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  1. Now THAT'S a RADIO FLYER I remember, Bob. That other "thing"............. arrrrghhhhh!
  2. If you acquire a lot of spyware it will do great harm to IE. Run spybot S&D or malwarebyte ( free progs ) Try using OPERA
  3. Ok, the "wake on" setting of the gateway board is why it kept rebooting. Problem solved. thanks madman and everyone
  4. Ok I did a complete format and re-install. Then gateway drivers. Then windows service pack 3 antivirus installed At first it STILL rebooted on shutdown. then I went to bios and disabled that "wake on" thing. So far I have had 6 successful shutdowns in a row hate to risk jumping the gun but.........
  5. Yes, actually this is a new hdrive on which I re-installed her original gateway ( uggh ) software. Then installed service pack 3, then anti-virus and spyware. I DID get device manager to show me list again though. I may have to do another install.
  6. I found that somehow plug and play service was turned off. turned it on. shut down perfectly 5 or 6 times. now rebooting again on shutdown. aaaaaaarrrrrrghhhhh!
  7. problem update : still working
  8. thanks madman, I have done everything there but the bios check which I am going to do today when I get home. I have , however, long ago it seems, unchecked the automatic reboot and never have seen an error message when I tell it to shutdown.
  9. OK I TAKE IT BACK. Last nite it shut down perfectly 4 times. Today..........it's rebooting itself again. AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGG
  10. heh heh You know me, Bruce...... the ol' lone wolf chatterbox.
  11. OK One problem many folks on the web were finding was ROXIO. This gateway does not have ROXIO; but it had MUSIC MATCH. So I uninstalled MUSIC MATCH. xp shuts down just fine now. Internet search solutions will give you a ton of registry edits and other such "tips" ; but it looks to me like at least the above two music programs are culprits for sure. thanks
  12. I have searched google until I am blue in the face. A regular smurf ! I have about a 2 year old gateway that the lady blew the hdrive in. installed new hdrive. re-installed all the original gateway op system ( xp home ) thought everything was fine and decided to shut down, pack up and deliver. every time I click on SHUT DOWN, it reboots. no viruses, no spyware, new, clean install. call me STUMPED !! ANY IDEAS TCH 'ERS??????
  13. Simply a matter of the wisest choice. even biden says that obama doesn't have the experience. ( primaries )
  14. It amazes me the amount of people that are too blind to see through obama. Between ACORN, ayers, raines, the mad radical preacher, and the continued list of "like" losers, I see no reason to look further into obama. He doesn't care about anybody. Check out his half brother living on a buck a month.
  15. I love my country too. 14 1/2 months in Vietnam. I will support America forever. If nobama wins...................... we will just have to see how it goes.
  16. It's amazing to me that people can't see the REAL obama. He is all about control, just like all the democrats have become. Big govt. Rely on us. We will take care of you. Who do you think is responsible for Freddie Mac and Frannie Mae? Start with the peanut man.....Carter. Further assisted by Clinton. Then in around '96 clinton got scared, jumped on board with the republicans that said they needed to put a stop to SUB-PRIME lending. But the democrats wouldn't allow it. And don't blame everything on Bush and his admin for the last 8 years, because the dems have had all the say for the last 2. They could have passed the bail out with NO REPUB VOTES. Why didn't theY? Simple...............it was THEIR screw-up but they wanted to be able to push some of the blame to repubs.......hence, needed to get a few of them to go along. Now you have biden's GUARANTEE that we will see disaster because the bad boys of the globe will test the new kid. Vote for obama? The ISSUES don't even matter. The only thing that matters is that he dislikes America, and he's a socialist. But, I must calm down now, for he will not win anyway. Unless, of course, the 200,000 illegal votes from ACORN make it through.
  17. If Clinton would have took a stand against osama then Bush wouldn't have had to. If we left it up to the democrats to defend us, we better HOPE you have your own gun. No matter how you cut it obama is not the man. If he wins, you will soon see the error of your vote. Obama is a radical socialist and it's hard for me to believe that people can't see that. Let's say it again................. SPREAD THE WEALTH???? SOCIALISM.
  18. Hmm. I missed that. Thanks Bruce.
  19. Why do I ALWAYS have to select ISO-8859-1, for example, every time I want to work on a page? I don't see any way to set it .
  20. If obama wins.............welcome to the SOCIALIST STATES OF AMERICA
  21. Of course the BIG problem is that we need to wipe out congress and get some folks in there that truly care about the people and the constitution.
  22. mike


    Yeah. I'm starting to think I have 4 1 gig chips of ddr to add to inventory.
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