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  1. Thanks for all the input folks. I really appreciate it. I didn't know 10 year olds could get the cache stuff, I guess 'cuz I don't know how. Anyway I will take a look at the photo site suggested and make a decision. Thanks again.
  2. Hi TCH folks! I was told that using Java scripts to disable right clicks ( to protect photos for ex. ) could be easily by-passed and that there was a way to accomplish the same with php or cgi scripts. Is this true and does anyone know how? thanks Mike
  3. Rock Sign Boojum and Rick............... thank you , thank you. I (duh) didn't even think about the "absolute" path so that was the deal alright. Plus I knew better about the case sensitive also and overlooked a couple pics with that malfunction. Thanks alot you guys. tch truly is the king. mike
  4. I created a subdomain called awesomeimages under my public_html. Uploaded all the html pages to the awesomeimages folder. Created a folder under awesomeimages called "images" and uploaded a group of photos to it. Made sure the img src= was /images/whatever.jpg for all photos, but they don't show up. Also have a file called bluemarble.jpg for background which doesn't show up. This file is also in the "images" folder directly under public_html as well as the images folder under awesomeimages and it doesn't show up either. I even tried the path home/public_html/awesomeimages/images/whatever.jpg and nothing works. All the subdomain pages come up fine, but no photos. What have I missed? Sure will be glad to get some TCH help to open my eyes. thanks folks, Mike Rock Sign
  5. Thanks a lot. You guys do rock.
  6. Thanks very much. I think I have it. So if I create a subdomain, say, awesomephotos.****, it will be under the public_html. So, in uploading photos to the new subdomain for the webpage, will I put them in the normal images folder or a new images folder under awesomephotos? thanks.
  7. Once I have created a subdomain it seems to be under my main domain in a folder named www Do I now setup folders inside there such as public_html, images, etc? to upload to the new subdomain name? thanks for any help mike
  8. I tried it, Jim. I get the series of 3 beeps, no boot up. Possibly motherboard problem, but if so, I dont really know\ if it's causing any problems. Seems to work ok. Guess I better just keep an eye on it. thanks. Rock Sign
  9. Hi folks. I have an 1100 mhz with windows xp home. I noticed that no matter if I install a 512, a 128, (2) 128 chips, or all three that system info reports double the amount of ram I installed. I have 2 of the same pc's, both xp home, and my other reports them accuratelyj. Does anyone have an explanation for this wacko behavior? Do I have a bad motherboard or something? thanks, Mike
  10. Hey Don, thanks for the welcome and thanks for the solution. I will go do that now. I'd just like to add that I have been going through forums all morning and the best thing I ever did was to sign on with TCH. thanks to all of you; you're a great bunch of folks.
  11. Somebody whip me please. I forgot my username and password to get into my advanced guestbook settings. Can anyone tell me how to retrieve them? thanks in advance. mike
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