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  1. I wouldnt think its my ISP because when It does happen, I'm still able to browse/ping sites and talk on IRC.


    Maybe thats the problem, the other applications are using all the bandwidth and the ftp program wants it all. Try doing the upload all by itself.

  2. Sorry, I forgot to answer the other questions.


    And how many teeth are going to come out that need paying for?
    They have 20 babyteeth and will lose everyone (hopefully).


    Is 8 too old to believe?


    Nah, I'll never grow up. :)


    It depends, some kids mature faster then others. And some won't let on that they know for fear of losing an income. They learn from friends and once you find out they know you can stop the payments.

  3. Last I heard, the going rate was still a quarter.


    Wow, someones lost touch ;)


    When it was my kids it was a dollar...and they are 18 and 21 now.


    Now I remember my youngest and his second or third tooth. We went through the routine of putting it in a baggie (so daddy can find it easier and not wake him up) and placing it under his pillow. He was sick alot with ear infections and this was one of those nights, dad was up every hour giving him medicine to keep his fever down so he would not go into seisures (he had a tough childhood, so did dad).


    Anyway, come morning he comes into the living room to wake me up on the couch, I was always close during these times and would hardly sleep worrying about him. He was holding the baggie and crying, the Tooth Fairy didn't like him cause they forgot his tooth and didn't leave him his dollar. I felt so bad. I was so busy worrying and trying to stay awake to watch him I forgot, the dollar was sitting there on the coffee table.


    So, the quick thinking Dad that I am came up with the perfect excuse. It was a dreadful night all around and had been raining on and off most of the night. There was a flash and then some thunder and my way out was clear. I asked Timmy if he remembered the Peter Pan movie we watched over over again and what did Tinkerbell use to make herself and Peter fly and he said Fairy dust. I said correct. I explained that if you get fairy dust wet the wings stick together because the dust turns to mud. The Tooth Fairy didn't come cause it was raining and she couldn't fly in the rain!


    Timmy smiled and walked back to his room and put the tooth under his pillow for another night. Daddy was off the hook and got to sleep another 20 minutes before he had to wake up an go to work. Timmy got his dollar that night and I never forgot again!

  4. The riusk is mitigated somewhat by the fact that it is a local exploit, meaning any attack on a host must be launched from an existing account with cPanel access.


    This is good to hear. It means it will be difficult to do to just any host without first purchasing or owning an account. Yes they can purchase one but this will add to the work involved and make it more difficult.


    We may not be 100% safe but with thousands of hosting companies out there our odds are lower.


    Thanks for the heads up.

  5. People get newer/better video cards all the time and use them instead of the onboard video. You don't need to replace the PC just for that reason. If money is an issue just don't go for a highend graphics used for the games. Just get a reasonable replacement with the same specs.

  6. Setting up the network is usually a simple task of connecting the hardware and running a wizard, but getting the rest of the networking options running and working can be a bit confusing. Normally the wizard will setup connectivity to the Internet and then allow you to share files and printers...but the actual file sharing and printing doesn't just happen without a little tweaking and configuration being done.


    You will need to go into each computer and set the "sharing" for each drive that you want to be able to access files across the network. The same thing needs to be done for the printers, also the drivers for alternate Operating Systems (if present on different computers) will need to be loaded. Its also easier if you have all the computers join the same "Workgroup", this makes finding things easier.


    While doing this you need to think about security, you only want computers in your local network to have access to your files. When you open up "sharing" you are lowering your security walls and possibly allowing anyone on the internet access to those files.


    There are lots and lots of places that will help explain what needs to be done. Good luck in your task.

  7. Hi Jason, the process "flow" is to always update your files "offline" on your computer. Once all the changes are made then you "publish" the results by uploading them to the online server. This way only the final changes are seen and the world does not get see the mistakes you make while changes are being made.


    It sounds like you are trying to change this process and are running into some minor warning messages. See if you can bring back your changes by using Bruce's suggestion of creating a new folder/directory and then move forward from there, only using this new folder for updates...and don't update online.

  8. I'm a little confused about "why" I would need to decide on a variety of options to back up. Isn't it simpler to just back everything up? Why would I want to pick and choose?


    The why is the first question you need to ask yourself. What are you trying to accomplish and why are you backing up in the first place. There are several reasons for a backup and several ways to to accomplish it. You can do a "FULL" backup which can be used in case the hard drive is lost and you need to restore everything back to the way it was before it was lost. Or you can restore just the data you need by backing up just your inportant data like Steve mentioned.


    With the One Touch I believe you are limited, its all or nothing deal. If you've just lost or delete a very important file and only need that file back, you would need to restore the whole whole hard drive. I think its easier just to restore the single file.


    With the full restore there is also the problem of how often you backup and how current it is. If its a couple of months old then you may have lost several other important items that were done between the last backup and now.

  9. An External HD is the way to go for backing up your computer. I use an External USB and Ghost to backup all my computers. Now the $169 for the Maxtor maybe a bit high, I would check other stores and buy find the largest drives with the lowest price. I see Best Buy has a 500GB for $199 or a $139.


    As for the "one button" nothing is ever "that" simple, yes you can push the button and it will start the drive and the software, but you still need to make selections and do a little setup to tell it exactly what you want to do. What drive you want and what type of backup and so on. I personally won't use the software that comes with the drives because these are usually simple program with very few options. I perfer a full featured program like Nortons Ghost or Acronis True Image.


    But maybe the One Touch will be right up your alley :)

  10. I would seriously recommend that you stay away from the registry and programs that modify the registry. The registry is one of the most important parts of windows and if you are not careful you could permanently crash windows.

  11. As soon as I clicked on the tech help I got the big alert that IEXPLORE.EXE was trying to access the computer and did I want to allow it.
    Why is there so much alarm on the net when you do a search on the program?


    This was caused by the New Program you installed, it was "protecting" you. What these programs are designed to do is to alert you when something suspicious is being done ( a program trying to access your computer). Now in my opinion this is a poorly written program if it doesn't know that Internet Explorer was initiated by itself and warns you of a problem. What it wants you to do is to is help it "learn" what are good programs are what are bad ones and the next time IE starts it will "remember" and automatically let it do its thing. So you answer the question (allow access) and it will remember this anser next time and not display this message again for that program. But you will have this happen on similar programs and will have to decide whether its a good or bad program.


    It is apparent that it acts like a worm or virus on a lot of computers!

    Its doing what it was supposed to do, you installed it for this exact purpose. to protect you from suspicious activity.

  12. i then disabled anything with svchost.exe as the target file that i might not need,


    svchost is normally a valid process and is used by Windows to run things correctly. You may have temporarily fix the problem, but it may come back. If it was a trojan horse alls you did was stop it from starting and you have left it on your hard drive where it could possibly run again.


    Here is a site which may explain more about it.



  13. I'm planning on making a site that may be prone to ddos due to the nature of the industry..


    Hmmm, as a concerned user with a possible account on a shared server which I maybe sharing with you...could you explain a little more please.


    If "your site" is attacked by a ddos then everyone else on your server feels the same affects, they are down along with you. If TCH cannot stop the ddos by normal methods they will take down your site by removing the DNS pointing to the shared server thus bringing up the other sites but yours will be gone. Some of us will still be angry that we were down for an extended time.


    So. Please be aware that if you are aware that this "may" happen, be prepared for the consequences...upset users and a canceled account.

  14. Sniffing is not the only way email is intercepted, there are easier ways to get others mail. Keep as secure a password as possible and change it regularly. Do not Leave your email program open when you leave the computer, anyone can sit down and read it easily. Also do not set the program to "remember" the password when you start it up. Yes its easier this way but its like leaving your front door open.

  15. Well from an "actual" ddos attack there is no protection, from a "dos" attack there is and TCH can protect you.


    A dos or Denial of Service attack comes from one IP at a time, and TCH can block these with a simple firewall rule. A ddos or Distributed Denial of Service attack is another story, it comes from hundreds or even thousands of different IP's and they are difficult to identify.


    The average user will probably never have to worry about a ddos, but large companies do.

  16. There are several solutions out there and it just depends on what you decide on doing. There are Network File servers in many flavors both cheap and expensive. The cheapest would probably be a Raid solution, but this involves both work and knowledge of the OS and technology and a few spare parts. The more expensive would be the pre-configured disk, File Servers, and you just plug them in and there they are.


    Lots of research, godd luck in your quest and decision.

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