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  1. how do I boot up the computer to just get to the DOS prompt in windows XP home? I need to re-format a drive and I need to get to the dOs prompt..


    I'm a little confused by what you are asking here. Why do you need to boot to DOS to reformat a drive?


    To get to the DOS prompt in WIN XP you click on START and select RUN and type CMD and press the Enter key.


    To "format" a drive you can do that in Windows Explorer...right click on the Drive and select format.


    May you can give us a little more information on exactly what you are trying to format and why you need to boot to DOS to do it.

  2. I don't think its a rule or law or are they forced to do so, its more they want to for marketing purposes. Its a form of brand recognition and they hope to make more sales because they have "Intel Inside". When they do commercials they use different forms of communication to get the "point" across, They have a symbol or logo, a "catch phrase", and they use sounds or music, and then the Icon or person that is the spokesman for the product. They use all or a portion of these.


    The more of these that you see or hear in a commercial the more you are sure that you are getting the real product. For Intel you only need the logo and the Jingle.

  3. see if one of these helps









  4. Hi Jayson, yes I have fixed a PC or two that someone gave to me to fix that had this exact problem. Explorer.exe is the program that runs that sets up your desktop and without it you have a difficult time running your computer :wallbash:


    The problem is with your registry and it being corrupted and to fix it you either replace it or edit out the bad data. In one computer there was a virus that wrote itself into the front of the registry and it needed to be edited out. In the other one I needed to replace the registry because of a bad spot on the disk.


    Its been awhile now but let me browse around the web and see if I can find the instruction for fixing this type of problem again. I found it using google back then so I should be able to find it again. I am at work so give me a little time.

  5. figure out what on my PC is causing the problem.


    What the article is telling you is that the software driver "ndis.sys" has a problem. This driver is loaded by the manufacturer of the network card (usually) or it is the default driver loaded by MS and it either has a conflict with something else in your computer or the file is damaged.


    You can reload the driver and see if that fixes the problem or download and install an update for it if there is one available. There could also be a problem where the network card you are using is not on the HCL (Hardware Compatability List) for XP.

  6. I would guess that its a problem with DCHP, wanting to take control of the system. Make the laptop a static IP and see if the hiccup goes away. If it does then just get rid of DHCP all together and keep it a static IP system.


    When you startup the system all the wired computers connect and DHCP is not loaded because its not needed and everything works fine. As soon as you connect the wireless, DHCP kicks in and resets all the static IP's as it takes control so it can assign an IP to the wireless laptop. It needs to know whats available before it can assign IP's. This is probably whats breaking your connection.


    Another fix would be to introduce the wireless first so DHCP starts off first and is in control before the static IP's join.

  7. Sometimes using a dialup connection will be part of the problem. When you dial a number you don't always end up using the location that you dialed. For instance you live in Baltimore and dial into the local exchange for Baltimore but you look at the hostname and it says you are from New York. They are doing load balancing and if all the circuits are busy or in use at the Baltimore location they forward you to New York where there are open lines to use.


    This is usually not an issue but will sometimes slow down your response times because of all the rerouting that is down. You can run a tracert today and see specific hops and run one tomorrow and find completely different ones, this will just confuse the issue sometimes.


    What I would suggest is that you make note of what host you are on and hangup and redail and get a different connection. Then see if that corrects the problem. It may just be a slow or bad connection.

  8. Yep, now it will be dark when I leave for work
    I leave at 5:30AM so I rarely see the morning light.


    i work in a place with no windows.


    its rather depressing seeing no light all day! sometimes for a whole weekend


    I work in the "NOC" which is a secure room and they've painted the whole room black and the only windows face a hallway where salesman parade potential customers by. The lights are turned down low to reduce the glare on our monitors, and the AC is running all the time to keep the servers cool. So for 9 hours, 5 days a week, I work in a cold dark cage and I'm thankful the customers can't throw peanuts at us ;)

  9. I see that your starting IP is in the 10.x.x.x range which is reserved for private networks. These are usually assigned in large companies for their internal LANs. This may be an issue with the firewalls or whatever software the company uses to scan or secure their Network. Is the site also slow loading from your home computer?

  10. I've just talked with Bruce and I've checked the websites in question and have not gotten the error described.


    I run McAfee Security Center and Virus Scan is using DAT Version 4882 10/26/2006. I would suggest everyone update thier virus signature files and try again to see if these errors remain. I think they are just false positives.

  11. Sorry, you mentioned laptops and I assumed this "Prism" of yours was just another brand of laptop...after a couple searches I see that it isn't, its a PDA. I have little experience connecting a handheld to a wireless network and I'll have to step aside for someone else to help you.

  12. Oh yeah, is the wireless turn on on the laptop. Newer laptops come with both a wired and wireless capabilities and you can turn the wireless on and off. Look for a button somewhere that says wireless, they come with a symbol that looks like a ball on the end of a stick with two paranthesis around it. Most light up when they are on.

  13. I would tend to agree with Rob, its probably nothing, or it means everything is normal.


    All computers perform a Power On Self Test (POST) and the beep(s) are the results of a short diagnostic test sequence that checks that all necessary hardware is connected and functioning. To find out what these beep codes mean you have to find out which BIOS program you have (Phoenix, AMI, Etc.) and look it up on their web site.


    But I would say all is fine IF you bootup and everything is running.


    Now if you are saying it beeps more than once then you need to look into it.

  14. Did you read the manual and check the other paperwork that came with the computer? If you can't find it then call the manufacturer that made it, they should be able to tell you where it is. Did you purchase blank CD's or DVD's yet?


    What make and model is it? Maybe someone here has it and can help.

  15. can't find a image disk, the hdd is partitioned (6gb) as a backup, could that be an equivalent.


    Yes, but why are you trying to find it? That is the "Restore partition" and that can be used to also restore the computer back to factory default. But if you lose the hard drive this cannot be used, that is why you need to run the program supplied that will copy this image onto a CD or a DVD.

  16. yeah, id of thought though a backup disc isnt the "full monty" just the "bare bones" to get your little 'puter back into this world?


    What manufacturers do is provide you with a disk image that will return your computer back to "factory default". Its a standard procedure now and almost any computer you buy does the same thing. It gives you the option to create the disks now or later and in most cases people opt to do it later and never do :sweatdrop:


    What you need to do is to read the instructions that came with the computer and it will explain what needs to be done. They will tell you how many CD's (or DVD's) it will take and tell you where the program is to be started later, its usually under ACCESSORIES. You run the program, insert the disks into the drive and when it asks for another you just keep replacing with addoitional blank disk. Label them the way the program tells you. Once completed be sure to store in a safe place where you can find them later.

  17. and have a large word with a manager


    I would hold off till you are sure you know what all the facts are.


    As Andy has mentioned there are exceptions or factors that go into how much a person is paid. For instance, there is usually starting salary that one gets when you start and after a training period or length of time you get an increase. Also after a length of time and good performance you get a raise. So an older person who has probably worked there several years will of course make more than the person who has just started.


    You have to compare apples to apples. Have you work the same amout of time? Have you done the same quality work? If all else is equal then the pay should also be equal.

  18. First do you have any disclaimers on your site...

    I am not responsible for any damage you may cause by using this site...
    Be very careful, electricity may be dangerous to your health...

    and so on.


    Next, if the only thing you have is a threat from and individual, ignore it. It needs to come from a lawyer or the courts.


    And I believe it must be filed in the state where the company is registered (if you have a company or business) or the state where you reside if they sue you personally, if filed in another state it can only be inforced if you travel to that state. But I am not a lawyer and someone will jump in and correct me if I am wrong :)

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