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  1. But when I hear from someone or I am missing an email I am expecting, I would like to be able to go and fetch it and adjust the system to not block (if possible) this person.


    As an example, earlier in this thread Bill said he had replied to my open ticket of mine and it had sent me an email that I never saw. I went into my program, Spam Killer from McAfee, and found Bills email had been blocked. I used the option to add Bill to the Friends list so that account would not be blocked and I moved the email over into my Inbox. Now this was my Prodigy account and my personal software, not the test here.


    Will the software have these features? Will it block TCH :)

  2. I for one do not want to see all the crap the filters are blocking.


    I'm not saying I want to either and I don't. But when I hear from someone or I am missing an email I am expecting, I would like to be able to go and fetch it and adjust the system to not block (if possible) this person.


    Take my work domain that's been around for years like Bob's Prodigy account. The filter is blocking 96% of the email coming to the domain. Yes, 96% we get a lot of spam.


    On my personal work account 2065 emails, 109 allowed to pass through. On another account 3734 messages, 122 allowed to pass through.


    Where are you getting these numbers? Are these from this beta test or are they coming from your personal Spam blocking software.


    I am doing this Beta test with a single old email account that I have setup on one of my sub-domains. Its an account that is no longer used for its original purpose and I was ready to delete it because of all the spam and lack of real email coming to it. I strickly use SquirrelMail to manage the account every couple of weeks. With SquirrelMail I would quickly scan the inbox for "real" mail, then scan the Spam folder and delete it all. With the test here I disabled the spam blocker and it deleted the spam folder and now I have nothing to go on. I log on with SquirrelMail, I find zero emails and I log off. There are no numbers for me to see, whats being blocked, what coming in, no spam folder to scan (if I want to).


    I'm just blindly trusting the system...is this correct, or am I missing something?

  3. It has not caught one legitimate email that I can tell.


    That is one of my questions/concerns at the moment. So far there is no way for us to tell what it is doing. We don't see where the spam is going, there is no place for us to check to see if an email was blocked even if it was a good one. We are just blindly trusting the system.


    Or am I doing something wrong? Is there a spam folder or area I can look at the blocked messages and are there options to recover them and then place the senders in a white list or "friends" area where they will not be blocked again? Are there instructions somewhere explaining this system, how it works and what options and features it has that we can use?

  4. Ok, in the month of March I recieved 480 spam emails, in my Horde email, but since I can not check my squirrel mail, I don't know what the spam count is there, now is 480 about average a month? above average.


    Horde and SquirrelMail are just programs which go to the same email box and allow you to read and write your email. What you find using one program should be exactly what you would find in the other (unless a new message came in while your were switching programs).


    Now the average will be different for everyone, I probably get spam from places you don't and you will probably be getting it from places I don't. So your averages and my averages will be different. On the email account I am using here for test I get anywhere from 30-50 spam a day and that number may sound high to you. On my real Email account at Prodigy I can get anywhere from 90-140 a day. But I have had that account since 1989 and its been listed on web sites and I use it for all my email needs.

  5. I don't see it yet either.



    Registrar: WILD WEST DOMAINS, INC.

    Whois Server: whois.wildwestdomains.com

    Referral URL: http://www.wildwestdomains.com




    Check your welcome email and make sure dns3 and 4 are correct. If they are not you will need to log into your registrar account and correct them. I suspect they should be 1&2.

  6. I on send the files when they request the files. The people know what I am sending to them


    Well there are several reasons why sending large files via email is not a good idea. One is its wasteing email server resources, email was not intended for transfering large files, its for sending text communications. Two, there are lots of folks with limits in the mailbox's, the default in cpanel is 10MB for instance. Three, there are additional limits set at the ISP level not only for sending large files but also receiving, these are there because the server resource issues mentioned in one above.


    As Bruce mentioned, downloading from the web is propably the better way.

  7. This has always been the case for me. The connection times out, gets "forcibly disconnected" or some other interruption. I use SmartFTP and have never been able to figure it out.


    OJB, if you learn something, please share.





    I would suspect a bad internet connection or some issue between you and the server. Right after you have a problem you should run a traceroute and see if there is some slowdown or issue listed.

  8. I have gotten zero spam since my MX record was changed, which is great. I was averaging 30 a day before this.


    Will there be a Forum opened up here where we (Beta Testers) can post our questions, comments, and results?


    I've been Beta Tester for different products over the years and we've been given an area where we can discuss and help each other thru the test and the developers and programmers usually join in. But I believe this is a little different in its more of just a product test by the users and based on our experience TCH will decide whether they will use the product or not.


    Since its not a real Beta test and there is no NDA we could keep the topic open so others here can see what we think and ask us questions if they wish or comment on what we report.

  9. Ok this is beating a dead horse, I want to setup up my email client to recieve mail from gmail, but to send it via TCH, how do I set it up to send to one server and receive from another server. When the Beta goes good, and all the bugs aee gone, (if there are any) I plan to send and receive from TCH. thanks


    Incoming Mail (POP3) put your gmail server

    Outgoing Mail (SMTP) put your TCH server

  10. I answered the help desk ticket GKN-12633 on April 2 Bob. You must have missed it. Your domain has been set up in the spam firewall since 4/2 and you just need to submit a ticket to have the MX changed.


    Please refer to GKN-12633




    Sorry Bill, I stopped looking at the ticket since there was no activity on it. I figured you would post something here first. I'll check it out when I get home in an hour or two..too many fires here at work to be playing around with the personal stuff.

  11. If I missed anyone in the thread, just reply here.


    The spam firewall is wonderful. I went from THOUSANDS of spams per week to < 5 per week.


    Please provide feedback here and let us know what you think.





    The first one in the list....


    <I'm still waiting :)>

  12. I use Nero also.


    But you may have all you need already. Most PC's come with a "burning ROM" already loaded if your PC came with a CD or DVD drive. If so you can use Windows Explorer to just drag and drop the folder onto the CD/DVD and it will copy everything as is with sub-folders and folders.


    But I perfer Nero :)

  13. HI I am having a problems to send large email attachements via the outlook 2003. In fact they never go thru and it looks it hangs. When I use the web mail server it takes less then 5 seconds to send 6Mb. Any help will be appreciated.


    If you have Outlook configured to use your ISP for outgoing mail then the problem is with them, Some ISP's will limit the filesize for their email that you can upload or download and you need to check with them on the exact size. You could also change the outgoing server to TCH and see if that corrects the problem.

  14. I didn't think it would be too wise.

    I know I can do it for an INTRAnet site.


    I'm basically trying to come up with a way that I can get the company to utilize TCH as their Web and Email host AND get these files to the web server in some sort of automatigical way.


    At this point I don't have enough information to give you a yes or no answer. Maybe if you explained a little more, give us the application name, what it does, what you use to access those files on the web server.

  15. Hey Mike, Lets see if I can the questions I "think" you are trying to ask :tchrocks:


    Would I be able to do this if I were to have our company move our site and email services to TCH

    I think so but not exactly the way you are doing it now. You can create the pdf's and then make those files available to view or download from TCH.


    The mapping part is what will throw everything off. I will assume you have an "INTRAnet" or local network where this application runs and you all share the output files. The sharing is done via a "mapped" drive which is all fine in that setup. But mapping a drive across the "INTERnet" is NOT a wise thing to do security wise. Mapping is just a simple way to reference a drive with a shorter name.


    So forget the mapping part and check to make sure you will be able to view or download the files with a browser or ftp client from TCH. I know its possible, I just don't know what you are currently doing to access those files on your INTRAnet. Mabye the application you mentioned requires you to access these files from a mapped drive.

  16. But my previous comment was just pointing out the stupidity of all the people going on about how XP is faster than Vista. "My old software that has less features and thereby uses less resources is faster than your new program that has more features and thereby uses more resources". Office 98 is faster than Office XP but I bet most people are using a version later than 98.


    The tests was not about the programs, it was about the Operating Systems. They ran the same test programs on the 3 operating systems. The slowness was not caused by more features in the program. The article said that one of the possible reason for the slowdown was the video drivers, but that would only account for a little.


    Now I've been around for years and have had to justify to managment why an upgrade would be worth their investment. I've seen them all the way back to the DOS vrs. CPM days and agree with you, they always seem to show the same thing. But for me, I don't see any features that make it worth the plunge.

  17. I'm going to guess XP




    but if we're going to use that logic then we would all still be using Windows 98. I bet people did the same tests and said the same things when XP came out. "Oh Windows 2000 is faster on my machine than XP". The same argument applies to web design/coding. You support older browsers and dial up connections but at some point you have to say "No, I'm not going to make sure my page looks right in Netscape 4".


    "but at some point you have to say no"


    And that point is not now. Once the service packs start coming, once the drivers start coming and the 3rd party software is written and available...then I'll re-evaluate. Vista is not a good upgrade choice at this time.

  18. So basically if you have a powerful 64 bit machine then I highly recommend Vista.


    I remember an article awhile back where they ran tests on three benchmarks, Vista 64, Vista 32, and XP... Guess who won.

  19. I am not seeing a little red X.


    Sorry, the red X is what you get on the web when a file is not found. Bruce is correct, that icon is the default icon for when there is no program associated with a file. You can use Bruce's suggestion and change all the files that IrfanView supports or you can just change the jpg file type.


    From that My Pictures window right click on a file and select PROPERTIES, click the CHANGE button and scroll thru the list of programs and select the want to use. Click OK and then click APPLY and that "should" change the icons you are looking at.

  20. What I can't change is the icon - all the picture icons have that stupid- Windows-I-don't-know-what-program-you-want icon!!!


    The Icon is the icon of the program that is associated with the extention (last three characters after the dot) of the file. There are probably two reason you are seeing this red X. There is no program associated with the file extention, or the program that is listed as the association has moved or no longer exists.


    You have removed Fireworks so I would assume this is the reason those files do not have an icon. Now there are hundreds of different types of "picture" formats and each has a different file extention, there are .jpg, .gif, .png, and so on. You have to change the association for EACH type to correct the icon.


    So, in Windows Explorer go to the file that has no icon and change the association and see if it corrects THAT icon, move to the next one that has no icon and do the same. See if this corrects the icon issue.


    I'll go away now and stop bugging y'all about this before you put me in your crank file.


    Don't go away, we love this kind of stuff. Long distance support takes a little time and a lot back and forth question and a little trial and error. We'll let you know when we give up :)

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