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  1. My first thought was Ghost but I have Norton Internet Security and its not part of the package. Pretty sure I have an older version (Ghost) but that might not be such a good idea to try to mix the two.


    The older version may not work on XP. Ghost is a separate package from the Internet Security package and I believe it only comes by itself. But since thats the ONLY program I will ever, EVER use from Symantic I am not positive about that.

  2. Well Paul, once you are sure you have gotten all the files you want I would suggest fdisk and deleting all partitions and restoring back to factory default. Now I don't know what you have access to or even if you are allowed to do that...but it sounds like you put a lot of personal stuff on that machine and you would be safer making sure no one can get ahold it after you've left.

  3. I used to have a lot of those adapters in the back room (I'll have to look again). But they should still be readily available. Here's what they look like.



  4. Well if you have the system up and running did you try a System Restore point yet? I'd take a current snapshot and then start playing with older points and work my way backwards till I found one that worked. Good luck. There are Registry cleaners out there but I never did trust them.

  5. cannot install them because the information in the registry

    was either incomplete or damaged.


    Just trying to figure out how to rectify the problem.


    If its saying its a problem in the registry...thats where I would start. But if you can't get the system running you can't get to the registry, doesn't sound good.

  6. You probably have a virus or trojan infecting your computer. First thing I would suggest is that you disconnect from the Internet and reboot into safe mode. From safe mode run a full virus scan. Do you have the most current virus signatures? If not try and download them before doing these steps.

  7. I would suspect a DNS issue. The router "should" point (not manditory) to your ISP's DNS servers. The network cards should point to the router (gateway) and the Obtain DNS Automatically be set in TCP/IP properties.


    Since you are using dialup I would assume you are sharing this across the network. Did you install ICS?

  8. I noticed that the site is downloading the trojan from the following address: zbzppbwqmm.biz/dl/adv493.php


    Not sure why you are downloading but this appears to be a legit site. The whois data on the domain appears to be a real person and all the information "looks" real. When you goto the domain h_tp://zbzppbwqmm.biz/ it brings up a "Fedora Core Test Page".

  9. A slow boot could be several things. What did you use for wireless before this card, was it built into the motherboard or was it another external card? If it was builtin wireless did you disable it in CMOS and remove the drivers? If it was another card did you remove the drivers for it?


    Next did you install the card and the drivers according to the instructions. Sometimes you need to load them a specific way for them to work correctly, the instructions will say to install the drivers BEFORE inserting the card.


    And finally, sometimes the bootup time will increase because of the drivers needed...but 10 minutes seems a long time.

  10. (Unless Jim or Bob disagree.)


    That was one of my earlier routes I suggested along with getting a tech to look at it. But I let Jim take the helm to see if he could get the manually assigned IP's going. At that time it sounded like it would have been quicker to set them up then starting from scratch. So lets let Jim keep going. We hit another speedbump with this Desktop connection problem but I believe its just a cabling problem since I think he had connectivity earlier and he just removed the cable...putting it back into the wrong hole is a common mistake :)

  11. I am not able to login to the router from the desktop.
    If we can't get this basic setup done, there are other problems (such as hardware, cabling, etc.) that we most likely cannot effectively troubleshoot in a forum.


    If you cannot login to the router then you have a hardware problem or the desktop is not connected correctly. Check the cable and make sure it is in the correct hole in the router, there are "WAN" ports on routers which are used for cable modems and it should not be used for a PC connection.


    If this is not the problem then you have some other hardware issue with the network card or the router or cable being used. What type of "cable" are you using? Does it say cat5 or cat5e or cat6 on it somewhere? Do you have a spare network card you could use instead of the current card? Maybe the router is bad, do you have another?

  12. Have you tried any of Jim's suggestions yet? I see he is on this thread so maybe he is writing something. I have another question or two in the meantime.


    Go into Control Panel click on Network Connections.

    How many LAN's do you have listed and what are the names:

    For the Laptop?

    For the Desktop?

  13. Now I am confused again, but it may explain the bridge.


    The router is then connected via a LAN to the desktop PC.


    Are you saying there is a separate LAN network between the router and desktop? Or is this a simple network with just the laptop and desktop and the router directing the the traffic between the two computers by wireless or cable?

  14. EDIT: when trying to do a ipconfig /renew on the DESKTOP, I received this message: An error occured while renewing interface Network Bridge (Network Bridge 3) :unable to contact your DHCP sersver. Request has timed out.
    Sounds like the Desktop networking has been corrupted. First I question why you are using a network bridge, this doesn't sound right and the third version of a bridge is even more suspicious. "I" would lean toward removing all the networks, remove the network card and uninstall all the networking services and basically start from scratch. Putting the card back in and restoring all the drivers and networking services. But lets see what others think.


    I also found this "fix":


    Problem: Renewing a DHCP lease fails, with error message “An error occurred while renewing interface <name>: The system cannot find the file specified.”


    Problem: Network connection configured to obtain an IP address automatically has IP address


    Solution: Make sure that the DHCP Client service is running:


    Right click My Computer, and click Manage.

    Double click Services and Applications.

    Double click Services.

    Double click DHCP Client. If the Service status is Stopped, click Start.

    Set the Startup type to Automatic.

  15. Lets start off with some router questions.


    Have you log into it since the move and run the "Wizard"?

    Have you powered off the router?


    In the router program when you click on the Wireless button on the left side:

    Click on the DHCP Release and then the continue button when its completed. Then click on Renew

    go to each computer and in the command prompt type "ipconfig release" then "ipconfig renew"


    Click the DHCP button:

    Is DHCP enabled or disabled?

    What is the starting IP Address?

    What is the ending IP Address?

    What is the lease time?


    Click the LAN button:

    What is the IP?

    What is the subnet mask?

  16. I think the problem must be not as difficult as I have made it to be.
    Yes its possible thats its a very simple solution. But to find it we would need all the information.


    Like I said I had the network going well for quite a while but after a hardware configuration change there is some conflict.


    Explain what hardware changes were made. What did you add and what was removed. I assumed this was a simple peer to peer network that had just lost connectivity. As we've moved along with possible fixes its becoming clearer that this was a more complicated network setup using XP Pro and LAN printers and possibly more.


    So supply us with all the information you can, what the network was before and after and we'll see if we can hang in there with you and get it resolved. But I'll probably be asking alot more questions :clapping:.

  17. I have one but it's unplugged from the router at this time (until I figure this out).


    Ok, these are called curveballs...little things that are hard to hit because they do unexpected things. Especially when we don't know they are coming. If you have a printer and it has an ethernet card then it has an IP and yes this maybe whats causing your problem. But I'm not there and I can't see what you have or what everything is doing.


    Do you know or have anyone with networking experience who can look at this for you?

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