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  1. don't change ANYTHING you do , Bill. The massive majority of us KNOW this to be the best hosting in the whole d___ world and if the guy wants to continue being a jerk we may as well turn it into some fun and watch him dig himself deeper and deeper into the anals of stupidity.
  2. I can't believe I missed this post, but, I agree with EVERYONE, Bill. There's NO PLACE LIKE HOME, and TCH IS MY HOME! The world IS getting too "welfare happy" anymore. That's why we , now and then, have to run into some ungrateful wacko and then chalk it up to an experience. TCH is the best. I've been here long enough to KNOW.
  3. she tried to write down the error but it went away on her. there are no beeps. I ran Spinrite from the floppy but haven't tried a boot disk yet. I can go into setup but that's it. I have been trying to call her to see if she recalls it saying anything about dll's
  4. Hey TCH'ers - a friend brought me her HP. said she got some kind of KERNAL error and now when you boot all it does is show a flashing cursor on a black screen. F10 system recovery does nothing. Reinstall windows? no other options? thanks for any suggestions
  5. mike


    so is anyone else using the newest OPERA? I for one am VERY impressed with it.
  6. Duh. I am already subscribed. thanks, Bruce
  7. Bruce, can you check to see if I am subscribed to my server info? ( 345 ) When I click on subscribe there I get an error page. thanks
  8. oops. sorry Bruce, I found it. THANKS
  9. Thanks, but what I meant was the links to all the members websites that "add to family", not the moderators
  10. I'm asking a dumb question, but , where does one find the links to all the TCH'ers websites that "added to the family" ?
  11. Just ONE MORE REASON to join the TCH family, as I see it.
  12. mike

    Dell Laptop

    Sorry I have been "holidayed" ! ( Is that a word? ) heh. Just got the go from laptop owner to dismantle the little beast. I will get back here and let you know what I find. Actually nothing had been added, according to the owner. He said it just acted funny ( that's helpful ) and so he found his way in to the fdisk program and that's where we are now. I reset the partitions and formatted again. Will decapitate the beast and get back to you. thanks
  13. Thanks everyone. I will look at those requirements. Myself - this is the first I have heard of kasper too. I have been using AVG free for years and I swear by it.
  14. Has anyone got any experience with kasper sky antivirus? Is it a memory hog? I was told by a guy that put it on his pc that it has been real slow every since he installed it; just wondering if anyone here has used it. thanks
  15. mike

    Dell Laptop

    So, are we thinking motherboard, Andy?
  16. MERRY CHRISTMAS & Happy New Year to the fantastic TCH family !!!
  17. Hey gang, Here's the situation. A friend brought me his dell latitude laptop. said he got in the wrong place. he did. he repartitioned it. so when I tried to re-install his xp disk it goes throught all the right motions until it actually starts to do the installation and then quits with a blue screen saying to check in newly added hardware, windows cannot install. He DID tell me that as soon as he unplugs the chord he gets battery low message; or he used to . heh heh Anyway, do you think that the onboard battery could be the problem or is it likely a bad motherboard? thanks
  18. Well, I tried to highlight and capture monthly history with firefox save as thing and failed. Don't know why. I got it to work with Snagit though.
  19. That even sounds better. I'll have a peek at that. thanks Bruce. MERRY CHRISTMAS
  20. thanks, Bruce, I will give it a go.
  21. Dick is right. Most people don't even FIND documents and settings folder because you have to be able to view hidden files.
  22. Is there a way to printout sections, like monthly awstats, to send to hosted clients? I did a search on report printout and got an error. thanks.
  23. Hey Thomas, I just checked my filters and I don't see a "SpamAssassin Spam Bar Header" choice in the drop-down.
  24. Very sad. Don was one of the first to greet me into the family in '03 and I will miss him. My prayers go out to his family. Rest in peace , Don.
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