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  1. Did you get the actual Welcome email? Does the Subject of the email say "TotalChoice Hosting :: Welcome Email"?


    The Welcome email is several pages long and gives most all the information and step you need to get started. It gives your accounts Username and password along with your domain and the DNS servers for your account. There is a section labeled "FTP Instructions:" and the your url and the IP of the server you are on is listed for you to use until the domain totally propagates.


    If you do not have that information you do not have the welcome email yet.

  2. from h_tp://www.aboutus.org/DnsCentral.com


    The site is undergoing maintenance for the next several hours ... we expect service to be spotty ... sorry for the inconvenience.


    Additional Information

    dnscentral.com and related sites have been down since approximately 1:00pm March 6, 2007. Anyone know why? See dnscentral.com thread in comp.mail.misc

  3. To read the Microsoft Office Eula, go to:


    select your product, version, and language and download the PDF that is found.


    I've found that most of Microsoft's EULAs say the same.
    Actually they are not and you need to read the one for your product to be sure. For instance, I have 2007 Home and Student and that Eula says I can install up to three devices and Profesional only allows for 1 desktop and one laptop.


    Currently I am using Office 2000 and the disc's don't care how many machines you install them on.


    You can also install 2007 on as many PC's as you choose, the disc's do not determine how many times its been used. Just because you can...doesn't mean its legal. What is stopping you from using multiple copies is the Activation part of the program which 2000 didn't have. You are given 30 days to use the product and if you do not activate it it will shut down. The activation part is what takes a scan of your computer and sends information about it and the activation code you supply back to MS and a record is kept at MS. Once you try and reactivate on a computer it will check if you are allowed based on the Eula and the information already collected and either approve or deny activation. So the disc's of 2000 and 2007 act the same, the activation part of the software is different.


    I would like to install it at home, work and my laptop.


    Home and desktop are good, but I am afraid there are several reasons for work being a no-no.

  4. ok, he is a mechanic, and he want a web server to host his web site, but he does not want to host it with someone else, but wahts to do it himself
    I was a bit unsure at first whether it was a web server or a networked file server you were inquiring about and took a wild guess and was correct ;)


    that way he is not concerned with TOS policies.


    Well I can think several reasons about concerns with a TOS and most are not good. Is the TOS really a reason, can you discuss the actual parts of the TOS that are a problem or will this take us into a grey area of "not good"? Maybe the suggestion of a dedicated or even a semi-dedicated server will be all thats needed.


    Now even with the dedicated server there will be a huge learning curve as you try to find your own way around the operating system and what software you need to run to perform the tasks necessary "to do business" and host a web site. Its not impossible but it can be a very frustrating experience if you have no network or computer education, and you don't plan everything in advance.


    But I am trying to get him to host with TCH


    Keep pushing that direction ...

  5. he know that he will need a good fast computer and and a way to connect to the internet, but that is all he knows,


    Well with all that experience I would suggest he leave the server business to the experts who know what they are doing. Starting up a business is going to take a lot of time and throwing on the extra work of learning how to setup and run a web server will be to much to handle.

  6. I have some rules that redirect mail if Spam Assassin detects it as Spam, so I know that the filtering happens after the Spam Assasin checking.


    Sorry but this will not work. The rules and filtering work only in your mail client and cannot forward or send mail back out.

  7. Here are a couple links to give you and idea of what I am talking about.


    Yagi Antenna:



    Panel Antenna:



    Access Point:









    WiFi Router:


  8. There are several things you can look into and it will mostly depend on how much you are willing to spend and what resources you have available at both sites.


    Repeaters and High Gain directional antennas:

    A Repeater is a device that will receive a weak signal and amplify it and send it back out at normal strength.

    The High Gain directional antenna will increase the strength of a signal and send it in a single direction, further than a normal antenna.

    You can setup several stations along the path to receive the signal and send it to the next one till you reach the final booth.


    Internet access:

    If you have internet access at both location there are software solutions out there that allow networking across the internet, PCAnywhere for instance.



    You can setup a peer to peer network via telephone dialup, PCAnywhere again.


    Do you really need access of data at the same time? You could always backup the data on one and walk/ride it to the other station and restore it every 30 minutes. (old school solution)



    If your system specs say 512MB is your max then thats as high as you can go. Doesn't matter if a chip you purchase goes up to 1GB, the system can only address 512MB and you would be waisting your money.


    So read the specs carefully or call Gateway and see if your system can address higher then 512MB.

  10. I don't really know but I am sure Homeland Security would want the Military and the Government to be the first ones up. But this is not how the Internet works, it isn't organized by IP that way.


    The Internet was designed to withstand a nuclear attack and has many, many, MANY points of failure. This means even if some routers are knocked out there are a lot of other routers which will be able to route around the ones that have failed. So for the Internet to go "down" and need to be "restored" a HUGE event affecting the whole world would need to happen...and I don't want to be around to see it.

  11. This is just a map based on the first octet of the assigned IP's for the world and where TCH is located on this "map". TCH has IP's in the 72.9.244.xxx range, and the "72" is the location listed on that map. Only us geeks would be interested :)



    oops...I just checked an I have a second account on another server and its IP starts with "69" so TCH is probably located on several corners of the block on that map.

  12. Thanks for sharing Thomas. Not sure why its marked Extremely Critical, it seems to be the same as any of their other vulnerabilities that were found in MS products.


    In order for this attack to be carried out, a user must first open a malicious Word file attached to an e-mail or otherwise provided to them by an attacker.


    So if your standard practice is to not open ANY attachments you are safe. And if you only open them from people you trust and are expecting these types of documents from them then the level of infection is low.


    I'd give it a medium rating to low possibly. But who am I to grade these things :)

  13. Could be the software player you are using or the format of the music. See if this explains it.



  14. Oh and by the way, since you visit here so much ; can you please fix your avatar or pm a mod to have it fixed. The little red X is driving me nuts.
    LOL, sorry about that. Awhile ago the servers at Prodigy where my original photo was located were finally decommisioned. I made an attempt to replace it and spent way too much time trying finding one to scan and editing it down to a reasonable size and then I started getting a 404 on it and I just gave up. When I find some time I'll play with it again and become normal again.


    I only see the SQL usage that these forums take on

    I know you can see stats that I cannot, I only see what I see online here and what I see is less than when I first started.


    Perhaps you were not online in late october when the forums saw 6K unique visitors? Where is the rule written that says one most post to be online? I dont recall the day in october but at one point we had 700+ users browsing the forums.


    Oh I was here and thats an impressive number at face value. How many of those unique visitors posted, how many were guests?

    The ones that matter are the members and the ones who post. Posts are "content" and the content is what brings more of the visitors back to become members or to view what has been posted and hopefully post themselves.


    Ahhh, here's a suggestion. How about topic here where you can post the forum stats. We can see what you see and comment on what these actually mean. For instance page views, these can be a huge number or a small number and why would a certain topic be so much higher then another.

  15. I am not sure why you think all our forum members are no longer here


    As you know I've been here awhile and I read the forum more than several times a day, so I can see who posts here.

    But I don't want to move the thread away from its original topic. I only meant to comment on how good the service here already is.

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