here. But this is how I see it, feel free to jump in and correct me if I'm wrong, bottom line is to get someone's mail working again
  12. If you are using the TCH email server for your outgoing email there is no need to change anything. Leave it on port 25. Since you are not using the Comcast server you do not need to make a change.
  13. I was watching a show called Art Cars on Cable and saw this one and googled it and found... http://www.flickr.com/photos/pmcd9/2479422878/
  14. Good to hear you got what you wanted. There are always several paths to your destination, sometimes you need a guide to lead the way
  15. I'm not the expert but I believe what Mail Merge is doing is just importing the data from Excel as text and none of the formatting will come with it. You will have to add the font formatting after its in Word.
  16. No. VCD stands for Video Compact Disk and is a format for CD's only.
  17. I use Nero for all my CD or DVD needs. It usually comes packaged with the DVD burners you buy or pre-loaded on the PC's. You can also purchase a full version of the program which will come with more options then the free version.
  18. Do you have Yahoo Toolbar installed, if so try uninstalling it and see if that corrects it.
  19. Could be several things. Have you rebooted the PC lately? Have you cleared the cache in IE? Are you running low on disk space? If you are switching users instead of logging one out you may have too many things running at one time. Try logging out of a users and logging in on only one.
  20. Almost everyone must have had one and gotten it on Christmas Day, a little bow tied around the handle. The wagon was a toy, a work horse, a mode of transportation, a storage container and a number of different things. It was sturdy and lasted forever. I still have one in the shed and use it to move things around the yard. h_tp://www.cnn.com/2008/TECH/12/24/radio.flyer.wagon/index.html Well now they've gone and ruined it, just like Coca Cola did with their "New Coke". When will companies learn that when you have a winning product, don't make it better.
  21. Is Wiredtree the "alias" you mentioned? Maybe this is the root cause of your problem. If all your clients are forwarding to this "alias" which then forwards elsewhere then wiredtree probably detected this excess activity, assumed it was an abuse and flagged your TCH server.
  22. Have you tried restarting from scratch? Wipe the HD and start over.
  23. Thanks for the update. Will store that tidbit in the if nothing else works, try this folder.
  24. I would say that if its getting returned then it is a problem outside of TCH. Where is this "alias" located? Start with them and find out why its not being forwarded on.
  25. Well that explains it. I was reading the forums at 10:30 and got an email asking to post a file to the website. ftp failed to connect and as I tried to find out what was wrong I couldn't reach any of TCH, forums not found, my sites were gone and the front page was missing. I ran a couple of trace routes and got really strange and different results. I wasn't worried, I know you guys are always on top of things. So I went to the store, shopped a little and by the time I got home everything was back up. Good job guys, lets shoot for 13 months next time
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