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  1. Thanks. I will do that next time and see what happens. "allow next session" is checked by default. I don't understand why Final Burner would do that if it's going to cause a problem. But that must BE the problem. thanks again folks.
  2. Final Burner doesn't see it either. It doesn't have a "close" or "finalize" option. Just "allow next session" ( the default ) or "append last session". It MAY not even have burned right?? Oh well. I'll get it if it takes all day. heh heh. thanks for the tips though - whenever you learn SOMETHING out of the deal..............you win.
  3. You mean as opposed to leaving it to where you can add more data? that might be what I did.
  4. I just removed the dvd drive from device mgr and let it reinstall at reboot. same. D:not accessible Incorrect Function I know. I should have tried to read it. Fortunately, I believe I have other copies on cdrw , so I dont think I lost anything really. I used Final Burner, because I tried it when I couldn't get CDXP BURNER PRO to burn a dvd. Now I don't trust Final burner either. I found this same problem in various locations on a google search and plenty of folks are saying to uninstall Roxio and solve the problem. Don't have Roxio. Others the same with NERO. Nero always seemed to be unreadable on pc's that didn't have Nero. What good is that? I want burns that can be read on ANY pc. I, for some reason, seem to have a bit of trouble whenever I try to burn dvd's. ( although I HAVE been successful burning photo movies. ) ?? Maybe one just needs to BUY a decent dvd burner software program. I don't seem to have much luck with the freebies on the dvd end. CDrw? Never a problem. The progs I have seem to have trouble "seeing" how much space is being asked for on the disk. They usually report that the disk is full ( while adding files to burn ) yet I KNOW it isn't. Anyway, if ya'll got an idea for a RELIABLE burner package, let me know. thanks for the help TCH'ers AH'LL BE BOCK
  5. well, I tried from windows explorer and got nothing at all. not even an error msg
  6. I was afraid that MIGHT be the deal. When I burned it said SUCCESSFUL, but I did NOT check to see if I could read it. I get the error msg just double clicking the icon in my computer. When I ask for properties it shows me that it is full with no free space. thanks
  7. So, before I wiped out the hdrive and re-installed xp............. I burned a lot of data to a dvd using Final Burner and now that I am all re-installed I try to get folders from the dvd and all I get is "incorrect function". Got the same from trying to read it in my wife's dvd drive. Searching " incorrect function" I really didn't get much. any ideas? thanks
  8. Did you try booting to safe mode? and run antivirus and spybot? sometimes windows might be looking for a driver it can't find. Did you try a step by step boot?
  9. mike

    Website Photo Album

    Thanks, Thomas. I DID notice a post or 2 about Gallery. Just thought I would see if anyone likes anything else before I do it. I shy from the php stuff because I don't know it well and I see posts about security with php.
  10. What is the favored method of having an online family photo webpage? thanks
  11. mike


    Those were the days alright. 3 gals of gas for a buck - open them deuces. heh heh
  12. ................ and to elaborate a tad bit on Bruce........................ I FOR ONE get a good deal of REAL GOOD RELIABLE help from these forums ANY time I need it. Just a great family; that's all there is to it.
  13. mike


    OK MADMAN. I just finally got around to doing a complete clean re-install on the ol' XP and I gotta tell ya............. she runs like a finely tuned '66 GTO with yer basic 3 deuces and 4 speed Hurst. I KNOW ! I used to have one. Anyway, had to tell you, you're my favorite microsoft guru ( brown, brown )
  14. Yep, that's it. Thanks, Dick; I got quite busy for Veterans Day and didn't get back here.
  15. I believe you are probably right, madman. Thanks all.
  16. well I unplugged the usb chord running to a printer that won't power up and the pc rebooted. hmmmm might just be time to do that windows xp clean re-install thing I been putting off.
  17. Yep, I know. But I figure the original just means you have either a billing or support issue and you have to check in to find out either way. So, knowing that, I could edit the message to say contact TCH and it wouldn't matter.
  18. Ok, so I rebooted the ol' windows xp for a refresh and it won't post. stops at the first screen that says hit tab to post or del to enter bios setup it used to just go on to windows without any interaction at that screen but now it won't pass that screen no matter what key i hit sound like a dead motherboard or what ????? thanks for your input
  19. Thanks Bruce, I was able to double click the suspend.page, which listed the index.html, THEN I was able to highlite it and click the edit button and change the message right there without FTP. When I went back to look at it again it had kept my changes. thanks. mike
  20. Hey Dick, I found my suspended.page but can't seem to edit it. How do I do that? thanks Mike
  21. I'm with Bruce. took IE right off my system. do yourselves a favor and use Firefox or OPERA.
  22. I have to tell you, Smoo, I have been around here for quite some time now and it doesn't get any better than the folks here at TCH. Welcome aboard.
  23. mike

    Dvd Movie Making

    But, as it appears, it will save your movie to a cdr or cdrw recording, but doesn't mention saving it for a dvd movie to play on the television. ?????
  24. mike

    Dvd Movie Making

    Hey, how are ya'll? Just curious..... what is the favored program for creating dvd's that will play photo movies on the recipients' television? Some of the ones I have tried don't burn well, or are costly for the amount of use I might get out of it. What's your choice? THANKS :tchrocks:
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